Legal highs addiction treatment (detox and rehab)

Imagine standing at a crossroads where one path leads into a fog of uncertainty, and the other opens to a horizon of new possibilities. This is the simple choice you face when you decide to begin treatment for legal high addiction. And yet, taking that first step can seem like a monumental challenge, with the chains of drug dependency growing ever tighter all the time. UKAT understands this struggle, so we have created a legal high addiction treatment programme to empower you to break free and rebuild your life. This is not just a journey towards sobriety; it is the opportunity for a future filled with health, hope and opportunity.

What does legal high addiction treatment involve?

Addiction treatment for legal highs requires a holistic approach that has been carefully crafted to address every facet of your dependency. At UKAT, this involves a structured, three-step process:

1.Legal high detox: This initial phase involves cleansing your body of addictive substances. It is a critical step in breaking the cycle of dependence and kick-starting the healing process.

2.Rehab therapy: During therapy, you will delve deep into the psychological aspects of dependency. You will learn more about your triggers, how legal high abuse is harming your life and developing coping strategies for both during and after rehab.

3.Post-rehab Support: This phase focuses on sustaining the progress made during legal high rehab, offering support to transition back into daily life smoothly.

Legal high detox explained

Legal high detox aims to reverse harmful effects and provide a clean slate for treatment. The process involves safely removing substances, allowing your body to reset and function without drugs. Methods vary based on the substance, requiring gradual tapering or medication. Medical monitoring is crucial for managing withdrawal symptoms. At UKAT, your health and safety are our top priorities during legal high detox, and our medical team has years of experience helping people through the process.

Woman struggling with withdrawal

Legal high withdrawal

Legal high withdrawal can be a daunting phase depending on the substance in question, your overall health and how long you have been taking legal highs. However, knowing what to expect can help ease some of your worries and prepare you for the journey ahead.

Different legal highs produce different withdrawal symptoms, but some general symptoms include:

  • Physical symptoms – Shaking, sweating, lethargy, nausea and headaches


  • Psychological symptoms – Anxiety, depression and irritability


  • Sleep disturbances – Insomnia and intense dreams
    Cravings for the legal high substance

The timeline for legal high withdrawal symptoms also varies from person to person and substance to substance, but intensity will usually peak in the first week and gradually start to improve over the subsequent days and weeks.

Legal highs rehab explained

Legal highs rehab includes various therapies and activities designed to give you key insights into the causes of your dependency, learn new ways of coping with those causes without legal highs and develop skills to improve your life going forward. The goals of legal high rehab are multifaceted – from breaking free from substance dependence to rebuilding relationships and developing a healthier approach to life’s challenges.

Some common forms of legal high rehab include:

Benzo Fury rehab
Benzo Fury rehab addresses the unique challenges of this dangerous synthetic substance. At UKAT, the programme includes a range of proven therapies to help you understand the psychological grip of Benzo Fury, systematically break that grip and then develop strategies to avoid relapse.

Spice rehab
Spice, a dangerous synthetic cannabinoid, poses unique challenges due to its potency and unpredictability. Spice rehab focuses on these challenges, offering specialised support to help you navigate the complex nature of dependency and come out the other side with renewed hope and effective coping strategies.

Mephedrone rehab
Mephedrone, often associated with intense cravings and a high potential for abuse, requires a focused approach to recovery. Mephedrone rehab is tailored to address these intense needs, offering comprehensive support and strategies for long-term recovery.

Prescription drug rehab
Prescription drugs may have many genuine medical uses, but they are also commonly abused both recreationally and to self-medicate. This can quickly lead to prescription drug addiction, which requires prescription drug detox to break physical dependence and prescription drug rehab to address the psychological aspects of the condition.

Therapy session

Your options for legal highs rehab

Choosing the right legal high rehab option is crucial for giving yourself the best opportunity for recovery. The two primary options are outpatient and inpatient rehab:

Outpatient legal highs rehab

This option allows you to live at home while attending treatment sessions. It is often suitable for less severe legal high dependencies or as a continuation of an inpatient programme.

