Alcohol and drug rehab in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

The need for rehab in Dewsbury

Substance addictions involving drugs and alcohol are curable. All it takes is a strong willingness to break the cycle of addiction. Thankfully, you will find several free and private rehab clinics in Dewsbury, Kirklees in West Yorkshire, England, that will help you recover from substance abuse by offering seamless access to a range of detox and de-addiction treatment plans.
UKAT rehab facilities in and around Dewsbury, Kirklees in West Yorkshire, England, provide just the right environment, well-equipped with cutting-edge technologies to help you recover from dependence on drugs and alcohol.
Here, we have rounded up the nearest and most appropriate rehabs in Dewsbury, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England. Hopefully, it will help you find the best one for a loved one or yourself.

What are the options for rehab centres in Dewsbury, Kirklees, and West Yorkshire, England?

Dewsbury residents are fortunate enough to have some good rehab centres in and around the market town. Most importantly, you will find both publicly-funded and private rehab clinics nearby. A sound understanding of the pros and cons of the available options will help you make an informed decision. So let us take a look!

Publicly-funded rehab facilities offer free-of-cost de-addiction treatments through a robust network of rehab centres across the country. They offer 100% confidentiality and proper treatment plans. However, immediate registration to an inpatient clinic, access to dedicated therapists, and personalised attention are unlikely to be available at these facilities.

With private residential rehab clinics in Dewsbury, Kirklees, and West Yorkshire, immediate admission, confidentiality, distance from potential triggers, personalised treatment, and dedicated therapists add more value to your treatment. Although these are a bit more expensive than free centres, they are cost-efficient with an unmatchable level of services.

Oasis Bradford

Only around 10 miles from Dewsbury, it takes hardly 20 minutes to reach this Yorkshire-based UKAT rehab, Oasis Bradford. The clinic presents a happy, safe, and comfortable environment where you can benefit from
holistic treatment and care provided by experts. Rated Good by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Oasis Bradford is well-connected to the rest of the UK. The facility features the following:

  • 19 ensuite bedrooms
  • Spacious walking areas
  • Chef-prepared wholesome meals
  • Private spa
  • Linwood House

    Ranked Good by the CQC, Linwood House is merely 15 miles from Dewsbury. So, it will take less than half an hour to drive to the clinic. This Barnsley-based UKAT rehab is set close to nature and offers a peaceful ambience for healing. Besides, it is well-equipped with avant-garde technologies. You can benefit from the following features at the Linwood House:

  • Bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • In-house gym
  • Comfortable living areas
  • Oasis Runcorn

    Oasis Runcorn is a CQC-registered private residential rehab clinic near Dewsbury, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England. It offers customised and holistic treatment and care plans. Located about 60 miles from Dewsbury, it will take around 1 hour and 10 minutes to get there. The facility offers the following benefits:

  • 22 bedrooms
  • Ample outside space
  • Treatment options – 12-Step Plan and Strengths Model
  • How do UKAT rehab clinics in Dewsbury, Kirklees, and West Yorkshire, England, help you recover from substance abuse?

    At UKAT, the leading drug and alcohol rehab provider in the UK, we offer a range of rehab options spanning from lavish facilities with ensuite rooms and private spas to pocket-friendly clinics. We are here to serve people from all walks of society. Our rehab centres are open 24/7, ensuring the highest standards of treatment and care with immediate enrollment options.

    We address your dependence issues holistically and make sure that you get lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol abuse physically, mentally, and socially. Let us walk you through the perks of choosing a UKAT rehab facility in Dewsbury, Kirklees, West Yorkshire:

  • Immediate registration as an inpatient
  • Professionally-designed treatment plans
  • A positive and safe environment
  • Evidence-based practices
  • Medically-assisted detoxification
  • Plans for relapse prevention
  • Experienced and compassionate professionals
  • With years of experience in treating drug and addiction abuse, we offer treatment for various types of substance and behavioural dependencies. These include the following:

  • Different alcohol-related addictions
  • Various drug addictions, including cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, MDMA, cannabis, prescription drugs, and legal highs
  • A range of behavioural issues, such as eating, gaming, porn, shopping, and gambling
  • Free Support Groups in Dewsbury, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England

    Listed below are a range of free support groups from AA, NA and CA you could join in and around the Dewsbury area.

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Dewsbury, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England

    Dewsbury 12 Step

    Elim Church, Daisy Hill
    WF13 1LY
    Time: Saturday, 20:00

    Dewsbury Open Experience, Strength & Hope

    Elim Pentecostal Church, Daisy Hill
    WF13 1LY
    Time: Sunday, 19:30

    Dewsbury Physical & Online

    Elim Pentecostal Church, Daisy Hill
    WF13 1LY
    Time: Thursday, 20:00

    Helpline: 01132454567

    Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Dewsbury, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England


    The Basement Recovery Project,
    Union House, 29 Union Street,
    Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF13 1AS
    Time: Saturday, 18:00
    Postcode: WF13 1AS

    Salem Mill NA Hebden Bridge

    Salem Mill, Salem Street,
    Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 6HB
    Time: Saturday, 18:00
    Postcode: HX7 6HB

    Saturday NA Meeting

    Saint Augustine’s Wrangthorn,
    Hyde Park Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1BJ
    Time: Saturday, 13:00
    Postcode: LS6 1BJ

    Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Dewsbury, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England

    Huddersfield Jaywalkers

    The Basement Recovery Project
    Union Bank Yd
    New St
    Huddersfield HD1 2BP
    Time: Sunday, 19:00

    CA Barnsley Step & Tradition Meeting

    Emmanuel Church
    Huddersfield Rd
    Barnsley S75 1DT
    Time: Tuesday, 19:00

    Bradford into the light

    The Vault Cafe
    Trafalgar St
    Bradford BD1 3DN
    Time: Tuesday, 19:00

    What do the figures indicate about substance abuse in Dewsbury, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the substance addiction crisis nationally to a great extent, with the highest number of drug and alcohol-specific deaths in seven years, reveals the coroner for Western West Yorkshire. The Western West Yorkshire county covers – Calderdale, Bradford, and Kirklees.

    The figure shows 74 drug and alcohol-related deaths, including 55 men and 19 women, in 2020. According to the Ministry of Justice, 65 deaths were recorded in 2019.

    Why is Dewsbury, Kirklees in West Yorkshire, England, an ideal place for rehab clinics?

    Dewsbury is a lively market town sitting on the banks of River Calder. It is a beautiful city with an abundance of greenery around it. Moreover, it is also one of the safest towns in West Yorkshire. Its proximity to nature and city life makes it a sought-after place for a rehab clinic.

    If you or a loved one is fighting drug and alcohol addiction, it is crucial to seek help. And, there is nothing to feel ashamed about. So, call us to Get Help Now!

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