Alcohol and Drug Addiction rehab facilities near Rochdale

The need for rehab in Rochdale

Drug or alcohol addiction is harmful. But, if you are conscious of the problem, local support groups and rehab facilities are available in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, for immediate help and care.

Being a large town in Greater Manchester, Rochdale contains multiple rehabilitation facilities for substance abuse patients. Its beautiful healing environment works efficiently to improve their recovery. However, the promised happy life far away from addiction only comes after making your first move. Once you help yourself with that, the rehab facilities near Rochdale, Greater Manchester, will come forward to help you and your family too.

What are the options for rehab centres in Rochdale, Greater Manchester?

An arena of rehabilitation and detox facilities is available in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. There are abundant options for both private and free rehab solutions with their inpatient and outpatient services. Considering your convenience, you can opt for the luxury of private rehab clinics or the comfort of free services. Besides, the NHS is also there, providing you with certain rehabilitation facilities.

Choosing the right rehab option with so many of them might be a weary business. In that case, observation of local support groups will help. However, choosing private rehab facilities will save you time in this respect, with a promise of luxurious and personalised treatment, which may not be available with free services.

UKAT rehab centres near Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Are you looking for the best rehab clinics near Rochdale, Greater Manchester? If so, here we’ve presented certain reliable options for you with the nearest UKAT rehab centres to the area:

Oasis Runcorn

Oasis Runcorn is the nearest rehab centre if you live in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. It’s 38 miles from Greater Manchester, which takes around 45 minutes to travel there. The centre offers two treatment programs `for tailored treatment and client choice.

Besides, the centre provides a residential rehabilitation centre comprising a range of treatment solutions. Their evidence-based treatment interventions are quite helpful for patients throughout their recovery process.

Liberty House

Situated in Luton, Bedfordshire, Liberty House clinic is located around 98 miles from Greater Manchester, sharing nearly two hours of travel time. The clinic stands in a tranquil and fascinating suburban street in central Luton.

The centre is equipped with 20 beds, large grounds, and recreational facilities along with a fully trained staff. Thus, it promises quick and wholesome healing.

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge offers another nearby rehab facility in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. It’s situated at a distance of approximately 116 miles from Greater Manchester, which takes around 2 hours to travel between the places.

The clinic specialises in treating those going through alcoholism, drug addiction and eating disorders. Its calm, nurturing, and comfortable environment promises you a quick healing experience.

How do UKAT rehab facilities make a difference in Rochdale, Greater Manchester

At UKAT, we emphasise the overall and long-term recovery of the patients. With that purpose, the UKAT rehab centres are established at places with a proper healing environment on the lap of nature. We understand that a suitable environment positively affects the recovery process of the persons undergoing drug and alcohol abuse. This is the reason that UKAT rehabs stand out amidst the crowd of abundant detox solutions that might prove to be intimidating to you to choose from.

UKAT detox facilities are not only about one-sided treatment. Here, the patients can benefit immensely from free services from the NHS and luxurious and personalised therapy by specialists.
Here’s a list of certain amenities, apart from rehabilitation and detoxification services, which you can expect from UKAT rehab centres in Rochdale, Greater Manchester:

  • Holistic therapies
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Trauma therapy
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • Dual diagnosis care
  • Aftercare and ongoing therapies
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • 24-hour care

List of free addiction support groups in Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Listed below are some AA, NA and CA meetings available in and around the Rochdale area:

Rochdale Zrodio Zycia Polish Speaking

Polish Catholic Centre, 365 Manchester Rd
OL11 4LZ
Helpline: 020 3916 0097


St Joseph’s Nursery, 57 Hind Hill St
OL10 1AQ
Helpline: 01618392881 (11.00-23.00)


Bury United Reformed Church, Parsons Lane
Helpline: 01618392881 (11.00-23.00)

Union Chapel Sunday

Social Room, Union Chapel 2 Wellington Road M14 6EQ
Sundays at 2:00 pm

After 8s

Phoenix Mill, 20 Piercy Street Greater Manchester M4 7HY
Sundays at 2:30 pm

Phoenix Mill

20 Piercy Street M4
Sundays at 7:00 pm

Sunday Night Discussion

Christ Church, Darley Ave, Manchester M20 2ZD

Cocaine Anonymous Discussion

Salford Boxing and Gymnastics Centre, Camp St
Salford M7 1ZT

St Mary’s Recovery Meeting

St Mary’s Haughton Green, St. Mary’s Church, Meadow Ln, Haughton Green
Denton, Manchester M34 7GD

What do the statistics Say about drug and alcohol abuse in Rochdale, Greater Manchester?

There is a rise in drug-related deaths in Greater Manchester every year, — a 30-year record reveals. With that, it reached the height of 368 registered deaths in 2021, as the report says.

An alcoholism report of the area shows that alcohol-related deaths are higher in Greater Manchester than England’s national average. Rochdale is one of the worst-affected boroughs of the region. According to another report, alcohol-affected hospital admissions are higher in Greater Manchester by 53%, where alcohol-related mortality per 100,000 is 50% higher than the national average. The report says that 5,310 people are currently undergoing treatment for alcohol-specific issues.

With such dangers of substance abuse in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, enrolling in rehab clinics can be substantially beneficial.

Why choose rehab centres in Rochdale, Greater Manchester?

A tranquil and peaceful natural environment has a greater contribution to the holistic healing of substance abuse patients. Rochdale, Greater Manchester, is rich with serene and healthy surroundings. It is situated at the foot of a western spur of the Pennines, where the two Rivers Spodden and Roch are merged. The town was the market centre during the mediaeval period and earned significance as a centre of cotton textile manufacture during the 18th and 19th centuries. Currently, Rochdale is the administrative centre of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale.

The UKAT rehab centres in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, use these natural gifts of the place to cure addiction. With the multifaceted services offered by these clinics, you can confront the challenge of struggling positively against substance abuse. So, raise your first step to make life better for you and your loved ones. Get help now!

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