Alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities near Keighley

The need for rehab in Keighley

Are you struggling with alcohol or substance abuse and looking for help? If so, you’re not alone. With the right help, one can overcome addiction and lead a happy and productive life. We are here to help you find the best UKAT rehabilitation treatment centres for alcohol abuse and drug addiction in Keighley, Bradford Borough.

How Are Rehab Facilities in Keighley Helping People?

Keighley and its city of Bradford Borough have several excellent rehab facilities that can help you get on the road to recovery. These centres provide a safe and supportive environment where people can begin the process of recovery. It is always better to have in-house treatment in the centres located in peaceful surroundings.
Rehab facilities offer a variety of services, including detoxification, individual and group counselling, and relapse prevention. They also provide knowledge on addiction and recovery and can further connect you with the support systems you can use after you are done with the therapy.

Private Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Centres in and around Keighley

Oasis Recovery Bradford – Addiction Rehabilitation Centre

Oasis Recovery Bradford is located in West Yorkshire, 11.5 miles from Keighley. It offers detox before the start of a full inpatient recovery and rehabilitation programme for drug, alcohol, or substance abuse. Experienced medical and support teams also offer family support. Once the therapy is over, aftercare support is also extended to ensure there is no chance of relapse.

Linwood House – Alcohol & Drug Addiction Residential Rehab Centre

The Linwood House facility is situated in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, 39.3 miles away from Keighley. It takes adults to an inpatient treatment programme and offers 24/7 support and care experiences medical as well as a support team. A personalised treatment plan is suggested per your requirements and offers 12 months of free aftercare and support.

Oasis Recovery Runcorn – Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Cheshire

Oasis Recovery Runcorn is located 79.8 miles away from Keighley. The location of this rehab is well connected so that families can visit easily. It offers an intensive treatment plan that is a 12-step therapeutic programme with 24/7 support for inpatients by the medical team and counsellors. This centre focuses on holistic treatment, addresses medical, emotional, and psychological requirements and offers support for 12 months after the treatment is over.

Options for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Centres in and around Keighley, Bradford Borough

Inpatient treatment centres require you to stay overnight at the facility, and it is recommended for those struggling with more severe addiction. Outpatient treatment centres allow you to live at home while you receive treatment, and it is for people with milder addiction who have a strong support system at home.
There are many other types of treatment centres, both free and private, including 12-step programmes, residential treatment, and wilderness programmes.
Some centres are free and open to the public, while others are private and require payment. Private rehab centres typically offer more individualised care and attention than free ones. Hence, private rehab facilities can be beneficial for people who need extra support during recovery with the extra resources and amenities offered by them.
On the other hand, free rehab centres are more accessible and a good option for people who cannot afford private rehab. Free rehab centres may also offer free group support.

What Difference Does UKAT Rehab Centres Make for People in and around Keighley, Bradford Borough?

Rehab centres offer services funded either by the NHS or by charities. Both types of services can be effective in helping people overcome their addiction, but there are some key differences between them.
NHS services are free to access, but they may have long waiting lists. Charitable services charge for their services, but they often have shorter waiting times. Both types of services offer a range of support, including detoxification, counselling, group therapy, etc.
There are many advantages to in-patient treatment for addiction-related issues:

  • Hassle-free immediate admission
  • 24/7 support and medical care
  • Availability of specialised therapists
  • Personalised rehabilitation programmes
  • A calm and positive atmosphere
  • Aftercare plan and support
  • Programmes such as group therapy, behavioural therapy, art therapy, music therapy, 12-step programme, holistic therapy, etc.

Free Addiction Support Groups in Keighley

There are plenty of free AA, NA and CA support groups available in Keighley. Here is a list of a few:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Keighley

St Johns Church

Oakfield Rd, Ingrow
Helpline: 01132454567 (24 hours)

Eastburn Methodist Church

1 Main Rd
BD20 8TZ
Helpline: 01132454567 (24 hours)

Bingley Methodist Church

Mornington Rd, off Charles St
BD16 4JU
Helpline: 01132454567

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Keighley

The Vault

30 Manningham Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Hope Baptist Church

New Road, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

The Orchard

The Salvation Army
Leeds Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Keighley

Westborough Methodist Church

Westborough, Scarborough YO11 1TS

Huddersfield Jaywalkers

Union Bank Yd, New St
Huddersfield HD1 2BP

Kingston Chambers

Princes Dock St
Hull HU1 2LP

Is the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Situation in and around Keighley, Bradford Borough a Matter of Concern?

Yes, drug addiction has become a matter of concern in Keighley, Bradford Borough, as per data from the government authorities.
There is an increase of 20% in the death rate due to excessive drinking across England in 2020, and as per the data given by Public Health England, 81 people from Bradford were among the 6,985 people who died from alcohol.
According to figures released by West Yorkshire Police, there was an increase of around 20% in the crimes related to drug offences in Bradford in the 12 months ending in 2021. As per data from the Office for National Statistics, 53 deaths related to drug poisoning were registered in the Bradford district in 2021.
In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people being admitted to hospitals with alcohol-related problems.

Why Choosing Rehab Centres in Keighley a Good Decision?

A residential rehab facility is always better when it is surrounded by nature or at least is situated at or near a peaceful place. Keighley provides suitable surroundings required for a rehab facility as it is a small town located 8 miles from Bradford City Centre. Keighley is located beside the confluence of two rivers, the River Worth and River Aire, making the entire view very beautiful and the town a perfect location to start your de-addiction journey.
At UKAT, the experienced medical team and support staff understand the importance of patience and personalised support for the people who joined the inpatient rehab programme. We understand that every person is different and has different requirements to undergo the de-addiction process and lead a happy life. If you or anyone dear to you needs our support, discuss the holistic programme offered by our experts. Call us and get help now!

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