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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Bovey Tracey

Many people suffer from alcohol and drug addiction in Devon and nearby areas. Furthermore, they are afflicted with related complications, such as psychological, behavioural, and eating disorders. It is a tough battle for people and their families. If you or your loved ones suffer from alcohol or drug addiction, please remember that you are not alone. There are several alcohol and drug rehab centres near Bovey Tracey to support and guide you.

Drug and alcohol rehab centres, such as UKAT, are safe spaces for troubled individuals and their families. They offer individualised treatment plans, therapies, and psychological support and motivation that helps in faster recovery and detoxification.

What is Offered at Rehab Centres near Bovey Tracey, Devon?

Devon has several private and free treatment services for those battling alcohol and drug addiction. However, choosing the right residential rehab centre near Bovey Tracey can be confusing. Therefore, we suggest you consult your doctor to make an informed decision. Please look for the following facilities before selecting a rehabilitation centre:

    Personalised treatment methods
    Inpatient/Outpatient facilities
    Private/NHS treatment
    A wide range of therapies
    Excellent service and high standard of treatments
    Location of the facility from the triggers
    24×7 facility
    Root cause elimination treatment
    Family-oriented services
    Extensive after-care plans

UK Addiction Treatment Centre near Bovey Tracey, Devon

UKAT has eight addiction rehabilitation centres in the UK. A dedicated and skilled team runs each of these centres. Each centre offers individualised alcohol and drug cleansing and detoxification treatment that promises a full recovery.

UKAT centres offer various therapies, coping techniques, help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and relapse prevention strategies. Furthermore, they provide a free after-care plan upon completion of your treatment. If you are seeking help for yourself or your loved ones, please get in touch with your nearest UKAT centre for admission.

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is a residential rehab centre about 162 miles from Bovey Tracey. It is located in the heart of Surrey and is a three-hour drive from the Bovey Tracey.

Far from the busy city, it offers high-quality facilities in a restful environment ideal for your recovery. Here, you can avail various therapies, family recovery programmes, yoga, creative workshops, group therapies, and counselling.

Banbury Lodge

Located about 170 miles away in the Oxfordshire countryside, this residential rehab centre is a little over a three-hour drive from Bovey Tracey.

It is set amid tranquil grounds that allow you to slow down and fully experience your recovery. Banbury Lodge offers individualised therapy, group therapy, and talking therapies as part of the treatment. It also accepts private insurance.

Liberty House

Liberty House is located about 220 miles from Bovey Tracey, in Luton, Bedfordshire, about a four-hour drive from the town.

Set in a quiet picturesque suburban street in Luton, Liberty House provides medically monitored detox programmes for drug and alcohol addiction. Their treatments include individual therapy and group therapy, sound therapy, art therapy and meditation.

Free addiction treatment services available near Bovey Tracey

For free addiction treatment in Devon, here are a few services to help you on your road to recovery:

EDP Drug and Alcohol Services

Address: 3rd floor, Beaufort House, 51 New N Road, Exeter, EX4 4EP
Phone: +44 800 233 5444

Together Drug and Alcohol Services

Address: Riverside Court, Units 3, 4, & 6, Castle St,, Barnstaple, EX31 1DR
Phone: +44 800 233 5444

Harbour Drug and Alcohol Service

Address: Hyde Park House, Mutley, Plymouth, PL4 6LF
Phone: +44 1752 434343

Here are some Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Cocaine Anonymous (CA) sessions near Bovey Tracey, Devon:

Exeter Living Sober

Address: The Common Room, Carpenter Close, Mary Arches Street,
Time: 13.00 (Monday), 19.30 (Wednesday)

Exeter Lunchtime

Address: Baptist Fellowship Hall, Palace Gate (Off South St)
Time: 13.00 (Friday)


Address: The Garden Room, Twyford House, Coburg Road, , Off Station Road
Time: 19.30 (Thursday)

Voluntary Services

Address: Building 11, Castle Road, Torquay
Time: 19.30 (Thursday)

Open Door Centre Church

Address: Street Exmouth
Time: 19.30 (Thursday)

Fairplace Church

Address: 3 Fairplace Terrace, Off James Street, Okehampton
Time: 19.00 (Friday)

Reaching Out

Address: The Avenue Methodist Church, The Avenue, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2BY

Newcomer Meeting for Recovery

Location: Devon and Cornwall (Online)

Addiction Statistics in Bovey Tracey, Devon

As per statistics, drug deaths were the highest at 64 last year in Devon and 33 in Plymouth. There has also been an increase in alcohol-induced crimes near Devon ever since lockdowns eased in 2021. Thankfully, there has also been increased awareness about drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This has led to more people seeking rehab centres in search of a better life.

Why get drug and alcohol treatment near Bovey Tracey?

Bovey Tracey is a small town 11 miles from Devon. While train travel is approximately two hours, travel by cab or private vehicle takes around half an hour. This makes it convenient for the residents of Bovey Tracey to seek immediate assistance for substance abuse. The picturesque parks in this beautiful market town provide the ideal atmosphere for residential rehab centres.

If you or anyone you know is struggling to overcome substance abuse or any behavioural disorder, you need to act promptly. Connect with your nearest UKAT centre and Get Help Now!

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