Alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities near Glasgow

How Are Rehab Facilities in Glasgow Helping People?

Drug and alcohol-addicted people who want therapy can do so in the warm and safe environment of treatment facilities. These clinics offer a variety of therapies, including group therapy, medication, meditation, 12-step programmes, solo and group counselling, and detoxification.

Any efficient treatment facility will include a variety of therapeutic modalities to address the psychological issues caused by addiction. Examine the particulars of the Glasgow rehabilitation facilities and discuss specifics with the staff.

Options for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Centres in and around Glasgow

There are many options for drug and alcohol abuse treatment programmes in and around Glasgow. People in Glasgow require the proper resources to lead productive lives free from drugs and alcohol. People can begin their healing process and promote long-term recovery when trained professionals cooperate to provide a supportive, inspiring, and loving environment. There are numerous treatment options in Glasgow. Regardless of whether you require inpatient or outpatient therapy, you may pick a treatment centre that meets your requirements.

The same services are provided by funded rehabilitation centres as by the NHS or charity organisations. Although both methods have a good chance of helping people beat addiction, there are some noticeable differences between them.

Charities and philanthropic organisations offer free medical care. Pay-for services are referred to as private services. For those who are unable to pay for the essential medical treatment for their rehabilitation, free services offered by charitable organisations are unquestionably a great option, but they come with long waiting periods and potentially fewer services overall. In contrast, paid programmes and rehabilitation let you get started right away and provide extra services that are completely paid for.

Option of UKAT treatment centres in and around Glasgow

Our skilled team is well-versed in both dual diagnosis and addictions. When you visit the UKAT centre, you are paying for a full recovery to happiness, and not just a temporary fix. Below are the closest UKAT centres to the Glasgow area:

Oasis Bradford

We are a drug rehabilitation and recovery centre in the heart of Yorkshire, and we are certified by CQC. It takes 4 hours to travel by road to cover 212 miles from Glasgow to Oasis Bradford.

Our goal at Oasis Bradford is to help people overcome a variety of medical and behavioural addictions. The facilities include a private spa for relaxation, group walks, nourishing meals, and access to medical and nursing care 24 hours a day.

Our rehab programmes includes several therapies and treatments as shared below:

  • The 12-step programme
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Family recovery programme
  • Yoga and mediation
  • ART and creative workshops
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Music therapy

Oasis Runcorn

The expansive rehabilitation facility known as Oasis Runcorn is in the charming seaside town of Runcorn. It takes 3 hours and 54 minutes to go 226 miles from Glasgow.

One of the main advantages of staying at Oasis is being close to the town and the beach. This will help you reconnect with nature and the outside world and ease the transition back to regular daily life. The CQC has rated this rehab and treatment centre.

The two possibilities for treatment are the 12-step programme and the strengths model.

Oasis Recovery is fully aware of how difficult it can be to return to your regular life after treatment. Our centre also offers secondary treatment to assist those participating in 12-week treatment programmes with the transition back into community living and work.

Linwood House

It takes 4 hours and 17 minutes to travel 240 miles from Glasgow to Linwood House in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Our wonderful and majestic home is ideal for individuals who want to unwind from luxurious surroundings and discover tranquility in nature.

We provide treatment for addictions to alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription pharmaceuticals, and several behavioural addictions. Along with a detox, holistic workshops are provided to help you address the causes of your addiction. These treatments consist of:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Family recovery room
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Provides amenities like
  • Personal bedroom with en-suite
  • Comfortable sitting rooms
  • Peaceful therapy rooms
  • Onsite gym
  • Communal dining area
  • Spacious gardens ideal for walking

Free addiction support groups in Glasgow

There are many free support groups from AA, NA and CA in Glasgow. Here are a few:

Govanhill 12 Step

Wednesday Time: 20.00 – duration 2hrs
The Barn, 37 Abbotsford Pl, off Cumberland St


Friday Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Salvation Army, 1 Houldsworth St

The Birdcage LGBTQ+ Recovery

Wednesday Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr
Patricia’s Coffee Bar, 350 Victoria Rd

Getting Connected

Monday 19:30 ~ 20:30
The Beacons
1 Station Road
Blantyre, Glasgow
Lanarkshire G72 9AA

Keep the Faith Thursdays

Thursday 19:30 ~ 20:45
Cafe Room
Chryston Parish Church Hall
107 Main Street
Chryston, Glasgow
Lanarkshire G69 9LA


Thursday 19:30 ~ 21:00
Queens Park Govanhill Church of Scotland
170 Queens Drive, Glasgow
Lanarkshire G42 8QZ

CA in the Borders

Thursday 19:00
Quaker House
Abbey Row
Kelso TD5 7JF

Saturday afternoon

Saturday 14:00
Trinity Church Hall, Castle Street
Isle of Bute PA20 9HA

Salford Came To Believe – Spin The Wheel Of Recovery

Sunday 19:30
(Online) Salford

Is the drug and alcohol abuse situation in and around Glasgow a matter of concern?

Police in Scotland recorded 35,410 drug-related offences in 2020–21; in Glasgow, the death toll rose to a new high at 300 for the first time. In Scotland
in 2021, there were 1330 drug-related fatalities.

Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Lanarkshire experienced alcohol-specific mortality rates in the last five years that were higher than the Scottish norm after age adjustment. This is the statistic for 2021.

Why Is Choosing Rehab Centres in Glasgow a Good Decision?

Selecting the best rehabilitation facility for you can be difficult, but the UKAT Rehab Centre is a wise option.

Glasgow’s nearby UKAT Rehab Centre is a great choice due to several reasons. Glasgow is a beautiful city with various places to relax like museums and art galleries in addition to several theatres, including the King’s Theatre, the Theatre Royal, and the Citizens Theatre.

At UKAT, we understand the levels of emotional and psychological stress you go through due to substance abuse and your efforts to recover from the same. We are here to help you cross this hurdle and restart your life. If you or your loved one requires assistance in overcoming the habit of addiction to drugs or alcohol, call us right now and get the required guidance and support from the nearest UKAT rehab centre.

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