Alcohol and drug rehab in Torquay, Devon

The need for rehab in Torquay, Devon

Are you or a loved one trying to start living a more balanced life by fighting against Drug or Alcohol Abuse? Luckily, finding a reliable private or public rehab centre accessible to Torquay residents should not be difficult since this beautiful seaside resort city, with a small population, is exceptionally well equipped with numerous rehab facilities and support groups.

At UKAT, we believe that treatment programmes for addiction are more likely to work if they are made to fit the needs of each person who needs them. So, our top doctors, clinicians, and holistic practitioners prepare you for health and wellness by putting cutting-edge therapies into individualised recovery plans.

Finding the option that best fits your needs against Drug abuse or Alcohol Addiction in Torquay, Devon.

Torquay is home to various private and public treatment centres where you can receive help for addictive substance misuse issues and prevention to assessment and treatment. However, you may feel overwhelmed by all of your alternatives in this modest beach resort town.
These are some essential features to look for in any rehab centre when choosing your journey to recovery, whether it is public or private.

  • Medical detoxification and cleansing
  • Residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalisation
  • Intensive outpatient programmes
  • 24-hour support focused on Trauma
  • The individual, group, and family therapies
  • Intensive after-treatment care.

UKAT is a private rehabilitation clinic that provides all the facilities mentioned above with additional unique features such as relapse prevention techniques and understanding and overcoming the underlying reasons for addiction. At UKAT, you will be in a pleasant and safe environment, allowing you to make healthy connections with others going through recovery.

UKAT Rehab Centres are easily accessible from Torquay, Devon.

If you are struggling with drug addiction and want to find a private treatment centre, you can find one here. UKAT can help you turn your life around with treatments available for all habits, including alcoholism and drug addictions. Every centre of UKAT has distinct characteristics which make it the best choice amongst the other similar options.

The following are the three UKAT centres closest to Torquay, where hope awaits you.

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge is centrally located in Oxfordshire, 172 miles from Torquay, and it takes around three and a half hours to reach the rehab centre. Oxfordshire is a county with a pleasant blend of city and rural life, which may further encourage you to seek treatment. It is a private detoxification and rehabilitation facility that assists individuals with alcoholism, drug addiction, and eating disorders. We provide a peaceful, compassionate, and comfortable environment where you or a loved one can break the cycle of addiction and destructive behaviour.
Banbury offers 12 months of aftercare following the completion of treatment so that you can consolidate treatment gains. In addition, this facility, with 22 private, en-suite guestrooms, allows access to a well-equipped fitness centre and social areas for group activities.

Recovery Lighthouse

Recovery Lighthouse in Worthing is a modern alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in West Sussex, situated 183 miles away from Torquay. It takes around three and half hours to reach this brilliant facility equipped with thirteen beautifully furnished rooms. The Recovery Lighthouse centre provides a friendly, compassionate, and safe environment in which you will be offered support and care to address the self-defeating behaviours that can occur in active addiction.
We are a fully CQC (Care Quality Commission)-registered rehabilitation centre that guarantees the highest treatment and aftercare standards.

Liberty House Clinic

Torquay, Devon is about 233 miles away from another homey and quiet rehab centre, Liberty House Clinic. It takes about 4 hours to drive there. We are in the beautiful suburbs of Luton and have an “Outstanding” rating from the CQC.

Liberty House Clinic is our fully equipped detox and rehab centre. It has 21 beds, is in a big yard, and has qualified staff on site 24 hours a day. The treatment services include a medically supervised detox and a thorough rehabilitation programme that looks after the mind, body, and soul.

Free addiction support groups in/near Torquay, Devon

Looking for free addiction support groups in or near the Torquay, Devon area? Check out the various AA, NA and CA meetings that can be found in the list below.

Alcohol Anonymous Meetings in Torquay, Devon

Torquay (Mondays 19:30)

St Mary Magdalene Church Hall, Union St
Helpline 08009177650

Newton Abbot (Tuesdays 19:30)

St Joseph’s Church Hall, Oak Place, off St Paul’s Rd
Helpline 08009177650

Exmouth Share (Wednesdays 7:30 PM)

The Open Door Centre, Church St
Helpline 08009177650

Narcotics Anonymous near Torquay, Devon

Okehampton (Fridays 19:00)

Fireplace Church 3 Fireplace Terrace off St James Street Okehampton
Helpline 0800 470 0382

Barn Staple (Fridays 19:30)
Above Christian Science bookstore 115 Boutport Street Barnstaple
Helpline 0800 470 0382

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Torquay, Devon

Away out (Thursdays 19:00)
Sidwell St Exeter, Ex4, 6PL, UK

Helpline: 0800 612 0225

What can we infer about Drug abuse in Torquay from the data in terms of numbers?

The number of precious lives in Devon claimed by drug abuse in 2019 was 64, out of which 17 were from Torquay. According to Devon Live, in around last six years, this number has almost doubled to 13.6 per 100,000 people.

Torquay is a Torbay unitary authority area. According to the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System, 385 Torbay residents were in treatment at specialist alcohol abuse programmes from 2018 to 2019, a figure that has been consistent over the previous four years. According to the Office of National Statistics, in March 2020, alcohol was recorded as a factor in 16% of all crimes.

Undeniably, Torquay’s city authorities and local agencies are entirely devoted to minimising drug addiction and the damage it causes. This commitment has resulted in a decreased trend in hospital admissions connected to alcohol use in recent years.

Why Choose Rehab centres around Torquay Devon?

Torquay city’s picturesque palm trees, lively harbour, international marina and sandy beach make it an ideal temporary home. At the same time, you travel to your new destination, which is a drug-free life. In addition, the city’s relatively quiet and low population density make it simple to concentrate on your therapy without being interrupted.
Drug addiction can be addressed, but the first and most crucial step is to seek professional assistance. UKAT is the ideal place for a comprehensive private rehabilitation programme and is dedicated to providing you with all you need for a successful recovery. Remember, help is just one call away.

Call now at 0808 258 2360 and start the change today.

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