Alcohol and drug rehab in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

The need for rehab in Aylesbury

Drug and alcohol abuse as well as other types of addiction are common these days. If you are losing control of yourself and see that you are falling into the vicious cycle of addiction, wait no longer and seek the best treatment at a rehab facility in Aylesbury.

At UKAT, we ensure that you feel extremely comfortable. We do not just use medicines to treat our clients, but also, we have the best, specialised therapists to offer personalised rehab programmes. Whether you have been using drugs for a long time or only began recently, we can help you get rid of your addiction for sure! Further information on the details of our rehab facilities in Aylesbury is given here.

Private Inpatient Rehabs and NHS Rehab Options in Aylesbury

In Aylesbury, you can find both free and private rehab facilities. Though the NHS substance abuse treatment solutions are of the highest quality, these organisations are very few. So, you will have to wait for treatment at these free rehab centres. Since every single day matters in substance abuse treatment, you can choose the private rehab centres in Aylesbury for instant treatment and care.
In case you think private rehabs are currently not a viable option for you because of their cost, you can approach the different charity and NHS resources in Aylesbury.
You can also find several other organisations across Aylesbury to help drug and alcohol addicts; a few work on the support group model. These are groups of individuals who are recovering from addiction themselves. The most popular support groups in Aylesbury include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, and they organise regular meetings at varied locations to offer and receive mutual support.
You can also find private addiction counsellors with different approaches to drug and alcohol addiction therapies. But for full-fledged, personalised rehab care and plan, you must get to the best private rehab clinic in Aylesbury. Alcohol and drug rehab centres in Aylesbury offer a secluded, peaceful, confidential and secure environment to focus on recovery with no temptations or distractions.

Avail the Best Services at UKAT Rehab Centres In and Around Aylesbury

With more than a decade of experience in effective and affordable de-addiction, UKAT is the largest chain of rehab centres in the UK. We have eight lodges or homes across the UK that help hundreds and thousands of individuals recover from their drug and alcohol addiction every year. Why look for the other rehab centres when you have the UKAT drug rehab Centre right near you? Go through the list of UKAT rehab centres in and near Aylesbury:

Liberty House

Located just 24 miles from Aylesbury, Liberty House in Luton guarantees its clients a homely and peaceful environment to start their recovery journey. Spare thirty minutes to reach this facility which will offer you a welcoming environment in which to become healed. Services available at this rehab Centre in Aylesbury, rated Outstanding by CQC, include:

  • Competent treatment guaranteed by regular inspections
  • Accommodation provided, with 21 on-site beds
  • Dietary requirements met by well-trained chefs
  • Proper treatment and care ensured by experienced staff

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge in Guildford is 56 miles from Aylesbury, so you will take approximately one hour to reach this well-established home, perfect for quick recovery. The lodge recently received good ratings from CQC and particularly focuses on offering its clients a relaxed healing environment. Primrose Lodge features the best facilities for its clients, which include:

  • 19 spacious bedrooms complete with bathrooms
  • On-site gym for fitness enthusiasts
  • Spacious gardens for walks
  • Experienced chefs to make delicious and nutritious meals

Sanctuary Lodge

Get the right treatment for your drug abuse in a tranquil natural environment at Sanctuary Lodge. Located at Halstead, 88 miles from Aylesbury, treatment at this facility will be a boon for you. Highly rated by CQC, the supportive environment of this rehab is just an hour away from Aylesbury. The centre features various facilities ensuring complete comfort. These include:

  • Five perfectly renovated shared rooms
  • 19 bedrooms
  • Landscaped gardens
  • In-house gym<
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How do the UKAT Rehab Centres in Aylesbury Help?

The main objective of any residential rehab near Aylesbury is to help people overcome their addiction. They offer excellent treatment and care to enable those with addictive disorders to recover fast. Though there are several rehab centres in Aylesbury, it is to the UKAT rehab Centre in Aylesbury that you should reach out for an assurance of lifelong recovery.

A UKAT private residential rehab in Aylesbury offers well-maintained and comfortable accommodation to help people battling an addiction embark on their life-changing journey. UKAT rehab centres in Aylesbury offer the best rehab programs and therapists to work with you when you register. These highly acclaimed centres are known for the exclusive services they offer. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Well-equipped Centre with experienced medical professionals ranging from addiction psychotherapists to counsellors.
  • Addiction therapy programmes including group therapy, assisted by experienced staff.
  • Medical detoxification and enabling complete abstinence.
  • Cognitive behavioural and other therapies to teach you coping strategies and skills needed for drug abstinence.
  • Recognising triggers that can lead to relapse.
  • Advanced recovery techniques where you create long-term goals and establish a regular and consistent schedule.
  • Free aftercare package for one year.
  • Instant admission.

List of Free Support Groups in Aylesbury

Here we have listed a range of free AA, NA and CA meetings you can attend in and around the Aylesbury area.

Aylesbury Newcomers

Church of the Holy Spirit, 71a Camborne Ave
Time: 8 pm
Postcode: HP21 7UE

Aylesbury Stoke Mandeville Big Book Experience

The Ark, 28 Risborough Rd, Stoke Mandeville
Time: 7.30 pm
Postcode: HP22 5UT

Wendover Back To Basics

St Mary’s Church Centre, Church Lane
Time: 8 pm
Postcode: HP22 6NL


Corpus Christi Church, 51 Langdon St
Time: 8 pm
Postcode: HP23 6BA

Unity Park Station (Old bus station)

401 Elder Gate Milton Keynes
Time: Sunday 10:30 am
Postcode: MK9 1LR

Oasis House George Street High Wycombe

Time: Sunday 11:00 am
Postcode: HP11 2RZ

Don’t Leave Before The Miracle Happens

Holy Trinity Church
Walton St

Cocaine Anonymous Aylesbury

Church of the Holy Spirit, 71a Camborne Ave
Time: 8 pm
Postcode: HP21 7UE

Drug-Related Deaths and Crimes in Aylesbury

Alcohol and drug addiction remain unresolved in Aylesbury despite major interventions by the government of the UK and voluntary organisations at varying levels. The deaths caused due to drug abuse in Aylesbury last year are scary reminders of the widespread scale of this menace and the inefficacy of the measures used to deal with it.
Aylesbury recorded one of the worst crime rates of all time, with 32 crimes reported for drugs in July 2021. These figures register a crime rate of 0.43 per 1, 000 individuals, which is a very serious issue on which to ponder on.

Get the Best Care and Treatment at UKAT Rehab Centres near Aylesbury

Aylesbury is a historic and administrative county in Buckinghamshire, in South-Eastern England. This parish town is located at the centre of a rich clay vale and serves as the county town or seat of Buckinghamshire. Once a market town for dairy produce and ducks, Aylesbury is now a fast-developing industrial hub with companies dealing in printing, food processing and light engineering. Being surrounded by natural beauty, it offers a relaxing and serene environment that is conducive to a smooth recovery. Additionally, the rehab centres in Aylesbury provide effective treatment through a skilled and caring team and good facilities.
At UKAT, there is no need to worry about your addiction or drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. We manage everything for you. So, contact us today to come out of this state as soon as possible!

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