Step Down Programme

Upon completing your inpatient treatment, you now possess a diverse toolkit of coping mechanisms and healthy routines to navigate the challenges ahead. Nevertheless, you may encounter a degree of unease as you approach reintegration into your daily life, with all its potential triggers.

Your treatment foundation deserves to be reinforced after rehab through the guidance and supportive network UKAT can provide through our step down programme.

What is a step down programme?

The journey to recovery from addiction is courageous, and one of its most challenging aspects is reintegrating into daily life after completing rehabilitation. UKAT’s step down programme serves as an invaluable resource, offering consistent support and guidance through the transitional phase on the post-rehabilitation journey. This carefully designed programme helps bridge the gap between the structured rehab environment and the realities of everyday life, equipping participants with essential tools and strategies for lasting recovery.

The advantages of using a step down programme

For many in recovery, transitioning from the supportive rehab environment to daily life can pose challenges and potential setbacks. At this critical juncture, a step down programme, such as the one offered at our London clinic, becomes a lifeline and valuable resource to decrease the risk of relapse.

Here are some of the compelling reasons to consider a step down programme after rehab:

  • Relapse prevention: The prospect of relapse looms as a genuine concern for those on the path to recovery. A step down programme empowers you with the tools to anticipate and manage potential triggers and cravings, arming you against the risk of falling back into substance use.


  • Gradual incorporation: A step down programme offers a gentle transition back into daily life, enabling individuals to resume their responsibilities and routines at their own pace. This can help reduce the impact of returning to an environment that might trigger relapse.


  • Skill development: Addiction frequently obstructs the cultivation of crucial life skills, including stress management and effective communication. A step down programme facilitates the honing of these vital skills within a secure and supportive environment.


  • Connection: Loneliness can sometimes fuel the flames of addiction. Step down programmes frequently create a sense of community and connectedness, enabling individuals to engage with like-minded peers and confront challenges.


  • Continued support: Recovery is an ongoing process, and the early stages are often the most sensitive. A step-down programme offers continued support, guidance, and accountability to reduce the risk of relapse.


  • Long-term success: Long-term success is fostered by the cultivation of essential coping strategies, ongoing support, and professional guidance, all of which a step-down program aims to provide.


Research consistently demonstrates the profound impact of using structured private intensive aftercare. A significantly higher percentage of individuals in such programmes maintain their sobriety for over 18 months, in stark contrast to those attempting direct reintegration into society post-addiction treatment.

Why choose UKAT for your post rehab support?

UKAT is wholly devoted to delivering top-tier care to individuals in pursuit of addiction or mental health treatment. Our seasoned and empathetic team, rooted in evidence-based treatment methodologies, together with our cutting-edge facilities, solidifies our unwavering commitment to intensive aftercare.

We take great satisfaction in our all-encompassing and step down programme, meticulously designed to provide a structured and supportive transition from intensive treatment to sustained recovery. This step down programme guarantees that our clients receive ongoing counselling, therapeutic support, and effective relapse prevention strategies, rendering it the ideal choice for those searching for a seamless and efficacious route towards enduring recovery.

Some of the benefits you can expect from UKAT’s step down programme include the following:

  • Customised support: Our programme is meticulously crafted to offer a tailored strategy, recognising the unique needs and challenges of each participant on their path to recovery and relapse prevention. Our dedicated team of addiction specialists, therapists, and counsellors will work closely with you to create a personalised plan for your continued care that best suits your needs.


  • Relapse prevention: UKAT prioritises relapse prevention throughout our outpatient step down programme. Participants receive comprehensive education on recognising the early signs of relapse and are taught effective strategies to manage and conquer cravings. Our programme also features essential elements, such as counselling sessions and structured private support groups, which offer a secure environment for individuals to exchange their experiences and receive peer support and motivation openly.


  • Flexibility: Our programme offers flexibility and convenience due to our hybrid format. Participants are free to access our resources and support from the comfort of their homes. This feature is particularly valuable for individuals juggling work, family, or other responsibilities that make attending in-person sessions difficult. Additionally, the programme duration can be customised per your requirements, giving you complete control over your after rehab care.


  • Continuation of care: Those undergoing this programme can effortlessly move from their inpatient or outpatient rehab services to our online platform, enabling you to sustain the progress achieved during your initial recovery phase. This ongoing support and seamless transition play a crucial role in relapse prevention.


  • Holistic approaches: Our step down programme adopts a comprehensive approach, encompassing physical, emotional, and mental aspects of recovery. Participants can actively participate in practices like mindfulness, yoga, and creative therapies, fostering well-being in all dimensions.


  • Evidence-based therapies: Therapies such as DBT, CBT and group support are rooted in proven scientific methods and tailored to your unique needs, ensuring the most effective and personalised approach to your recovery journey. By integrating research-backed treatments, you can trust that you’re receiving care based on solid, reliable evidence, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes as you progress through your step down programme with confidence.


  • Alumni network: UKAT’s Step Down Programme also fosters connections among programme alumni through our established alumni programme. The network serves as a source of continuous support and a strong sense of community, reminding individuals that they are not solitary in their recovery.

Tailoring your after rehab care with UKAT

Our step-down programme spans five weeks, where participants engage in a series of group sessions at our clinic. We organise two distinct theme groups each week, each standing independently from the others in the same theme. These themed groups are thoughtfully curated to address a range of recovery-related and personal growth aspects.

Conversely, this structured start can be gradually adjusted to cater to your preferences, delivering a highly flexible and personalised experience. Your freedom to customise the programme extends to the addition of extra days or specific therapies at an extra cost, allowing you to craft a step-down programme that aligns seamlessly with your individual needs.

You can choose from the following enrollment options, with prices starting from £195:

  • Full 5-week programme


  • Individual themed group


  • Multiple themed groups


Our tailor-made approach ensures that your post rehab transition is not just supportive but also perfectly suited to your unique path to recovery.

Want to know more?

Utilising a step-down programme following rehabilitation represents a proactive measure to safeguard a successful and enduring recovery. It provides indispensable assistance, fosters skill enhancement, and connects individuals with others who have undergone similar experiences.

Whether you’re embarking on your initial steps of recovery or seeking additional guidance on relapse prevention after rehab, our step-down programme will equip you with the necessary tools and resources to flourish amid life’s obstacles and uncertainties, all while steadfastly maintaining a substance-free lifestyle.

To delve deeper into our step down programme and to receive guidance on your path toward a sustained recovery, where you can build upon the progress made during your rehab treatment, contact us today.

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