Alcohol and drugs rehab in Norton-on-Derwent, North Yorkshire

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Are you looking for drug or alcohol rehabilitation services near Norton-On-Derwent (Norton), North Yorkshire, to get back to the normal rhythm of life? As Norton-On-Derwent is a small town, people often think there would be negligible access to rehab facilities in the area. However, there are many reputed rehab centres near Norton-On-Derwent, North Yorkshire. They offer best-in-class treatment and care to people hoping to get rid of drug or alcohol addiction.

At UKAT rehab centres in Norton, North Yorkshire, we offer a premium range of addiction treatment and therapies at cost-effective prices. We have the best clinical and care team available 24/7. So, you will never feel alone or isolated while undergoing the treatment. Read on to learn about the best options for rehab clinics near Norton-On-Derwent, North Yorkshire.

Options for rehab centres in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire

You will find many trustworthy free and private rehab centres in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire that sometimes you may get confused while choosing one. Therefore, the safest bet is to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the given options.

Publicly-funded National Health Service (NSH) and free support groups have branches all over the country and offer addiction treatments for free. However, due to their long waiting period and lack of personalised attention, many people find free services troublesome.

Private residential rehab centres in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire, on the other hand, are a bit more expensive than their counterparts. However, they are open 24/7. It means round-the-clock admission, holistic care, and seamlessly tailored addiction treatment programmes at your fingertips.

Why choose a UKAT private rehab centre in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire?

Private inpatient rehab clinics in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire, offer a range of addiction treatment plans designed for different pocket sizes.

Located at safe distances from the potential triggers, UKAT rehab clinics in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire, provide the right environment to help you get rid of drug and alcohol dependence. At UKAT, we understand how crucial continuous care is for you. So, we ensure free aftercare for all our residents.

The perks of private rehab clinics in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire, include the following:

  • Tailored treatments to accommodate your individual needs
  • High-class services
  • A wide range of de-addiction and detox therapies
  • Evidence-based approach
  • Holistic practices
  • Feel at home environment and services
  • An experienced medical care team
  • Family-oriented rehab services

We offer the following de-addiction treatments at UKAT rehab facilities in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire:

  • Behavioural disorders like anxiety disorders, hyperactivity disorders, eating disorders, porn addiction
  • Substance abuse and related addictions
  • Prescription drug-related addictions
  • Illegal drug addictions
  • All types of alcohol addictions

UKAT rehabilitation facilities in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire

Listed below are the closest UKAT facilities to the Norton-on-Derwent area:

Oasis Bradford

Are you seeking a medically-managed detox and rehabilitation programme with an outstanding level of care? Oasis Recovery Bradford, West Yorkshire, located around 49 miles (a one-hour-and-five-minutes drive) from Norton-On-Derwent, specialises in full rehabilitation and medical detox services.

Its proximity to local shops, nature walks, cafes, and surrounding areas and robust connectivity to the rest of the county makes it an ideal choice. Oasis Recovery Bradford, you can access 19 ensuite bedrooms, a private spa to relax, nutritious food made by professional chefs, and best-in-class support services.

Linwood House

Located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UKAT’s Linwood House is only about 50.6 miles (a one-hour drive) from Norton-On-Derwent. If you wish to recover within state-of-the-art facilities and also seek peace amidst nature, this newly refurbished clinic is just the right choice for you.

It is a 36-bed inpatient rehab clinic where you can access 24/7 dedicated support and care, wholesome meals, spacious indoors and outdoors, and an experienced team of clinical professionals.

Oasis Runcorn

Do you believe that healing will become easy for you if you enrol in a rehab facility near the seaside with proximity to the town? Oasis Recovery Runcorn is the place to be. It is located about 103 miles from Norton-On-Derwent, a two-hour drive.

At this facility, you can avail of affordable addiction treatments, round-the-clock care by highly experienced clinical professionals, continuous aftercare sittings, and sober accommodation.

Free rehab services near Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire

Listed below are the AA, NA and CA services available in and around Norton-on-Derwent:

Malton There is a Solution: Tuesday

Address: Friends Meeting House, Greengate (off Wheelgate, 30yds from Royal Mail Sorting Office)
Postcode: YO17 7EN
Start time: 19.30
Helpline: 01132454567 (24 hours)

York Strensall Experience, Strength & Hope: Friday

Address: Methodist Church, The Village, Strensall
Postcode: YO32 5XR
Start time: 19.30
Helpline: 01132454567 (24 hours)

Helmsley Living Sober: Tuesday

Address: Hall at side of Methodist Church, Ashdale Rd
Postcode: YO62 5DD
Start time: 19.30
Helpline: 01132454567 (24 hours)


Address: The Rainbow Centre Parish House, Castle Road Scarborough
Time: Monday 5:45 pm
Postcode: YO11 1TH


Address: Rear Ground Floor Bowes Morrell House , 111 Walmgate York
Time: Monday 7:00 pm
Postcode: YO1 9UA


Address: St. Peter’s Church Cambridge Road , Harrogate
Time: Friday 7:00 pm
Postcode: HG1 1PB
Helpline: 0800 470 0382

Cocaine Anonymous

Westborough Methodist Church, Westborough, Scarborough, Yorkshire
Postcode: YO11 1TS
Time: Sunday, Noon

Huddersfield Jaywalkers

Address: The Basement Recovery Project, Union Bank Yd, New St, Huddersfield
Postcode: HD1 2BP
Time: Sunday, 19:00

Hour Hour

Address: Westborough Methodist Church, Westborough, Scarborough, Yorkshire
Postcode: YO11 1TS
Time: Tuesday, 18:30
Helpline: 0800 612 0225

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics in and around Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire

About 73 and 90 people died in North Yorkshire due to drug addiction in 2019 and 2020, respectively. The figures were the highest since the documentation started in 1993.

Out of the 73 people who died of drug poisoning, 53 cases were attributed to drug misuse (use of illegal drugs).

The number of deaths was 30% more than that in 2018, i.e.56 deaths, according to the ONS (Office for National Statistics) records.

According to the latest report by the ONS, the rate of alcohol-related deaths was the highest in the history of Yorkshire and the Humber in 2020.

More than half of the people who died due to alcohol-related reasons in the year were male, says an industry expert.

Why should you choose a rehab centre in Norton-on-Derwent, Ryedale, North Yorkshire?

Norton-On-Derwent is a bustling market town overlooking the Derwent River. Its liveliness and closeness to nature with beautiful views all around bestow it with exceptional healing energies. No wonder it makes the perfect place for rehab clinics.

Seeing a loved one dealing with substance abuse is heart breaking. But, do not worry. UKAT will help you get you through it gracefully. Call us to Get Help Now!

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