Alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities near Aberdeen

The need for rehab in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third most populous city in Scotland. However, it is also one of the worst-affected cities in terms of substance abuse. Luckily there are many good rehab facilities in and around it where people suffering from drug addiction can receive holistic treatment for their addiction and begin a new clean life. If you are looking for a rehab facility that not only provides medical detox but also successfully treats your mental well-being, you must choose UKAT facilities near Aberdeen, Scotland.

Private and free rehab centres near Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen, Scotland, has several NHS-run detox and rehab facilities, as well as nonprofit and for-profit organisations. All of these facilities, both free and for a fee, offer excellent treatment for a diverse variety of addictions. Unfortunately, the issue with these facilities is that they don’t provide personalised care and the enrolment takes a very long time. In contrast, private facilities offer tailored treatment and quick enrolment. They also offer extensive addiction care in residential facilities with behavioural therapies that have an overall positive impact on individuals who are battling addiction.

UKAT rehab centres near Aberdeen, Scotland

Do you need a private rehabilitation facility near Aberdeen, Scotland? Check out the list of facilities in the area without searching further:

Oasis Bradford

A 17-bed facility in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Oasis Recovery offers secure detox services. It is located 338 miles from Aberdeen, Scotland, and takes six hours to reach.

Oasis Recovery offers personalised treatment clubbed with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programmes, personal therapy sessions with doctors and specialists, and cost-free follow-up care for a full year. The facility also caters to people with special needs, such as wheelchair users and those with limited mobility.

Oasis Runcorn

From Aberdeen, Oasis Recovery in Runcorn is 357 miles away and can be reached in 6 hours. In addition to clinically supervised drug and alcohol detoxification, they also provide Oasis Strength and the 12-step programme.

The facility also offers customised care that is tailored to the addictive tendencies of each client and complementary therapies, such as therapeutic exercises, and music and dance classes. The strengths model programme and motivational enhancement therapy are two additional speciality treatments provided at this centre.

Linwood House

From Aberdeen, it takes 6 and a half hours to travel 372 miles to Linwood House in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. This 36-bed facility is located in a peaceful area and has en-suite bedrooms, a fitness centre right on site, a high staff-to-patient ratio and round-the-clock medical care.

Additionally, it provides free extended care, aftercare, and family group sessions.

Why should you choose UKAT rehab centres?

If you or someone you care about requires long-term addiction treatment, you must choose UKAT rehab facilities. Here are some of the unique facilities available at UKAT rehab centres near Aberdeen, Scotland:

  • Immediate admissions for prompt treatment
  • Beautifully refurbished single and shared room accommodations
  • Gardens and green spaces for daily walks
  • Individualised treatment strategies tailored to patient needs
  • Well-equipped gym facilities
  • On-site kitchens for nutritious meals sourced from local markets
  • Full medical care from some of the best healthcare professionals
  • A 12-step addiction treatment programme
  • Alternative healing techniques like mindfulness, CBT, and meditation
  • Individual and group counselling sessions

The USP of our brand is the 90-day UKAT guarantee. After completing our 90-day inpatient programme, if you relapse, you will receive a complimentary 30-day stay.

Free addiction support groups in Aberdeen, Scotland

Here are some free support groups from AA, NA and CA that can help you start your journey toward addiction recovery if you cannot afford a private rehabilitation facility in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Aberdeen Just for Today

Day: Saturday
Address: St. Peters RC Church, Chapel Close, Castlegate
Time: 18:00

Aberdeen Castlegate Women

Day: Thursday
Address: St. Peter’s Church Hall, 4 Chapel Court, Justice St.
Time: 13:00

Aberdeen Citadel

Day: Sunday
Address: Aberdeen Citadel, Castle St.
Time: 13:30

Spirit of Unity

Day: Sunday
Address: Credo Centre, 14-20 John Street Aberdeen Aberdeenshire
Time: 11:00

Torry Table of Light

Day: Sunday
Address: Old Torry Community Centre, 2 Abbey Place Aberdeen Aberdeenshire
Time: 19:00

Aberdeen Monday Night Meeting

Day: Monday
Address: Credo Centre, 14-20 John Street Aberdeen Aberdeenshire
Time: 19:00

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics near Aberdeen, Scotland

Scotland is one of the worst affected places by substance abuse in Europe. According to new data, there were 62 drug deaths in Aberdeen in 2021, setting a grim new record for the city. Most of these deaths were attributed to hard drugs like opiates or opioids (heroin, methadone, etc.).

As per the data reported by the National Records of Scotland, 1,245 people died in 2021 due to alcohol consumption out of which 83 died in the Grampian region — the region where Aberdeen is the biggest city. Experts have opined that the majority of these deaths occurred during the lockdown period, which may have increased alcohol consumption.

Why Should You Choose an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre Near Aberdeen, Scotland?

Aberdeen is one of the most sophisticated cities in Scotland with its beautiful coastline and architecture. The city is full of parks and gardens having millions of roses, daffodils and crocus plantations. If you are someone who feels at home near oceans and enjoys nature, UKAT rehab centres near Aberdeen are ideal for you.

At UKAT centres, we have faith in your resolve, therefore we fully support all of your efforts to lead a sober life. Call us at 0808 258 2194 and get help now!

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