Alcohol and drug rehab facilities in Poole

The advantages of rehabilitation centres and their benefits to residents living in Poole

Rehab facilities in Poole, a town in Dorset, South Western England, have benefitted the residents. The side-effects and adversities you go through with addictions to drugs and alcohol can be overcome with rehabilitation. Rehab facilities in Poole provide support and accessibility to help the residents overcome addictions.

When looking for rehabilitation facilities in Poole, UKAT’S rehab facilities are a class apart. UKAT firmly believes that personalised care and support rehabilitation can help individuals on their rehabilitation and detoxification journey. Read on to know more about private and free rehabilitation centres for drugs and alcohol to help you make an informed decision.

Private alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities in and around Poole

Deciding to choose the best rehabilitation facility in Poole, Dorset, may not be an easy one. Factors like travel time, treatment packages offered, aftercare facilities, support services, and price may be crucial in deciding a rehab clinic near Poole. UKAT’s unique private residential rehab in Poole provides impressive benefits that support your de-addiction journey. UKAT facilities boast 190 detoxification and rehab beds across the UK to meet your every rehab need.

UKAT centres close to Poole

With qualified staff, various counselling services, a family support programme, and unique aftercare services, UKAT amenities provide exceptional rehabilitation and recovery services. UKAT centres closest to Poole are as follows:

Primrose Lodge

Located around 84.5 miles from Poole, Primrose Lodge, located at Guildford, Surrey, will take roughly one hour and 52 minutes to get to. Primrose Lodge offers 1various treatment rooms.

Primrose Lodge UKAT centre is primely located to assist you on your detoxification journey. The unique point of Primrose Lodge is that it caters to your family with the family recovery programme that helps you rebuild your relations with your loved ones.

Recovery Lighthouse

Located 88.6 miles, Recovery Lighthouse takes approximately two hours and five minutes to get from Poole. Recovery Lighthouse, located in Worthing, West Sussex, boasts 13 bedrooms with luxury and homeliness.

The abundant garden space provides a refreshing escape for your rehabilitation needs. The wide range of detoxification and rehabilitation programmes make Recovery Lighthouse an excellent option for your detoxification and rehabilitation needs.

Banbury Lodge

Located in Banbury, Oxfordshire, the Banbury Lodge is only a distance of 122.7 miles from Poole. The distance by road will take approximately two hours and 34 minutes to get to Poole.

With 22 private bedrooms, Banbury Lodge is easily accessible. With designer-made residential living and safety at its helm, Banbury Lodge UKAT centre is perfect for your rehabilitation needs. Banbury Lodge also has various treatment rooms along with efficient services to help you on your path to recovery.

Free substance abuse support groups in Poole

If you are looking for free services for your substance abuse, the following options from AA, NA and CA are helpful:

Poole Brixey Road

Our Lady of Fatima Church,
35 Brixey Road,
Postcode: BH12 3PB
Monday at 19.45 – duration 1hr 15mins

Poole As Bill Sees It

Parkstone United Reform Church,
16 Commercial Road,
Postcode: BH14 0JW

Tuesday at 19.30 – duration 1hr 15mins

St Aldhem’s Church,
Postcode: BH13 6BT
Thursday at 19.30 – duration 1hr 15mins

The Ultimate Weapon

Hinton Room,
56 Westover Road,
Bournemouth, Dorset,
Postcode: BH1 2BS
Saturday at 19:30- 21:00

Wobbly Wednesday

St Marys Church,
St Mary Street,
Postcode: DT4 8PU
Wednesday at 19:30- 21:00

Wareham Dorset

United Reformed Church,
Church Street,
Postcode: BH20 4HH
Thursday at 19:30- 21:00

Spiritual Awakening

Eastcliffe United Reform Church
Holdenhurst Rd
Bournemouth BH8 8AW
Sunday at 18:40

The Message

East Cliff United Reform Church,
62, St Swithun’s Road,
Postcode: BH1 3RJ
Monday at 19:30

Dorchester Conscious Contact

Dorchester Day Centre,
Acland Road,
Pincode: DT1 1EF
Wednesday at 19:45

What are the statistics of drug and alcohol-related deaths in and around Poole?

According to the Public Health Dorset, hospital admissions for alcohol-related conditions are on the rise in Dorset, especially in the under-18 age group. According to Public Health England, the alcohol-related admissions for the under-18 age group in Dorset was 46.6 per 100,000 people in 2019-20, which was more than the national average of England at 30.7. The Daily Echo further reported that in 2020, the pandemic exacerbated the drug and alcohol-related deaths, with more than 50 deaths recorded in Dorset.

The statistics for drug-related deaths were also alarming. The Dorset Echo reported that in 2021, 59 related drug-related deaths were reported in Dorset, up from 49 the previous year.

These statistics indicate the urgent need for rehabilitation in Poole, Dorset.

What is unique about Poole when selecting it as a drug and rehabilitation facility?

Poole is an old town in the county of Dorset in Southwestern England. Poole is famous for its yachting due to its proximity to the sea. With its scenic views and beautiful beach, Poole is an ideal place to choose for detoxification requirements. Famous for its picturesque scenery, exhibitions, parks, and delicious seafood, Poole ticks all the boxes as a perfect destination for your rehabilitation needs.

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