Drug And alcohol rehab centres near Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

The need for rehab in Gateshead

Drugs and alcohol are available readily these days, encouraging the urge to indulge in them. Moreover, families of substance abuse sufferers find it difficult to cope with the rising economic crisis and the burden of hospitalisation due to addictions. However, did you know that various rehab services and centres cater to drug and alcohol addictions, all in your very own neighbourhood? So, if you or your loved one does have an addiction, get rid of it with a comprehensive rehab program. Here is all you need to know.

Rehab services near Gateshead, North East

Addiction rehabilitation programmes near Gateshead, North East take into consideration the physical, mental, and social aspects of an individual suffering from alcohol and/or substance abuse. Rehab centres near Gateshead, North East, are well-organised, with expert rehab teams and affordable facilities. The government of the UK also provides free rehab services through the NHS Foundation on an OPD basis.

Private rehab centres have been observed to be better in terms of residential facilities that help you distract yourself from the busy city life and peaceful surroundings that help you reconnect with your inner self. Private rehab programs offer aftercare or community guidance after completing the program.

UKAT centres near Gateshead, North East

Gateshead has excellent connectivity to most of the UKAT centres, the features of some of which are discussed here:

Oasis Bradford

Located in the centre of Yorkshire, Oasis Bradford is approximately 112 miles (two-hour drive) from Gateshead, North East.

The centre specialises in detox therapy along with the 12-step programme, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), family recovery programme, yoga and meditation, art and creative workshops, group therapy, relapse prevention, one-to-one counselling, stress reduction techniques, motivational interviewing, and music therapy. Amenities offered here include:

  • A private spa bath
  • Nineteen en-suite bedrooms
  • Kitchen with a chef

Linwood House

Linwood House is situated in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and is nearly 112 miles (two-hour drive) from Gateshead, North East. The rehab team here treats prescription drug dependency, illicit drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and most behavioural addictions.

Some of the treatment approaches used here include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), yoga and mediation, relapse prevention, motivational interviewing, and stress reduction techniques. Amenities offered here include:

  • Onsite gym
  • Communal dining area
  • Spacious gardens
  • Sitting rooms

Oasis Runcorn

The mesmerising seaside town of Runcorn houses the luxurious facility, Oasis Recovery Runcorn. It is situated 165 miles (three-hour drive) from Gateshead, North East.

Along with providing rehab for all types of addictions, Oasis Runcorn also offers secondary treatment in the form of counselling, guidance in getting a sustainable job, and relapse prevention techniques. Amenities offered here include:

  • Private bedrooms
  • A gym
  • A kitchen

Private rehab centres near Gateshead, North East

The United Kingdom Addiction Treatment (UKAT) centres across the UK provide state-of-the-art facilities for addiction rehabilitation. Sanctuary Lodge, Banbury Lodge, Oasis Runcorn, and Liberty House are some of the prominent UKAT centres. These centres have been rated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as being outstanding for their luxurious but affordable facilities.

The rehab team at all UKAT centres include:

  • Detox professionals
  • Physicians
  • Addiction rehab nurses
  • Addiction Psychotherapist
  • Private attendants
  • Medical attendants

UKAT centres specialise in treating the following kinds of addictions:

  • Behavioural disorders
  • Alcohol abuse and addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Sex and love addiction
  • Substance abuse like cocaine, heroin, and morphine addictions, prescription drug dependency, and Illicit drug addictions.

Free addiction support groups in Gateshead, North East

Listed below are a selection of AA, NA and CA meetings from in and around Gatehead:

Low Fell Keep it Simple

St Peter’s Church Hall, Kells Ln, Low Fell
Time: 18.15 – duration 1 h
Postcode: NE9 5HY
0800 9177 650

Newcastle George St Women

George Street Social, 45-51 George Street
Time: 10.30 – duration 1 h 30 mins
Postcode: NE4 7JN
0800 9177 650

Newcastle George St General Chair & Share

George Street Social, 45-51 George St
Time: 10.30 – duration 1 h 15 mins
Postcode: NE4 7JN
0800 9177 650

Shiremoor Meeting

Newcastle upon Tyne
Postcode NE27 0HS
North East England Area
18:00 ~ 19:30

NA Women’s Meeting

Newcastle upon Tyne
Postcode NE1 6UF
North East England Area
12:00 ~ 13:30

Happy Mondays

Newcastle upon Tyne
Postcode NE1 2DZ
19:00 ~ 20:30

Primary Purpose

Tyne and Wear
Monday 19:30
0800 612 0225

As Bill Sees It

George Street Social
45-51 George St
Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 7JN
Tyne and Wear
Sunday 18:00
0800 612 0225

Big Book Step Study

George Street Social
45-51 George St
Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 7JN
Tyne and Wear
Tuesday 18:00
0800 612 0225

Statistics for alcohol and drug abuse in Gateshead, North East

Gateshead, North East, is considered the drug capital of England, with figures that are higher than those for Yorkshire. Around 679 deaths between 2017 and 2019 have been attributed to drug dependency, overdose, and related illnesses. The drug death average in the North East is double that of England.

Alcohol-related deaths also increased substantially, with 382 deaths recorded in 2020. Since the corona pandemic hit, more people have started consuming alcohol than before, causing a state of worry for government officials.

Why choose Gateshead for your rehab program?

Gateshead is one of the largest towns in the North East. It is located on the river Tyne’s southern bank and is joined to the opposite bank by seven iconic bridges. Gateshead is known for its architectural marvels like the Sage Gateshead, the Angel of the North, and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. With so much to offer, Gateshead is sure to help you stay optimistic about life and have a happy rehab journey. Utilise this opportunity and Get Help Now!

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