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Drug, alcohol, and substance-abuse rehab centres in Hartland

Alcohol addiction and drug abuse can be heart-wrenching for the afflicted individuals as well as their friends and family. With the rise in addiction-related crimes and 33 drug-related deaths per 1000 Devon residents, there is an increasing need to prevent and treat addictions with the help of a well-experienced rehabilitation team. Rehab centres near Hartland, United Kingdom offer excellent facilities for individuals with addiction to help them return to their community in no time.

Addiction rehabilitation services in Hartland

Several UKAT centres around Hartland offer free and/or private rehab services. One can avail of an exclusive addiction rehab team expertise in private UKAT centres that have spacious rooms and quiet surroundings. Every UKAT facility has a well-equipped kitchen that provides wholesome, nutritious food made by renowned chefs. The staff here is experienced in providing good quality care for individuals undergoing rehabilitation for various substance abuse and eating and behavioural disorders. Though they are located away from the city streets, all UKAT centres offer numerous benefits in terms of tranquillity, peace, and natural surroundings.

UKAT centres around Hartland provide the following facilities:

  • Spacious en-suite bedrooms
  • In-house gym
  • Well-maintained spacious gardens for a pleasant stroll
  • Separate meditation rooms and yoga sessions
  • Well-equipped kitchen with chefs to make nutritious food as per dietary requirements
  • A 12-step rehabilitation program offered by our expert team of therapists
  • An experienced rehabilitation team consisting of a physician, psychotherapist, and full-time helper for all individuals within the facility

UKAT centres near Hartland

If you are living in Hartland, you can access our rehabilitation treatment and services in the following centres:

Primrose Lodge

Situated in the beautiful city of London, in Guildford, Surrey, Primrose, and 200 miles from Hartland, Primrose Lodge provides the opportunity to experience nature at its best. The centre is ideal for walking, group activities, and gym sessions.

Here, you can overcome prescription drug dependency, behavioural addictions, codependency disorders, and illicit drug addictions through an extensive 12-step program, cognitive behavioural therapy, yoga, creative art workshops, a family support program, and one-to-one sessions.

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge is located in the peaceful town of Oxfordshire amidst the tranquillity of nature at an appropriate distance of 200 miles from Hartland. You can avail yourself of treatment here for addictions, and they specialise in treating young individuals in individual as well as group therapy sessions.

Talking therapies encourage one to inculcate positive thoughts and overcome negative thought processes. It offers en-suite bedrooms, beautiful gardens, an in-house gym, and highly qualified and experienced chefs to prepare you some customised wholesome meals.

Liberty House

Liberty House is located in the suburban street of Luton, London, nearly 250 miles from Hartland. The staff here is trained to treat and rehabilitate individuals with addictions with the help of group therapy sessions, art and creative workshops, sound and gong therapy, along with meditation sessions.

What types of addictions are treated in the UKAT facilities near Hartland?

Other free rehab services in Hartland

Free rehab services, including the following, are offered in Hartland by some centres:

  • A New Philosophy
  • Day One Goodwill Hinckley
  • Blue Sky Counseling
  • Mayo Regional Hospital Psychiatry and Counseling Services

Free addiction support groups in Hartland

As well as our UKAT centres located closest to the area, there are various free rehab services such as Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous options in Hartland:

Torrington A Vision For You

Address: Methodist Church, Mill St, EX38 8AL

Bideford A Vision for You

Address: 24 High St, EX39 2AN

Bideford Northam

Address: The Leisure Centre, Tower St (off Northam Sq), Northam, EX39 1JL

The Out of Ideas Group

Address: 4 Tavy Pl, Mannamead, Plymouth PL4 7DJ, UK, Devon

We do recover

Address: George Street, Mount Wise, Devonport, Plymouth PL1 4JQ, UK, Devon


Address: 16 Queen’s Terrace, Exeter EX4 4HR, UK, Devon

Addiction statistics in and around Hartland

Alcohol and drug addiction-related deaths and injuries are a cause of concern in most cities of the United Kingdom, and Hartland, Devon is not far behind. Research in several towns of the country shows a higher number of drug and substance abuse and the number of people seeking treatment for the same, particularly in Devon. Cannabis is the most common drug used by adults, followed by amphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, and anabolic steroid injections.

There was a substantial rise in drug offences and crimes in Devon in the year 2019, and it has had an upward trend since then. This suggests an urgent need for preventive rehabilitation in the town of Hartland and also the need for sustainable addiction treatment centres to prevent the occurrence of crimes.

Why should I get rehab treatment in Harland?

Hartland is situated in the Devon county of Southwest England. The Hartland port is in close vicinity. Hartland Abbey and parish church are located nearby. Notable personalities such as Mary Norton, the author of The Borrowers novel, and Satish Kumar, the editor of Resurgence Magazine, are prominent personalities who lived in Hartland. It is known for its lush greenery and is close to the coast of Devon.

Hartland is also close to some of the well-known substance abuse rehabilitation centres such as the UKAT centres. With the Devon coast and Hartland greenery, one is sure to enjoy his addiction treatment journey. Known for its expertise in treating different types of addictions, UKAT offers benefits for both individuals and their families. One can easily approach a UKAT centre near Hartland to treat their addiction. Get help now!

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