Alcohol and drug rehab in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Comfortable Rehab Centres Near Basingstoke

Do you or your loved ones have a problem with alcohol and substance abuse? Seeking help is the first step to rehabilitation, and rehab centres in Basingstoke, Hampshire, provide you with just that.
UKAT accepts that personalised care tailored to suit your specific needs is vital to help you lead a happy and productive life. Read on to identify free and private services available in Basingstoke, Hampshire, to help you on your path to recovery.

What are the Options for Rehab Centres in Basingstoke, Hampshire?

Basingstoke, Hampshire, has several free and private rehab clinics. Private rehab centres in Basingstoke, Hampshire, offer several facilities that help you choose a rehab clinic suited for your needs. With a seamless admission process, personalised care, and professionally trained experts at your service 24*7, private rehab facilities in Basingstoke, Hampshire, though expensive, will treat you comprehensively.

UKAT Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities Near Basingstoke

Helping you take the first step towards your path to recovery is what private residential rehab centres near Basingstoke offer. The list below provides the nearest UKAT centres available to you:

Primrose Lodge

Located around 28.3 miles from Basingstoke, Primrose Lodge, situated at Guildford, Surrey, will take you approximately 39 minutes to reach. Boasting 19 en-suite bedrooms, spacious gardens, and various treatment rooms, this UKAT centre is a perfect location for your rehabilitation needs. The exclusivity of Primrose Lodge lies in its ability to enable you to rebuild your relationships with your loved ones by offering therapy for you and your family.

Liberty House

Liberty House, situated at Luton, is a 20-bed facility located at a distance of 67.8 miles from Basingstoke. It will take approximately one hour and 41 minutes to reach this UKAT centre by road. Liberty House is perfect for your rehabilitation journey, given its quiet and picturesque location. Services like one-to-one and group counselling, rehab, and detox treatments are professionally managed and tailored to your needs.

Banbury Lodge

Situated in Banbury, Oxfordshire, Banbury Lodge is only 68.7 miles from Basingstoke, which will take about two hours to reach. Banbury Lodge has 22 private en-suite bedrooms. With easy accessibility, designer-made living quarters, and various treatment rooms, we help you with your detoxification treatment. At Banbury Lodge, we guarantee your safety along with the provision of efficient services.

What do Private Rehabilitation Facilities Near Basingstoke Offer?

Despite the many options of free and private rehabilitation facilities that Basingstoke offers, making your choice is pertinent. Private residential rehab centres like UKAT have the following benefits:

  • An easy admission procedure.
  • An atmosphere that promotes safety and security.
  • Specialised counsellors and rehabilitation professionals.
  • 24-hour medical services.
  • A competent after-care package including 30-day complementary care if you relapse after 30 days of undergoing treatment after completing the 90-day inpatient treatment plan.

Free Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Support Groups Near Basingstoke

Listed below are some AA, NA and CA meetings available in and around the Basingstoke area.

Basingstoke Lunchtime Daily Reflections

Church Cottage,
St Michael’s Church,
Church Square
Postcode: RG21 7QW

Monday at 12.00 – duration 1hr

Helpline: 02380223198 (24 hours)
Basingstoke Unity
Buckskin Centre,
Blackdown Close
Postcode: RG22 5DT

Wednesday at 19.30 – duration 1hr

Helpline: 02380223198 (24 hours)
Basingstoke Newcomer’s Hybrid
Church Cottage,
Lower Church St,
Postcode: RG21 7QW
Thursday at 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Helpline: 02380223198 (24 hours)


Basement Entrance
The Parish Office
135, St. Mary Street
Postcode: SO14 1NX
Thursday at 19.30


St. Swithun Church Hall
Waverly Road,
Postcode: PO5 2PL
Friday at 7:30


Friends Meeting House
16 Colebrook Street
Postcode: SO23 9LH
Saturday at 18.00

There Is a Solution

St Michael’s Church Cottage
Church Square
Basingstoke RG21 7QW
Tuesday at 20:00

Thus We Grow

Trinity Methodist Church
Sarum Hill
Basingstoke RG21 8SR
Thursday at 20:00

A Design for Living

Kings Church
Somers Rd
Southsea PO5 4QA
Friday at 19:00

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Statistics From Basingstoke

According to the Basingstoke Gazette, alcohol-specific deaths increased from 10.9 per 100,000 people in 2019 to 13 per 100,000 in 2020. The rise in death rate has been attributed to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and homeschooling. Therefore, there is a need for rehabilitation from alcohol and substance abuse for the people in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

What Makes Basingstoke Exclusive as a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre?

Basingstoke, situated in the county of Hampshire, combines the amenities of a modern city with the view of pretty villages in the Hampshire countryside. Being well connected to other parts of Britain by road, rail, and air, it is a popular place for locals. Known for its marketplaces, shopping, and picturesque countryside, Basingstoke makes an excellent place for detoxification and recovery.
Taking the first step towards rehabilitation from alcohol and substance abuse is the most challenging part. However, with our personalised care, support, and excellent packages tailor-made for you, we at UKAT are your best choice for detoxification and rehabilitation. So make the call now! Contact UKAT centres to avail the support you deserve!

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