Prescription drug rehab

Attending rehab for prescription drugs is not as uncommon as some people would initially assume; prescribed medications such as painkillers and sedatives are some of the most abused drugs in the UK. If you think you may be reliant on prescription drugs for reasons other than prescribed, you may be desperately searching for a way to get off them. We believe the best and safest way to recover is to attend prescription drug rehab. This is because clients can receive a thorough prescription drug detox in tandem with various life-changing therapies.

Benzo rehab

After accepting a medically supervised benzodiazepine detox, clients will spend time in a professional rehabilitation centre, where they’ll find a peaceful and supportive environment. All clients will be offered an array of holistic therapies to help them gain the best chance of long-term recovery.


Opiate rehab

Attending a professional rehabilitation centre is the best source of recovery from opioid addiction. Clients will be offered various holistic therapies to help them gain the best possibility of long-term recovery whilst residing in a calm and supportive environment.

Sleeping pills rehab

Following a medically supervised detox, rehab for sleeping pills will follow to address the full scope of the addiction. Learn more about how to treat and overcome sleeping pills addiction. Click the link below to find out why sleeping pills rehab is essential to ensuring long-term recovery.

What is rehab for prescription drugs?

Rehab for prescription drugs is a safe space in which you can work with addiction professionals to combat cravings and learn healthy coping mechanisms. Prescription drug rehab is ideal for anyone struggling to break free from prescription drugs, as it offers clients the chance to take a break from their routine and spend some time with others who are going through similar experiences, where they can physically and mentally detox from prescription drugs and reflect on their goals.
Despite common misconceptions, prescription drugs are just as serious as illegal drugs when used against the doctor’s guidance, and excessive use can lead to dependence and a fatal overdose. Prescription drug rehab is crucial for helping you to heal from the physical and mental effects of prescribed drug abuse. Whilst in prescription drug rehab, you will be given a comfortable bed, nutritious meals, and access to exercise facilities. Almost immediately after you are admitted, you will be assessed by a doctor, who will help you to cleanse your body entirely of prescribed drugs. Finally, you will participate in numerous therapies and treatments to restore your mental and emotional well-being from the strain of prescription drugs.



Do I need to go to prescription drug rehab?

  • Since using prescription drug medication, I often feel drowsy.
  • Since I have continued to take prescription drugs, I have noticed gradual damage to my health such as slurred speech, memory loss, constipation, and flu-like symptoms, etc.
  • Since I have been using prescription drugs, I have become increasingly irritable.
  • Since using prescription drugs, I have been feeling fearful or paranoid at random times of the day.
  • Since using prescription drugs, I have gone against my doctor’s instructions and taken more pills or taken them more frequently than instructed.
  • I constantly think about getting my next dosage of prescribed drugs.
  • I don’t feel like I can get through my daily routine without the help of prescription drugs.
  • I have tried to quit consuming prescription drugs, but I have found it too difficult, and I feel helpless to stop.


How can UKAT help me to get prescription drug treatment?

UKAT is built upon recovery because its founders understand the painstaking process of substance reliance. Everybody has their own story, and we know there are many underlying causes for prescription drug abuse. Therefore, when undergoing prescription drug recovery with us, you are in an emotionally safe environment where there is no shame or prejudice, only support, and encouragement towards recovery.

Alongside a prescription drug detox, you’ll be invited to attend various talking therapies, with a therapist that specialises in addiction counselling. Some examples are:

These sessions will enable you to process your prescription drug dependence from start to finish. Your therapists will be able to help pinpoint any traumatic events or unresolved issues that may have contributed to a reliance on prescription drugs. Upon entering therapy, it’s vital to know that you are in a confidential environment and that you are safe to explore and discuss whatever thoughts and feelings you have that could induce prescription drug abuse. Your therapist will offer alternative perspectives on unhelpful thoughts and show you different coping mechanisms to employ whenever you feel tempted to reuse prescription drugs.


Remember: everyone is in the same boat


Whilst receiving prescription drug treatment, you will be around people of various backgrounds and ages who are all undergoing similar practices and feelings as you are. Initially, you may want to keep your own company, but when clients know they aren’t alone in their struggles, it can inspire them with hope. Prescription drug rehab offers group therapy sessions where residents can share their experiences of substance dependency. It takes courage to share your story with others; you may feel so low in trust that you think no one will support or understand you, but they do. This source of insight and empathy within a group setting is not something that should be underestimated as it can strengthen clients further toward recovery.


Prescription drug rehab can calm your mind and body

Prescription drug rehab offers many holistic therapies and treatments that may present you with a new perspective or find a healthy outlet to express yourself. These treatments are ideal for calming your mind and body. When we are in recovery, our minds may be racing with thoughts, and as beneficial as therapy is, it can feel tiring, so it’s recommended to find an outlet where you can take a break from talking and instead seek total body relaxation. We offer a variety of holistic treatments to aid you in your recovery. Such treatments are, but are not limited to:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Gong therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy



We provide free aftercare for prescription drug abuse

We are committed to helping you stay prescription drug-free by offering free aftercare for up to one year to recovering clients. UKAT knows recovery is a life-long process, and rehab is not a silver bullet cure, but the tools you will learn in prescription drug rehab will be with you long after you check out and have the potential to change your life for the better. So, if you experience difficult times, we are here to listen to you and help you stay on track for the longevity of your recovery.


Want to know more about prescription drug rehab?

If you are considering getting professional prescription drug treatment or if you want to chat to someone directly about prescription drug rehab, reach out to us today. You can speak with a member of our team now; they’ll be happy to go over any queries you have and advise you on the following steps to take.




Frequently asked questions

How long does prescription drug treatment last?
We tell most clients to stay in prescription drug rehab for at least one month, as it takes longer to detox from some prescription drugs than others, even after rehabilitation is complete. Remember that recovery is a life-long process, so you will need to practise and work on your recovery by employing the tools you learned in rehab.
Where can I find a prescription drug rehab clinic?
UKAT has eight centres across the UK that treat prescription drug abuse. They are CQC approved and aim to provide the best quality of care. However, some facilities may have amenities that may suit you personally. So, it’s best to look at them all carefully before choosing. If you contact us, a helpful member of the admissions team will be able to offer further support in selecting the right centre for your needs.
Which prescription drugs can I receive prescription drug treatment from?
We offer treatment for various prescribed medications, including opiate rehab, benzodiazepine rehab and rehab for sleeping pills. If you want to know about treatment for a specific drug, you can read the types of treatment available for each.