Alcohol and drug rehab in Ellesmere Port, Chester

Affordable Rehab Centres in Ellesmere Port

Addiction can affect your personal, professional, and social life, and rehab centres help you recover your life. If you are looking for rehab facilities near Ellesmere Port for yourself or your loved ones, there are multiple options available that can help you win over your alcohol or drug addiction.
The UKAT facilities ensure you are engaged in cognitive thinking and physical activities as a part of your rehab program, thus improving your life. The rehab centres near Ellesmere Port will help you fight your addiction and assist you in returning to your regular life.

Rehab Facilities in and Around Ellesmere Port

When choosing a rehab in Ellesmere Port, the first and foremost thing to check is that the rehab clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Once you have shortlisted a clinic, you can choose either an outpatient programme or inpatient residential rehab.
Inpatient residential rehab

  • Designed to treat severe addictions
  • Treatment in an enclosed environment
  • Full-time monitored
  • Skill-building sessions
  • Higher success rate
  • Aftercare planning
  • Outpatient rehabs

  • Designed to treat mild addiction
  • Part-time programs
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • More family support
  • Continue working or schooling
  • Multiple rehab facilities are under National Health Service (NHS) and private clinics near Ellesmere Port. However, choosing UKAT, a leading private rehabilitation centre that is inspected and rated by CQC, has the following advantages:

    • Immediate admission
    • A healthy and safe environment
    • Round-the-clock support
    • Personalised programme
    • Experienced doctors and therapists
    • UKAT’s brand promise*

    *After completing UKAT’s 90-day inpatient treatment schedule, if you encounter a relapse within 30 days of leaving the rehab centre, UKAT will treat you for free for 30 days again.

    UKAT Rehab Centres Near Ellesmere Port

    UKAT facilities, whether you are an outpatient or an inpatient, provide a safe and healing environment. Ellesmere Port in Cheshire is close to the below-mentioned UKAT rehab centres. Choose from among the many UKAT rehabs designed for healing and register today.

    Oasis Runcorn

    Oasis Runcorn is located in Runcorn town, connected to Liverpool, London Euston, and Birmingham by road and train. Situated about 16.3 miles from Ellesmere Port, it can be reached in 21 minutes. Regulated by CQC, this rehab adheres to strict policies and guidelines. This facility offers 22 bedrooms, a town environment, a local gymnasium and swimming pool, a therapeutic community, and open space.

    Linwood House

    As an established rehab centre, Linwood House is also regularly audited by CQC. Located about 73.9 miles from Ellesmere Port, it can be reached in two hours. This rehab offers a safe and supportive environment and effective medical treatments for complete recovery. Some facilities offered are 36-beds, homemade meals, a spacious lounge area and picturesque gardens.

    Oasis Bradford

    This CQC-commissioned rehab centre is 75.2 miles from Ellesmere Port and takes over two hours to reach. Away from the town, Oasis Bradford is a gated rehab facility that keeps the patients away from temptations. This centre offers 19 en-suite rooms, holistic therapies, a spa bath in a private room and luxury surroundings.

    Free Addiction Support Groups in Ellesmere Port

    Here are some free addiction treatment programmes from AA, NA and CA in Ellesmere Port:

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Ellesmere Port

    Little Sutton Methodist Church

    Chester Rd (A5032), CH66 1NL
    Sunday 19:30
    Helpline: 01517092900 (8.00-20.00)

    Holy Trinity Church Hall

    Norris Rd, Blacon, CH1 5DZ
    Thursday 19:30
    Helpline: 01517092900 (8.00-24.00)

    St Michael’s Church

    Devon Rd, Newton, CH2 2PX
    Saturday 19:30
    Helpline: 01517092900 (8.00-24.00)

    Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Ellesmere Port

    Trinity Methodist Church

    Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 0AB
    Wednesday 19:30

    Christchurch Mission House

    Church Street, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 3JD
    Friday 19:30

    Christchurch, Cornwall Street

    Newtown, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 3JF
    Tuesday 19:30

    Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Ellesmere Port

    Trinity Methodist Church

    Westwood house, 7-9 Wagg St, Congleton CW12 4BA, Cheshire
    Sunday 19:00

    Christ Church Mission House

    30 Cornwall St, Chester CH1 3JF, Cheshire
    Wednesday 19:30

    Substance Abuse Statistics in Ellesmere Port

    Ellesmere Port is reported as the third most dangerous town in Cheshire, and 1.3% of crimes were drug-related in 2021. In another incident on July 21, 2022, cocaine and cannabis worth £15,000 was seized from three men.
    In Cheshire West and Chester, as per data from the Office for National Statistics, 35 deaths were registered related to drug poisoning in 2021. This was the highest number ever since 1993.
    Live a life free from drugs and alcohol abuse. Keep your loved ones away from a life of crime and addiction, and register in any rehab centre near Ellesmere Port. With the guided treatment, your fight against addiction will become easier.

    Why Should You Choose an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre Near Ellesmere Port?

    Ellesmere Port, as the name suggests, is a port town in Cheshire, England. This town is a 20th-century creation, but in 1894 it emerged as a major industrial centre. Ellesmere Port has now emerged as the new retail hotspot. This bustling port town offers regular train and bus services to Wirral, Birkenhead, and Liverpool.
    Ellesmere Port, with its fantastic outdoor spaces like Stanney Woods, Whitby Park, and Rivacre Valley, is the natural choice for your detox journey. Call us today and let us help you heal physically, emotionally and psychologically.

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