Alcohol and drug rehab in Holsworthy

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Why is there a need for alcohol and drug rehab facilities in Holsworthy, Devon?

Drug and alcohol addiction is largely prevalent in Devon and towns like Holsworthy. Most people addicted to substance abuse undergo an ongoing struggle involving physical and mental dependence on the substances. For those struggling with drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, we understand that the journey is challenging and requires support and patience.

With a growing number of people addicted to drugs and alcohol in Devon, rehab centres in Holsworthy and regions around it become crucial to help save the current generation.

Popular private residential rehab facilities in Holsworthy

Since we are all unique, drug and alcohol addiction affects each person differently. With growing unemployment, job loss, and economic crisis, many healthy youngsters are falling prey to various addictions.

Unfortunately, the effects of drug and alcohol addiction are not just felt by those afflicted by the problem but also trickle down to affect their family members. Deciding to recover from substance abuse takes a lot of mental and physical effort, motivation, and support. Finding the right rehab centre in Holsworthy is essential if you have decided to reclaim your sober life and opt for a complete detox. Here are some amenities and features to look for in alcohol and drug rehab centres:

  • Personalised treatment options
  • Large common spaces for communal activity and ample socialising
  • Private en-suite bedrooms with bathrooms
  • 24×7 medical and nursing staff available on-call
  • Treatment for a large spectrum of substance abuse

UKAT rehab facilities in Holsworthy, Devon

When it comes to alcohol and drug addiction, the success rate of your recovery journey depends on finding the most suitable private residential rehab clinic in Holsworthy. Recovering from any addiction requires a peaceful and tranquil environment where the mind and body can relax.

If you are looking for rehab centres in Holsworthy, we’ve got some of the best UKAT private residential facilities in Holsworthy and the region around it:

Primrose Lodge

If you wish to stay close to the city but also enjoy the luxury and tranquillity of the calm countryside, Primrose Lodge, located in Guildford in the heart of Surrey, is just 194 miles from Holsworthy.

This CQC-rated facility offers 19 spacious en-suite bedrooms, an on-site gym for working out, experienced in-house chefs trained to prepare personalised nutritious meals, and comfortable living areas for socialising.

If you wish for safe medical detox, Primrose Lodge is one of the most popular residential rehab facilities near Holsworthy and is just about three and a half hours from the town.

Banbury Lodge

For those looking for the luxurious countryside for your alcohol and drug addiction recovery journey, Banbury Lodge is about 200 miles from Holsworthy. This UKAT rehab centre near Holsworthy offers the expansive open grounds that Oxfordshire is famous for, along with 22 en-suite bedrooms, an on-site gym for staying fit, and plenty of common spaces for socialising with others.

This residential rehab facility takes personalised de-addiction treatments very seriously and provides group therapy, talk therapy and individual therapies based on your need. Banbury Lodge is just under a 4-hour drive from Holsworthy, making it easily accessible.

Recovery Lighthouse

If the sea brings your mind into an instant state of calm and tranquillity, the Recovery Lighthouse private rehab clinic near Holsworthy is ideal for you, being located in the coastal town of Worthing, around 209 miles from Holsworthy.

This luxurious rehab centre offers 13 en-suite bedrooms, private yoga and meditation spaces, film and game nights, tranquil gardens, and the opportunity for beach walks that allow the most calming experience you can get. If you are looking for private residential rehab in Holsworthy, Recovery Lighthouse is just a four-hour drive from the town.

Free de-addiction support groups in Holsworthy

Here are some AA, NA, and CA sessions available around Holsworthy:


Address: St Michael & All Angels Church, Church Ln, EX23 8LQ
Time: Tuesday, Start time: 18.00 – duration 1hr

Torrington A Vision For You

Address: Methodist Church, Mill St, EX38 8AL
Time: Monday, Start time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins

Launceston Step & Tradition

Address: Orchard Community Centre, Blind Hole, Market St, PL15 8AU
Time: Saturday, Start time: 14.30 – duration 1hr 30mins


Address: Fairplace Church , 3 Fairplace Terrace , off St James Street Okehampton
Time: Friday 7:00 pm
Postcode: EX20 1DT


Address: The Old School Rooms, Bridge Street , Bideford
Time: Saturday 6:30 pm
Postcode: EX39 2BU


Address: Above Christian Science bookstore, 115 Boutport Street, Barnstaple
Time: Friday 7:30 pm
Postcode: EX31 1TD


Address: St David’s Church, Queens Terrace, Exeter
Time: Friday 7:00 pm
Postcode: EX4 4HR

Castle Rocketeers

Address: The Castle Centre, 25 Castle St, Barnstaple, EX31 1DR
Time: Thursday, 19:00

A Way Out

Address: Methodist Church, Sidwell St, Exeter EX4 6PL
Time: Thursday, 19:00


Address: St. David’s Church, 16 Queen’s Terrace, Exeter, EX4 4HR
Time: Tuesday, 19:00

Drug and alcohol abuse numbers in and around Holsworthy

According to reports by Devon Live in 2020, drug-related deaths have seen the highest spike since the earliest available records. These numbers have been the highest in regions of Torbay and Exeter.

The Safer Devon Report for 2019-2020 reported that 13% of crimes in Devon were alcohol-related. Around 7,300 adults in Devon are alcohol-dependent, making for 1.2% of the population. The same report also stated that instances of self-harm, suicide, and mental and behavioural changes due to drug misuse are continuously increasing.

Why should you choose drug and alcohol private residential rehab in Holsworthy?

Situated east of the Torridge district of Devon, Holsworthy is a beautiful market town with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. Located in the serene countryside surrounded by rolling hills and gorgeous green valleys, Holsworthy offers the perfect environment for private residential rehab.

From exploring the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, spending some rejuvenating time at Morwellham Village, and embracing several outdoor activities like cycling, horse riding and fishing, Holsworthy is an excellent town for people looking for rehab centres in Holsworthy or towns around it.

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