Alcohol and drug addiction rehab near Nailsea, Somerset

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Why are alcohol and drug abuse residential rehab facilities in Nailsea important?

The recovery from alcohol abuse and drug addiction involves the physical stoppage of taking the drug and managing the withdrawal symptoms. The number of youngsters and adults indulging in alcohol and drug addiction has increased in the UK, including Somerset.

To ensure the safety of the communities in the towns of Somerset, including Nailsea, it is essential to set up several private residential rehab centres in the region. Nailsea offers a great combination of amenities, comfort, luxury and convenience for people who wish to embark on their journey to recovery and sobriety. Somerset is home to some well-known rehab centres. For those looking for rehab centres in Nailsea, find some popular residential rehab options near the town.

Luxurious rehab facilities To choose from in Nailsea

Private residential rehab centres in Nailsea and surrounding areas offer the perfect combination of nature and city life. Did you know that the right choice of a rehab centre is essential for a successful recovery journey? If you are experiencing drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, check out the several private residential rehab centres in Nailsea. Here are some amenities to look out for in a rehab centre:

  • Spacious private or shared bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Common spaces for socialising
  • Professional chefs who provide customised meal plans
  • Ample space for workouts and exercising
  • 24×7 nurse and medical staff available at-hand

Alcohol and drug recovery rehab facilities near Nailsea, Somerset

For people living in Nailsea, curbing the menace of drug and alcohol abuse is crucial for the community. Apart from the regular rehab centres in Nailsea, many private residential rehab centres in Somerset and areas around it offer personalised treatment and care to help accelerate your recovery journey. Some highly rated and recommended UKAT residential rehab centres near Nailsea to check out are:

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge UKAT residential rehab centre is located in the peaceful Oxfordshire countryside, 84.4 miles from Nailsea. This CQC-rated rehab facility offers 22 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, an on-site gym for physical fitness, and plenty of open social spaces.

With a trained medical and nursing staff, this centre follows the highest values of service to give you the best chance of recovery.

Did you know Banbury Lodge is one of the few rehab facilities in the UK that treats alcoholism, drug addiction and eating disorders in young people? So, if you are looking for spacious and luxurious rehab centres in Nailsea for your recovery journey, Banbury Lodge is just under a two-hour drive from the town.

Primrose Lodge

Situated in Guildford, Surrey, Primrose Lodge UKAT rehab centre is 112 miles away from the town of Nailsea. At this CQC-rated private residential rehab near Nailsea, you can choose from the nineteen spacious private bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms for a relaxing recovery journey.

This UKAT rehab facility has an on-site gym for encouraging physical fitness, spacious outdoor spaces ideal for walking, comfortable living areas for socialising and movie nights and experienced in-house chefs who prepare customised delicious and nutritious meals. This rehab facility located just two hours from Nailsea is known for a wide range of de-addiction treatments.

Recovery Lighthouse

Located in the coastal town of Worthing in West Sussex, the Recovery Lighthouse is 162 miles from Nailsea. If the thought of calm, tranquil surroundings and rejuvenating sea air instils an instant sense of peace in your mind, body and soul, this UKAT centre may be the perfect choice for your recovery journey.

With thirteen bedrooms, dedicated yoga and meditation rooms, social spaces for quiz and game nights, tranquil gardens to connect with nature and the opportunity to take beach walks, the Recovery Lighthouse UKAT centre offers a blissful environment for every individual on their path to sobriety needs. If you haven’t found the perfect private rehab clinic in Nailsea, Recovery Lighthouse is around a three-hour drive from the town!

Free de-addiction support groups in/around Nailsea, Somerset

Here are some AA, NA and CA sessions available in and around Nailsea:

Bristol Nailsea Discussion

Address: St Francis Church Hall, off Ash Hayes Rd, Nailsea, BS48 2LP
Time: Monday, Start time: 19.30
Duration: 1 hour

Bristol Barrow

Address: Guide Headquarters, Weston Rd, Long Ashton, BS41 9BJ
Time: Wednesday, Start time: 19.45
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Clevedon Morning

Address: All Saints Church, All Saints Rd, BS21 6AU
Time: Saturday
Start time: 10.30


Address: Tyndale Baptist Church Whiteladies Road Bristol
Time: Friday 12:30 pm
Postcode: BS8 2QG


Address: St. Mungo’s Centre 1 New Street Saint Judes Bristol
Time: Friday 7:00 pm
Postcode: BS2 9DX


Address: St Stephen’s Church St Stephen’s Street Bristol
Time: Sunday 2:30 pm
Postcode: BS1 1EQ

The Next Frontier Steps and Traditions

Address: Victoria Methodist Church, 1A Whiteladies Rd, Bristol BS8 1NU, UK
Time: Wednesday, 19:30

Cocaine Anonymous

Address: St James’s church, Preston Rd Yeovil BA20 2EZ, UK
Time: Friday, 19:30

Bath Newcomers

Address: Oasis Church, Fountain Buildings, Bath BA1 5DU, UK
Time: Friday, 19:00

Alcohol and drug addiction numbers in and around Nailsea

Alcohol addiction is a major problem in Somerset, including towns like Nailsea. According to a report, 27% of adults in North Somerset drink more than the drinking limit of alcohol, coting NHS nearly £3m in healthcare costs each year. 3.4% of the above people are alcohol-dependent. There has been a constant rise in alcohol-related crimes in Somerset.

A 2019 report published in Somerset County Gazette stated that around 2400 people between 1 5 and 64 in Somerset are using crack cocaine and opiates (especially heroin). One of the main reasons for the rise in drug addiction numbers in Somerset is that they are being sold for pocket money prices. Teenagers and adolescents who start using hard drugs so early in life experience adverse effects not only on their mental and physical health, but also their education.

Why pick a substance abuse rehab facility in Nailsea?

Situated on the outskirts of Bristol in Somerset, Nailsea offers the perfect balance of city life and the beautiful countryside for people of all ages. Nailsea is home to one of the world’s oldest glass factories and offers plenty of activities for people undergoing rehab and recovery. If history and culture interest you, you’ll find many monuments and churches reminiscent of the town’s mediaeval past.

The road to drug and alcohol de-addiction may seem long and winding, but with the proper support and treatment, your journey to sobriety is possible at the rehab centres in Nailsea. Get help now!

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