Choosing the best rehab centre

Finding the best rehab centre for your addiction treatment can be one of the most important decisions of your life. There are many options available across the UK with each offering its own unique recovery environment, treatment approaches and facilities. Everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to rehab, so understanding your options will help you to make a well-informed choice and get started on your journey to recovery.

Below, we highlight some of the benefits to look for when selecting a rehab treatment centre for recovery.

High CQC ratings

One of the most useful tools for comparing different rehab centres is the rating given by the Care Quality Commission. This is an independent body that assesses every alcohol and drug rehab centre based on a range of factors, including staff to client ratio, the variety of therapies offered and the quality of facilities and accommodation. You can check the CQC ratings of different rehab centres on their websites or contact CQC to get an in-depth breakdown of their findings so that you can weigh up your options.

In-house care

There are both inpatient and outpatient rehab centres available in the UK. Inpatient treatment means you live in the rehab centre while completing your treatment programme whereas outpatient treatment means you will just visit a centre for therapy sessions.

Effective addiction rehab usually requires a holistic approach in a safe, recovery-focused environment where you are able to form connections with staff and other clients in a mutually supportive community. Establishing this level of connection is very difficult if you are only attending rehab for therapy and then going home the rest of the time during outpatient treatment.

The best alcohol and drug rehab centres provide both group therapy and one-to-one therapy with an addiction professional. At UKAT, we offer eight treatment centres across England, UK, which offer inpatient treatment and a range of addiction therapies with many of our therapists having been through addiction treatment themselves.

Medical assistance

Addiction detox is a vital part of treatment because it allows the addictive substance to leave your body, enabling you to start your therapy with a clean slate. However, detox can be potentially very dangerous so we always advise you to seek professional help when starting any kind of detox.

The best rehab centres will conduct a full medical assessment when you are admitted so that they can get an accurate picture of your overall health, the extent of your addiction and any potential detox dangers. If they are concerned that you are at risk of developing severe drug or alcohol withdrawal, they will then provide medical detox. This is when you undergo addiction detox with the guidance and supervision of a medical professional who may also prescribe you certain medicines to keep you safe and comfortable.

The range of therapies and treatment activities

Whilst detox may help with the physical effects of substance use, there are also common underlying mental and emotional causes of addiction. Addressing these issues and understanding your triggers is crucial to making a full recovery. Many day rehab centres are only able to provide group therapy due to budget and time restrictions, but effective treatment usually involves both individual and group therapy sessions.

The best drug rehab clinics offer a diverse treatment programme that will address every aspect of your addiction. These programmes will always include a mixture of different addiction therapies, such as individual and group therapies, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and stress management strategies. This treatment approach will help you to overcome your addiction in the short term and provide you with the tools you need to maintain sobriety after you leave rehab.

Support available for loved ones

Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual but also those closest to them. When choosing the best alcohol rehab centre or drug rehab clinic, look for one that understands how important the support of loved ones can be to successful recovery. Knowing that your family and friends wish you success and understand what you are going through can be crucial to rebuilding the trust that is often damaged by addiction.

When choosing an alcohol and drug rehab centre, look for one with a family support programme that will guide and assist your loved ones through each stage of your rehab. These programmes also help to teach them how to create a home environment that is conducive to addiction recovery, such as removing alcohol or the addictive substance from the environment. Some clinics may also provide extra support with rebuilding relationships. UKAT clinics offer sessions called conjoints, led by an addiction specialist, which allow you and your family to voice your concerns and hopes in a safe space.

A comprehensive aftercare programme

Successful recovery from addiction is a marathon, not a sprint. Most people only stay in rehab for between one and three months, and while completing rehab is a huge achievement, it is only the first step in the journey. Addiction can be incredibly isolating, but the best addiction rehab centres provide comprehensive aftercare programmes which make sure that their clients never have to suffer alone.

A comprehensive aftercare programme will usually involve further group therapy sessions and other strategies to help extend the sense of community fostered during rehab. Clients will often be encouraged to stay in touch with people they have met during rehab through group chats or other communication platforms to help one another during the difficult moments of their recovery.

UKAT rehab clinics across the UK

We have a number of drug rehab centres and alcohol recovery clinics across the UK. All of our centres have excellent CQC reports and provide comprehensive inpatient rehab programmes incorporating detox, therapy and aftercare. We have helped thousands of people to overcome their addictions in a comfortable, friendly environment. Here are some options to consider:

Sanctuary Lodge, Essex

Sanctuary Lodge is a luxurious rehab centre providing en-suite rooms, a private chef and an on-site gym. It is important that you feel comfortable during your stay in rehab so these facilities are intended to help you relax and focus on your recovery.

Banbury Lodge, Banbury

Banbury Lodge clinic is located in a beautiful Oxfordshire town where you will be able to enjoy a serene recovery environment. This centre is available to anyone suffering from a wide range of addictions but is also one of the only UK rehab centres to cater for 16-18-year-olds who require treatment for eating disorders.

Primrose Lodge, Guildford

Primrose Lodge is located just 27 miles from London so it is easily accessible from the capital and further afield. The rehab centre has en-suite bedrooms, a private gym and 24/7 waking night staff to speak to provide support at any time of the day or night.

Recovery Lighthouse, Sussex

Recovery Lighthouse is an intimate clinic situated close to the sea. Along with all the usual excellent UKAT facilities, the centre has a beautiful garden where many clients like to relax and reflect during their treatment.

Oasis Rehab, Runcorn

Located in the historic town of Runcorn, Oasis Runcorn, is perfectly located for anyone in the North West who is in need of help. This rehab centre offers two different treatment options, the 12-step programme and the Oasis Strengths programme.

Liberty House Clinic, Luton

Liberty House Clinic is a premier facility with some of the highest CQC ratings in the UK. Right on London’s doorstep, Liberty House is situated on spacious grounds and caters for up to twenty clients with a huge range of recreational facilities.

Oasis Detox, Bradford

Oasis Communities Bradford is a seventeen-bed detox unit that is perfectly located to help people across Yorkshire. One important feature of this rehab centre is that it is designed to accommodate clients with limited mobility and those in wheelchairs so they can complete their treatment in comfort.

Linwood House, South Yorkshire

Linwood House is located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire with excellent transport links to the whole of Northern England and further afield. Set on beautiful grounds, it is an ideal setting for a peaceful recovery.

What to do next

Choosing the best rehab in the UK may seem daunting, but it is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. While individual needs may differ, finding a recovery centre that builds a strong sense of community will provide the support and connection that is crucial for successful addiction treatment.

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