Inpatient legal highs rehab

This is UKAT’s approach as it is a more intensive option where you stay at the rehab centre during treatment. Inpatient rehab offers several unique benefits, including:

Total recovery-focused atmosphere: You will be immersed in an environment entirely dedicated to your recovery. This setting removes you from daily distractions and potential temptations, providing a solid foundation during the crucial early stages of your legal high recovery.

Substance-free safe zone: The inpatient setting ensures a secure environment devoid of legal highs or any other addictive substances. This controlled atmosphere is fundamental in providing a safe and supportive space for your recovery journey.

Shelter from addiction triggers: Inpatient rehab removes you from environments and situations that might trigger legal high use. This separation allows you to concentrate fully on your recovery without external pressures or reminders of past substance use.

Continuous support and care: The availability of 24/7 medical and therapeutic support is a cornerstone of inpatient rehab. This constant access to professional care is crucial for addressing challenges and supporting your legal high recovery.

Opportunities for community connection: At a UKAT rehab centre, you will have the unique opportunity to forge connections with peers on similar recovery paths. These relationships can offer deep understanding and mutual support, forming an integral part of the healing process.

Legal high rehab therapy explained

UKAT’s legal highs rehab programme has been carefully curated to provide various therapeutic approaches. Each is designed to address different aspects of dependency to give you a holistic path to recovery.

Group therapy: You will find strength in group sessions and shared experiences. It is a space to give and receive support, learn from others’ journeys and feel less isolated in your struggles.

One-to-one therapy: Personal therapy sessions allow for deep, individualised work. Here, you can explore personal issues confidentially, receiving tailored guidance and support during legal high rehab.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): CBT is a cornerstone of all effective legal high addiction treatment. It will help you identify and challenge unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours, replacing them with healthier alternatives.

Art therapy: Art therapy offers a creative outlet for expression and self-exploration during legal high recovery. It can be particularly powerful if you find verbal communication challenging.

Family therapy: Legal high abuse affects not just the individual but their loved ones too. Family therapy aims to repair and strengthen these relationships, creating a supportive home environment for when you are ready to leave legal high rehab.

Man struggling with withdrawal

Legal high relapse prevention explained

Relapse prevention is a critical component of sustainable recovery because leaving the sanctuary of legal high rehab can come as a huge shock. At UKAT, your therapists will help you write a relapse prevention plan before you leave, which will likely include some of these strategies:

Identifying triggers

Recognising situations or emotions that may trigger cravings and developing strategies to address them is the foundation of relapse prevention. You will do a lot of trigger work during your stay in UKAT, which will stand you in good stead for post-rehab life.

Continuing with aftercare

Engaging in ongoing aftercare, like the one year’s free weekly group therapy offered by UKAT, can keep you motivated, accountable and properly supported.

Developing a daily routine

Legal high abuse can create a chaotic life, so establishing a healthy, structured daily routine can provide stability and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Building a support network

This means surrounding yourself with people who support your recovery goals, including friends, family, legal high rehab peers and support group members.

Using the stress management techniques you developed in rehab

These could be meditation, yoga or simply deep breathing exercises, but they can all help you stay calm and centred when triggers of cravings arise.

Setting realistic goals

Working towards achievable goals that give you a sense of purpose and direction can help break recovery up into manageable bits. Every time you reach one of your milestones, celebrate it with your friends and family so you can reflect on how far you have come.

Group therapy

Begin legal highs addiction treatment today

There is no better time to start a new chapter in your life. Contact UKAT today to embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you. Recovery is not just about overcoming legal high addiction; it is about rediscovering yourself and unlocking your full potential.

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How long does legal highs addiction treatment take?
There is no definitive answer to this, as the necessary length of legal high addiction treatment varies from person to person. Factors influencing duration include the severity of dependency, personal history and specific health requirements. UKAT offers a range of programme lengths to accommodate diverse needs, ensuring that each person receives the care they deserve.
Is detoxing from legal highs at home dangerous?
Detoxing from legal highs at home is risky without medical supervision. Withdrawal symptoms vary in severity and can be life-threatening. Opting for a controlled environment like UKAT ensures safe medical care and minimises complications. Prioritise your health and safety above all else.