Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab in Lancashire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Lancashire

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse in Lancashire, this guide will help you to make an informed decision on a recovery approach. When considering treatment, it’s important that you or a loved one undergo a detox in conjunction with psychotherapy to ensure the root causes of the addiction are dealt with. Here at UKAT we provide a holistic approach to treating addictions, from medical detox to aftercare and family programmes. We understand that private rehab isn’t an option for everyone, so we’ve detailed a list of free rehab services and support groups below.

Addiction Treatment Services in Lancashire

When choosing a treatment option in Lancashire, it’s important that you seek advice from a GP or medical professional to ensure it’s safe to undergo a detox. Some drugs (especially alcohol), can cause serious and sometimes life threatening withdrawal symptoms. It’s safer to undergo a medical detox whereby medication can be given to reduce the impact of withdrawal. Our rehab facilities cater for those that require a medical detox, our trained addiction nurses and psychiatrists will ensure you or a loved one are well looked after.

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Private Rehabilitation

Every case of addiction is unique and comes with its own dangers. However, in the worst cases, addiction presents a significant risk of harm, both to the addict and to anyone around them who get caught up in the situation. Treatment can mean the difference between life and death – and private rehabilitation frequently provides the best and most effective treatment for anyone struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

Our team of trained psychotherapists and addiction counsellors will make your stay comfortable, providing the necessary tools to overcome alcoholism and substance dependence and live a life in recovery. We also provide free aftercare and family support workshops.

UKAT are proud to offer Oasis Runcorn – is our alcohol and drug rehab based in West Yorkshire, just 44 miles (50 minutes) away from Lancashire.

Oasis Runcorn

Oasis Runcorn provides primary and secondary treatment which consists of community process, process groups, therapeutic activities, one to one counselling, house meetings, workshops, groups and worksheets.

We Provide:
  • Prescribed Medical Detoxification
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Proven Counselling Treatments
  • Holistic Therapies
  • 12 Step Recovery Model
  • One-to-One & Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Trauma therapy
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • Dual diagnosis care
  • Aftercare & Ongoing Therapies
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • CQC Registered
  • 24-Hour Care

We also offer free group sessions for families or anyone closely connected to the individual.

These groups provide guidance and support network built and an understanding of addiction acquired. All of which can contribute to ongoing long-term recovery for both addicts and family members.

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The Benefits of Private Rehab

If you or a loved one are seriously struggling with addiction, private rehab provides:

  • Around-the-clock Speedy admission
  • Quick access to health professionals
  • Detox and rehab with 24/7 care
  • Personalised treatment programmes
  • Family support and therapy
  • Flexible treatment options
  • 1 yr free aftercare programmes
  • Integration of other activities

Common drugs in the UK


Drawn out from the marijuana plant, this drug comes in the form of green leaves, black resin or brown nuggets. Side-effects vary from lethargy, relaxation, talkativeness, laughter, happiness, paranoia and confusion, based on the user’s mindset at the time of use. Cannabis can be smoked, eaten or vaped. Click for information about Cannabis rehab.


Cocaine is a stimulant which comes in the type of white or crystalised powder or small rocks. This drug can be injected, smoked or snorted through the nose, to give the feeling of self-confidence, enjoyment and alertness. It likewise increases heart rate, suppresses hunger and causes paranoia. Click for information about Cocaine rehab.

Ecstasy (MDMA)

Ecstasy is a pill which is swallowed to cause feelings of joy and love. It is also available in a powder type, which is known as MDMA, and is rubbed on the gums. Click for information about Ecstasy rehab.


Heroin is made from the poppy plant and is a type of morphine– a painkiller used in healthcare facilities. It can be snorted, smoked or injected to offer a sensation of ecstasy. Heroin is the most lethal controlled substance in the UK, as it is simple to overdose, especially when injected. Click for information about Heroin rehab.


Alcohol, otherwise known as ethanol, is a liquid which comes in various forms of drink. Although legal in the UK, it is the most harmful and addicting drug available, which adds to alcohol poisoning, cardiac arrest, violence, dependence, injuries, cholesterol and liver damage. Click for information about Alcohol rehab.


LSD is a hallucinogenic drug which comes either in liquid form or as little tabs of paper, and swallowed either straight or in food or drink. The impact of the drug depends on the user’s state of mind and imagination, however common reactions include laughter, empathy, awe, confusion and suspicion.

What Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of rehab can vary depending on several factors: the area, is there a need for sober transport services, the type of treatment required, as well as any aftercare or additional follow-up counselling sessions. However, it is usually priced at around £1,500 – £3,000 per week. If you are thinking about attending a private rehab facility near Lancashire and would like to find out specific prices, get in touch and we will be able to provide you with this information to help you decide.

To find out further information on the cost of rehab enter your number below and one of our team will call you back

    What Treatment Services Are Offered by the NHS?

    In Lancashire there are a number of organisations that provide drug and alcohol treatment, such as:

    • Assessments for residential rehabilitation
    • Counselling
    • Support for families
    • One-to-one support
    • Motivational interviewing
    • Relapse prevention

    Where Are These Services Based?

    How does drug and alcohol rehab in Lancashire work?


    If you go through our private centres, admissions into the clinics are fast and easy so you can settle into a routine at the residential treatment centre within the first day. Professionals will help you through the whole process– from detoxing your body of harmful compounds, recognizing triggering aspects and advising the most suitable from a variety of therapies to help you settle into a brand-new routine. Private alcohol rehab is for that reason a holistic approach to treatment.

    If you go through free treatment, you will require to discuss your interest in a GP, who will refer you to a center. You can also call any of the mentioned charities that will examine your condition and check you into a Lancashire rehab centre with the quickest opening space.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of Free Addiction Treatment
    • The services are free of charge
    • All information is confidential
    • Services are located in the local community
    • Lengthy admissions process;
    • Might not be referred to residential rehab;
    • Patients may be asked to go to different clinics/centres for different treatments;
    • Recovery may be affected by life distractions and access to drugs and alcohol;
    • Access to the personal therapist is more limited;
    • Patients may not have the same therapist/staff caring for them throughout treatment;
    • It may be more challenging to build an outpatient support network.

    To discuss your options further please enter your telephone number below and one of our highly trained team will be in touch as soon as possible:

      Free Addiction Treatment Services Available in Lancashire

      Inspire is a free and confidential drug and alcohol service for adults (including offenders), families, carers and affected others in Blackburn with Darwen. It is one of many services in the area.

      Discover Preston

      Telephone: 01772 366 120

      Address: St Wilfrid’s Building, Fox Street,
      Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2AB

      Website: Discover Preston website.

      Discover Preston is a community drug and alcohol service. On accessing their service you will be supported by a member of their team in assessing your needs and developing an individualized recovery action plan.

      CGL – Inspire and Go2 Blackburn with Darwen

      Telephone: 01254 495 014

      Address: Regent House
      Regent Street
      Blackburn, Lancashire
      BB1 6BH

      Website: CGL – Inspire website.

      Go2 is a free and confidential drug and alcohol service for young people in Blackburn with Darwen.

      Addiction Support Services Near Lancashire

      Addiction support groups are specifically focused on substance abuse and behavioural addictions, and the issues associated with recovery. During the meetings, participants normally focus on a specific type of addiction; this is how the groups are separated. This makes it easier for members to concentrate and feel their particular issues being addressed by others who share the same experiences.

      What is NA?
      NA (Narcotics Anonymous) is a not-for-profit fellowship for all people whose lives have become unmanageable through the use of drugs. Everyone in attendance is looking to abstain from drug use and find a new way to live by following the programme. There are no fees, and everyone is welcome.

      What is AA?
      AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a fellowship-based organisation for all people whose lives have been negatively affected by alcohol misuse. These meetings are held throughout the week and can be beneficial for anyone seeking help after having undergone a structured detox or rehab programme. Even if it’s not you who’s fighting alcoholism, you can still attend and try to find help from the other members.

