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Addiction is an issue that affects many people across Luton and Bedfordshire. It can have a major impact on every part of your life from your health to your relationships to your finances. While addiction may seem like an inescapable condition, there are some amazing rehab centres in Luton and the surrounding area that provide real assistance to people who are struggling.

On this page, we will explain the current addiction situation in Luton, the rehab centres available and how to choose the right treatment for your recovery.

What is offered at rehab in Luton?

When choosing a rehabilitation centre in Luton, the first decision you need to make is between inpatient and outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment means you will go to the rehab centre for your scheduled appointments but will stay at home the rest of the time as normal.

Inpatient treatment is when you stay in the rehab centre as a resident for the duration of your treatment. While some people choose outpatient treatment because they think it will be more convenient near their Luton home, it can’t offer the same immersive experience as inpatient treatment. Staying in a residential rehab care centre means you will be able to focus solely on your recovery without being exposed to your normal triggers or negative influences.
In terms of the treatment programmes, outpatient rehab tends to only offer group therapy while inpatient rehab has a far more comprehensive programme consisting of group and individual therapy, supervised detox and extensive aftercare.

UKAT’s rehab therapy centres are all residential inpatient facilities where we are able to create the supportive community that is so crucial for effective recovery. We provide fully immersive treatment programmes near Luton and surrounding areas, with a variety of different therapies and other treatment sessions which focus on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of addiction.

Rehab can help anyone who is struggling with addiction and is ready for a fresh start. Below we list the closest UKAT facilities to Luton and free services in Luton, so you can choose which is the best option for you.

The nearest UKAT centres to Luton

There are three fantastic rehabilitation therapy centres within easy distance of Luton, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas:

Liberty House

Liberty House is located in Luton itself on the peaceful, picturesque Old Bedford Rd. This means that while you are able to immerse yourself in your inpatient treatment, your loved ones can easily come and visit during your stay.

Liberty House is a state-of-the art rehab help centre with top notch facilities and incredible staff and provides a comprehensive therapy programme, family support and free aftercare for a year. Want to know more about Liberty House Luton? Visit the website here.

Sanctuary Lodge

Just 55 miles from Luton, Sanctuary Lodge is the perfect location if you want to be a little further from home. Set in the beautiful little town of Halstead, Sanctuary Lodge is the country’s leading rehab care centre in terms of facilities, staff and treatment options.

Sanctuary Lodge has a fully-equipped gym, en-suite rooms and even a private chef so you will have everything you need for a comfortable, productive stay. As with all UKAT rehab centres, Sanctuary Lodge provides a comprehensive recovery programme and family support as well as free aftercare for life. Want to know more about Sanctuary Lodge Essex? Visit the website here.

Primrose Lodge

Guildford is a stunning little town in Surrey, also just 55 miles from Luton down the M25. It is the home of Primrose Lodge, another state-of-the-art UKAT rehab centre ideally placed if you want to complete your treatment away from Bedfordshire.

Primrose Lodge offers all residents the latest in addiction recovery therapies, en-suite rooms, a private gym and free aftercare for twelve months. The centre is recognised by both BUPA and AXA so your private insurance may help cover the costs. Want to know more about Primrose Lodge Guildford. Visit the website here.

Free addiction support groups in Luton

As well as these excellent UKAT rehabilitation centres, Luton and the surrounding areas also have a number of free addiction supports groups and services. These organisations do amazing work in helping people change their lives and are easily accessible from Luton, Bedford and all across Bedfordshire county. Get in touch with these groups for additional addiction support and guidance:

Luton Stopsley Big Book

Wigmore Church & Community Centre, Crawley Green Rd, Stopsley, LU2 9TE
Time: Monday 7:00 pm

Luton Lewsey Farm

St Hugh’s Church, Leagrave High St, LU4 0ND
Time: Wednesday 8:00 pm

Hope Church Center

Villa Road, Luton, LU2 7NT
Time: Sunday 4:00 pm

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

The Presbytery, Pope Cl, Flitwick, Bedford, MK45 1JP
In-person and Online
Time: 7:00 pm

Is drug and alcohol abuse a problem in Luton?

Sadly, Luton and Bedfordshire are home to many people who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction as well as other behavioural addictions. The extent of the issue was magnified during the Pandemic when a growing number of local people began to use substances excessively to help cope with the isolation of lockdown and developed dependencies as a result.

Of particular concern is the dramatic increase in the number of young people with substance addictions, a situation that UKAT brought to public attention in March 2022. Public Health England’s latest figures showed a dramatic 131% increase in drug poisoning hospitalisations of 15-24 years in 2018-2020 when compared with ten years earlier. This is trend that is mirrored across all age groups in Bedfordshire which is why it is so crucial effective help is sought as soon as possible.

Why get drug and alcohol treatment near Luton?

Luton is the ideal location for receiving drug and alcohol treatment as there are many treatment services in the town and local area. Luton is situated on the beautiful River Lea and has many peaceful green spaces including Wardown Park and Great Bramingham Wood. Less than 35 miles from London, Luton is also a convenient and easily accessible location if you are looking for a quiet rehab centre where you can relax and focus on making a fresh start.

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