Alcohol and drug rehab in Farnborough, Hampshire

The need for rehab in Hampshire

Farnborough is one of the main towns in Hampshire, a county located in Southeast England. This northeastern town of Hampshire has a dense population of above 60,000, per the census of 2011. Many people here are severely addicted drugs and alcohol, causing lots of distress to their families. If you have fallen prey to drug or alcohol addiction, you should contact a rehab centre in Farnborough to eliminate this problem.
UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) centres in Farnborough, Hampshire, are noted for the highly comfortable lifestyle provided to all patients admitted for treatment. They are freed from their addictions through the well-planned treatment programs prescribed by specialised doctors at these centres. Both in-patient and out-patient treatment are available here, determined according to the severity of habits and health conditions of patients.

Beneficial points of the UKAT rehab centres of Farnborough, Hampshire

UKAT offers a series of private rehab centres in Farnborough and neighboring areas in Hampshire. All the modern facilities are provided in these centres for the best comfort and speedy recovery of patients admitted here for treatment. UKAT centres are CQC registered, guaranteeing the quality of treatment rendered here. The prime benefits available at these centres are –

  • Immediate admission anytime to any UKAT centre
  • Comfortable and safe stay in a homely environment
  • Medical detox program to eliminate effects of addiction
  • 12-step recovery plan for each patient
  • Personalised individual therapy
  • Trauma therapy for emotional betterment
  • Mental diagnosis by a psychiatrist to identify the cause of addiction
  • 24×7 medical support to overcome withdrawal symptoms
  • Counselling for improving the emotional state
  • Group therapies involving patients’ families and friends
  • Use of some scientific procedures to prevent relapse of addictions
  • Complimentary aftercare and continuation of some therapies for a year after cure

List of UKAT rehab centres in and around Farnborough

Several UKAT rehab centres in Farnborough and surrounding areas provide timely treatment to this county’s drug or alcohol-addicted citizens. All these centres are set to provide all kinds of support to addicted people and their families to get over this problem.

Primrose Lodge

This UKAT rehab centre is located in Surrey, only 45 miles away from Hampshire, and it takes an hour to reach there from Farnborough. It offers residential rehab treatment for curing all types of addictions.

  • Homely care in en suite rooms
  • Facilities to exercise in an in-house gym
  • Free aftercare for a long time
  • Treatment funded by AXA Health Insurance and BUPA Health Insurance policies

Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford rehab centre is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where you can reach by bus or train in less than 4 hours. It started operation in 2009 after being commissioned by the Department of Health of the country. A unique treatment plan is organised for each patient to revive the physical, mental, and well-being of a patient. It is also CQC registered for providing the best quality service.

  • Easily accessible as it is close to the city centre
  • Onsite medical care for round the clock
  • Medicines prescribed by specially educated GP
  • Free aftercare that may extend even after the 1-year term

Linwood House

Linwood House is located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. It takes around 3 hours to drive from Farnborough. Highly efficient and certified medical and non-medical professionals are associated with this centre. This private centre offers in-patient treatment with comprehensive therapies.

  • Extended care for the whole life after the 12 months of aftercare
  • Addiction counsellors are available 24×7 for free service
  • Tailored treatment plan specialised for each patient

List of free addiction support groups near Farnborough

Some free addiction services are available in Hampshire, organised by Card Geotechnics Limited (CGL). Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcohol Anonymous (AA) are two non-profit organisations offering free addiction support to all people addicted to drugs and alcohol.

AA Meetings in Hampshire:

Winchester Step

Friends Meeting House,
16 Colebrook St

Bishops Waltham

The Stables Centre,
St Peters Church,
Maypole Green, off Free St.

NA Meetings in Hampshire


Sundays at 11:00 am
Our Lady Of Lourdes
Bransbury Road

Women-only, Southsea

Sundays 11:30 am
Havelock Community Centre
324 Fawcett Road

Statistics about the drug and alcohol addiction in Farnborough, Hampshire

According to the records, 17% of parents in Hampshire are addicted to alcohol and currently undergoing treatment at the rehab centres in Farnborough. 45% of single men and women in Hampshire are also addicted to drugs and alcohol, for which they are treated at local rehab centres.
Apart from adults, around 10% of teenagers aged 12 – 17 are addicted to alcohol, which they may have picked from their older family members. Moreover, many guardians do not pay heed to the fact that these youngsters are gaining alcohol addiction.
According to a recent survey, the consumption of alcohol has reportedly increased by 84% among the adults of Hampshire. The drinking habit has also increased by 41% among women, who now prefer to have more drinks frequently. Adolescents’ average physical and mental growth is getting hampered due to the over-consumption of alcohol.

Why would you like to be treated in Farnborough, Hampshire?

Farnborough is an ancient town in the northeast part of Hampshire. It is believed to be founded during the Saxon rule in England, as mentioned in some old scriptures. Cody Technology Park, IQ Farnborough, and Farnborough Aerospace Centre are prime commercial points of this town. St. Peter’s Parish Church, St. Mark’s Anglican Church, The Tumble Down Dick Pub, and Royal Aircraft Establishment are some tourist attractions of this town. Call us now!

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