      AA Meetings in Lancashire:
      Accrington Maundy

      TMaundy Furniture Shop, 36 Abbey St.
      BB5 1EB
      Wednesdays at 1:00pm

      Accrington Maundy

      No 21 Maundy, 21 Abbey St.
      BB5 1EB
      Sundays at 1:30pm

      Bacup Discussion

      AB & D Centre, Burnley Rd.
      OL13 8EU
      Thursdays at 8:00pm

      NA Meetings in Lancashire:
      Greenfields Community Centre
      Wednesdays at 7:00pm

      Green Lane
      Blackburn, Lancashire
      BB2 4SR

      Travelling to and from Lancashire

      Lancashire borders Cumbria (north), Greater Manchester & Merseyside (south). North & West Yorkshire (east), and the Irish Sea (west). Travelling by car is one of the easiest choices as all areas are covered by large roads. The M6, M55, M58, M61, M62, and the M66 all pass through the county, connecting its zones with the rest of Great Britain. Reaching Preston, the county’s administrative centre from London takes over four hours, though, via the M40 and M6.

      Direct links to London and the area are provided by the West Coast Main Line, while the East Lancashire Line serves the route between Blackpool and Colne via Lytham, Preston, Blackburn, Accrington and Burnley. The Ribble-Valley Line is your third option, depending on where you’re coming from and what’s your final destination. In comparison, reaching Preston from London via train takes just 140 minutes if you board the Virgin Trains line for Crewe and stay on board until it reaches your final destination.

      About Lancashire

      Lancashire, also known as Lancs, is a non-metropolitan ceremonial county in the north-west of England, UK. The admin HQ is located in Preston, and is made up of 14 districts; West Lancashire, Chorley, South Ribble, Fylde, City of Preston, Wyre, City of Lancashire, Ribble Valley, Pendle, Burnley, Rossendale, Hyndburn, as well as the two unitary districts Blackpool and Blackburn with Darwen.

      Lancashire also has 12 local governments consisting of Burnley, Chorley, Fylde, Hyndburn, Lancaster, Pendle, Preston, Ribble Valley, Rossendale, South Ribble, West Lancashire, and Wyre.

      The county borders Cumbria to the north, Greater Manchester and Merseyside to the south, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire to the east.

      Find rehabilitation in Lancashire near you

      Are you from a city or town in Lancashire and want to know what the options are locally to you? Check out the following pages to find out more about rehab in different parts of Lancashire:

      Frequently asked questions

      Are rehabs open in Lancashire during the Coronavirus outbreak?
      Rehabilitation centres are operating during the Coronavirus outbreak, as healthcare facilities are essential businesses. This includes private rehab clinics in Lancashire, provided they follow the safety regulations implemented by the government.

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      Does free alcohol rehab in Lancashire exist?
      There are a number of free clinics in Lancashire which can help you with alcohol or drug abuse. However, there are no inpatient options. Rehabilitation centres are not free, so for residential rehab your best option is to opt for private treatment.

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      How do I pay for rehab?
      A deposit will be accepted at the beginning of the process and full payment taken a few days later, once you have started your programme.

      Many private rehabilitation companies, including UKAT, accept BUPA insurance. However, be sure to check with your insurance company that your claim is covered.

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      Can I get funding through the NHS?
      Although funding through the NHS is available, it can be a lengthy and emotional process and many applications are turned down.

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      Can you force someone to go to rehab?
      You cannot force someone to go into rehab; it must be their choice. However, you can organise an intervention if you are worried about someone. This involves sitting and talking to your loved one with the help of a professional, in the hope they will listen and follow your advice.

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      Which drug addictions can be treated in rehab?
      Addictions to any of the following drugs can be treated in a rehabilitation clinic: cocaine rehab, crack cocaine rehab, heroin rehab, cannabis rehab, ecstasy rehab and prescription drugs rehab, including benzodiazepines rehab and opiates rehab.

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      How long should I go to rehab for?
      The recommended duration of rehab depends on the severity of your addiction and you will be advised by a professional during your admissions process.

      The longer the length of stay in rehab the higher the success rate for staying sober, as you spend more quality time in therapy and in a sober environment, away from temptation.

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      Is rehab confidential?
      If you seek treatment through the NHS, the referral will sit on your medical records. However, employers cannot access these records unless under specific circumstances. So, there is a limited chance of them finding out.

      Private rehabilitation is completely confidential and does not sit on your medical records.

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      Can I visit a loved one during rehab?
      You can visit your loved one for an hour every Sunday at our private centres. However, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 you will not be permitted to visit loved ones during the lockdown.

      Family support groups take place every week at each of our centres and anyone who has a close connection to the patient can join. Not all rehabilitation centres offer this option, so this needs to be checked on their website.

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