Alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities near Wishaw, Warwickshire

The need for rehab in Wishaw

It is always a challenging phase to fight against drug and alcohol addiction and it worsens if not treated on time. You must be brave to take the first step towards total recovery by visiting some of the best rehab centres in Wishaw, Warwickshire. They provide state-of-the-art medical services to all who need help to come out of drug and alcohol addiction. Read further to learn more about the rehab centres near Wishaw, Warwickshire.

Several options for de-addiction therapy centres near Wishaw, Warwickshire

There are two options for drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities near Wishaw, Warwickshire. You are free to choose either the private residential rehab clinics or the free detox therapy centres. As you are open to a lot of options, it is highly recommended to have full knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of both the private and the free rehab centres.

The free rehab centres offer detox treatment at zero costs, but they do not provide immediate admission and have an extensive waiting time. Moreover, you will not feel the presence of individual care and attention.

In contrast, the private rehab clinics in Wishaw, Warwickshire, are expensive and offer no waiting time for in-patient admission. Despite being costly, you will get the best treatment you deserve.

UKAT rehab centres near Wishaw, Warwickshire

Listed below are the closest UKAT centres to Wishaw:

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge, he residential rehab clinic is located 18.6 miles from Wishaw, Warwickshire in the beautiful county of Oxfordshire. It takes around 33 mins from Wishaw, Warwickshire, to reach the rehab facility.

It comprises 22 double bedrooms, an on-site gymnasium and extensive gardens that takes care of your comfort and safety. We believe that permanent and quick healing happens when you spend time in tranquil surroundings away from city life. There are separate rooms for one-to-one discussion, and we also offer de-addiction treatment to teenagers. We specialise in providing free lifetime aftercare and 24/7 admission facilities.

Primrose Lodge

Primrose lodge is in the picturesque town of Guildford, Surrey at 100.9 miles from Wishaw, Warwickshire and takes about 1 hr 49 mins to reach by road.

The private residential rehab clinic has 19 luxurious bedrooms to give you the ultimate comfort, care, and safety. We also take care of the fitness of our clients by encouraging them to attend the on-site gym and relax in the spacious gardens. All our treatment packages are designed as per the needs of our clients so that they have a life-changing experience.

Liberty House

Liberty House, the luxurious rehab clinic is located 64.6 miles from Wishaw, Warwickshire, in the middle of Luton, Bedfordshire. To reach the rehabilitation clinic, it takes 1hr 23 mins from Wishaw, Warwickshire.

We treat our clients like a family and ensure they get the best experience. The rehab clinic has 20 private beds, sources of recreation, huge grounds, and a secure atmosphere. You will be guided by our highly experienced addiction specialists and medical staff. We also assure our clients about one-year post-medication care and a promise of a permanent recovery.

How do UKAT rehabilitation centres in Wishaw, Warwickshire, help in recovery?

The de-addiction therapy is provided by experienced addiction specialists and taken care of by nurses. We address the root causes of addiction and offer personalised treatment plans at UKAT rehab centres. We understand the challenges of addiction and help you overcome them with utmost convenience. We ensure high-quality treatment and a positive experience for all our clients.

In addition, we take care of your loved ones by arranging counselling and free group sessions.

Some of the services provided by the UKAT Rehab centres are:

  • Customised treatment plans
  • No waiting time for admission
  • Assured post-therapy care for one-year
  • Relapse prevention mechanisms
  • Medical detoxification and all-time support and care
  • Holistic therapy
  • Qualified and trained doctors
  • 24/7 presence of nursing staff

List of free addiction support groups in Wishaw, Warwickshire

There are several free AA, NA and CA addiction support group meetings held by the local support community in and around Wishaw, Warwickshire:

Warwick Step Physical & Online

All Saints Church
29 Vicarage Field
Time- 19.00 Sunday
Duration- 1 hr
Postcode- CV34 5NJ

Warwick Breakfast

St Paul’s Church
Friar St
Time- 08.00 Saturday
Duration- 1 hr
Postcode- CV34 6HA


Friends Meeting House
28, Regent Place
Time- 20.00 Monday
Duration- 1 hr 30 mins
Postcode- CV21 2PN

Surrender Sunday

Main Room, Ken Kennett Centre
100 Justins Avenue, Stratford-upon-Avon
Time-19.15-20.45 Sunday
Postcode- CV37 0DA

Into The Weekend

Church Hall, Stoke Saint Michaels,
St Michaels Parish Office
365B Walsgrave Rd, Coventry
Time- 19.30-21.00 Friday
Postcode- CV2 4BG

T.G.I Friday

St Marks Church
St Marks Rd
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
Time- 19.30-21.00 Friday
Postcode- CV32 6DL

Bulkington Club for Young People

Time- 19.30 Wednesday
Postcode- CV12 9RJ

Stephens Church

Charter Ave
Time- 20.00 Thursday
Postcode- CV4 8DJ

Hibberts Hall

St Marie’s Church
Parish Hall
Oak St, Rugby
Time- 19.00 Friday
Postcode- CV22 5EL

List of free addiction support groups in Wishaw, Warwickshire

According to recent reports, deaths due to drug poisoning and overconsumption of alcohol have reached a record high of more than 30 in Warwickshire.

In Warwickshire, the drug deaths reported were the highest in 30 years. As per the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were 40 deaths due to the misuse of drugs, mainly cocaine.

Why is Wishaw in Warwickshire an ideal location for drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics?

Wishaw is a small civil parish in North Warwickshire and is well known for the Belfry Golf resort. Wishaw in Warwickshire is surrounded by lush green parks like the famous Belhaven Park which forms an excellent natural environment for fast healing. The beauty of Wishaw, Warwickshire, makes it an ideal location for rehab centres as it offers healing and unwinding opportunities amidst nature. Hence, it will be wise if you choose one of the best UKAT rehab centres near Wishaw in Warwickshire.

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