Alcohol and drug rehab near Dinnington

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Alcohol and drug rehab facilities in Dinnington, South Yorkshire

Dinnington is a town in South Yorkshire. Originally a small, isolated farming community, it continued to grow throughout the 20th century. Today, it has a lot to offer, especially to those seeking drug rehab services. Several free and private rehab clinics in South Yorkshire near Dinnington provide a safe space for those battling alcohol and drug addiction.

UKAT is one such private in-patient rehab facility in Dinnington, South Yorkshire that provides bespoke medical treatment to help its clients set clear goals for a better life. We bring you three such residential rehabs near Dinnington, South Yorkshire. If you are a resident of Dinnington or nearby areas, read on to know more about how we can help you.

Facilities available at rehab centres near Dinnington

South Yorkshire has several private and free rehabilitation centres, and deciding the one best suited to your needs can be tough. We suggest you consult your doctor to make an informed decision.
You could look for the following facilities at the rehab centres:

  • Personalised rehabilitation plan
  • 24×7 care and support
  • Private and NHS treatment
  • Inpatient/Outpatient facilities
  • Experienced team of doctors and nursing staff
  • Root cause elimination treatment
  • Location of the facility from the triggers
  • Family-oriented services
  • A wide array of therapies
  • High-quality aftercare package

Private rehab centres near Dinnington

UKAT has eight centres across the UK, where we treat alcoholism, addictive substance abuse, mental health disorders, and eating disorders. We offer tailor-made treatment programmes, 24×7 on-site specialist support, coping techniques, support for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and relapse prevention strategies. We provide a free aftercare plan for 12 months for those who have completed their treatment. As families need help in dealing with the addictions of their loved ones, we provide them with free counselling sessions at our centres.

Contact us for admissions at the nearest rehab centre if you or your loved ones need help recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Linwood House

Linwood House is a private residential centre located in the quiet town of Barnsley. It is 24 miles from Dinnington and takes about 30 minutes by road. At Linwood House, we provide in-patient treatment for alcohol addiction, prescription drug dependency, drug addiction, and behavioural addictions.

We offer therapies based on your requirements, such as group therapy, counselling, yoga, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress reduction techniques, and motivational interviewing. Linwood House also provides personal bedrooms, comfortable sitting areas, an on-site gym and a spacious garden.

Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford is located in West Yorkshire. It is about 50 miles from Dinnington and takes about one hour by road. This 19-bed residential rehab near South Yorkshire has a 24-hour nursing staff.

Our detox programme includes therapy, care, and medication to help you gain complete withdrawal from your addictions and look forward to a healthy, productive life.

Oasis Runcorn

Oasis Runcorn is a rehab centre near South Yorkshire. It is located 86 miles from Dinnington, in the seaside town of Runcorn. It takes about an hour and a half by road. It is a CQC-rated facility with 22 bedrooms, shared and private.

At Oasis Runcorn, we offer you support through secondary treatment in our 12-week treatment programme. This helps you safely transition into the community after completing your treatment and begin a normal life.

Free addiction treatment services near Dinnington

Here are some free addiction treatment services in South Yorkshire:

Here are some Alcohol Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Cocaine Anonymous (CA) sessions near Dinnington:

Address: Upper Room, Baptist Chapel, Taplin Rd, Hillsborough
Time: Thursday, 19.30

Address: Trust Room, Sheffield Anglican Cathedral, Church St.
Time: Monday, 13.00

Address: Rosslyn House, 41 Thorne Rd, (Entrance on Christ Church Rd),
Time: Saturday, 19.15


Address: 42 Sydney Street, Sheffield
Time: Sunday, 17.00

Coffee Lounge

Address: Roslynn House, 37 Thorne Rd, Doncaster
Time: Sunday, 18.00

Central United Reform

Address: Church Norfolk Street, Sheffield
Time: Thursday, 19.15

Cocaine Anonymous

Address: Westborough Methodist Church, Scarborough, YO11 1TS
Time: Sunday noon

York CA

Address: Bowes Morell House, 111 Walmgate, York, YO1 9UA
Time: Sunday, 19.00

The Basement Recovery Project

Address: Union Bank Yd, New St, Huddersfield HD1 2BP
Time: Sunday, 19.00

Addiction statistics in Dinnington, South Yorkshire

Dinnington is a peaceful town. Sadly, access to illegal drugs has taken many lives. Nearly 40% of deaths in 2019 have been due to substance abuse. As per reports, about 400 people died from drugs between 2017 and 2019. The numbers recorded in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, near Dinnington, have been the highest since the work on records commenced in 2001.

Alcohol services in and around South Yorkshire have also reported high alcohol consumption. Doncaster, near Dinnington, reports around 4,000 alcohol-dependent drinkers each year. Although this has increased referrals to rehab centres in the past two years, more work needs to be done to encourage people to seek help.

Why get drug and alcohol treatment near Dinnington?

Dinnington is an ideal place for anyone seeking addiction treatment. It is a historic town close to Sheffield and Rotherham. Dinnington has its high street and main shopping areas that meet your requirements. The exquisite gardens of Sheffield and the peaceful, picturesque historical sites of Rotherham near Dinnington provide much-needed calm and serenity.

If you seek calmness in your recovery journey, then Dinnington is the ideal place for you. Please connect with us at the earliest and get help soon!

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