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A quiet town just north of Birmingham, Telford has once been named one of the happiest places to live in Britain and is reputed to be a generally safe place to live in Shropshire. Great statistics to have overall, but they do not discount the personal troubles that face different people every day. Everybody is entitled to feel pain, and it has inevitably led to unhealthy coping mechanisms in the form of substance abuse.

These habits have continuously led people to lose stability in their lives as well as connections with family and friends that matter. This is true in cases occurring in Telford as well as the rest of the world. While it is possible to return to normalcy, it is important to ask for support and guidance that will enable you to return to this path in a healthy manner.

Rehabilitation therapy centres in the Telford area are available to those who need support in their journey to relearn these coping mechanisms and work towards a healthier, more positive future for themselves and their loved ones.

What is offered at rehab in Telford?

Telford offers a range of rehab help centres that cater to your needs and offer a variety of alternatives for you and your loved ones. It is your choice whether you are treated as an inpatient, spending a portion of your rehab treatment in the centre, or as an outpatient who only comes in for appointments. It is also your choice whether you decide to pay for private treatment or enrol in an NHS clinic around the Telford area. Both differ in the way of cost and quality, being as NHS clinics are cheaper, while private clinics are well maintained and usually admit people upon registration rather than having to wait for the queue to free up.

Nearest UKAT centres to East London

In either case, the Telford area offers rehabilitation therapy centres for you and your loved ones, a few of which we have named below:

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge is a rehab centre that provides holistic treatment while maintaining a high standard of care and quality. This centre is an hour and thirty-minute drive from Telford and features a homely, comforting appearance that is only bolstered by the facilities available.

A gym, as well as en-suite rooms, are available for the care and comfort of residents. The centre also provides family group sessions and free aftercare to ensure its residents remain healthy after their stay.

Oasis Recovery Runcorn

Oasis Recovery is located an approximate hour and a half drive away from Telford in the historic town of Runcorn. This is the only rehab centre in the UK that offers two programmes simultaneously.

The 12-step approach and their strengths programme allow this centre to treat its residents in a manner that is personally customised to fit their needs. They also offer support to families going through this process and free aftercare to the residents.

Linwood House

Linwood House is an estimated two and a half-hour drive away to the north of Telford. Lying in wait is an elegant, brick building surrounded by greenery and colourful, flowery nature that inspires calm and tranquillity.

The rehabilitation centre is equipped with decorative en-suite rooms and facilities that complement the holistic treatment that they provide to their residents.

Free addiction support groups in Telford

You may have decided that inpatient rehab treatment is not the way for you. Instead, we have provided a list of support groups around the Telford area that you may find useful for yourself and your loved ones:

Telford Oakengates

Salvation Army Citadel, Lion St, TF2 6AQ
Start time: Wednesday 19.30
Duration 1hr 30mins
Meetings are restricted to addicts but open to all on the 1st Wednesday of each month
Disabled Access: Yes

Telford Oakengates

Salvation Army Citadel, Lion St, TF2 6AQ
Start time: Saturday 19.30
Duration 1hr 30mins
Meetings are restricted to addicts but open to all on the last Saturday of each month
Disabled Access: Yes
Helpline: 01792301907

Telford Daily Reflections

St Patricks Church, King St, Wellington, TF1 3AP
Start time: Monday 19.30
Duration 1hr 30mins
Meetings are restricted to addicts open on the fourth Monday of each month
Helpline: 01792301907

Get Well Monday

The Creative Training Spaces, 8 Dukes Street, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1BJ
Start time: Monday 19:00
Duration: 1 hr
Meeting open to all
Disabled access: Yes
Helpline: 0300 999 1212

Saturday Morning Meeting

Dawley Bank Baptist Church, Park Road, Overdale, Telford, TF4 2BB
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 1 hr
Meetings open to all on request
Disabled access: Yes
Helpline: 0300 999 1212

Is drug and alcohol abuse a problem in Telford?

Telford is a town that has a reputation for being safe and happy. Unfortunately, substance abuse continues to plague at-risk individuals and threaten the lives of people around the world, even in Telford.

According to a strategy statement released by the government in 2019, an average of six people die every year owing to drug misuse in Telford and Wrekin and twenty-two more from alcohol. Meanwhile, just over nine hundred people use opiates and cocaine. Still, there is no support group for those suffering from addiction to cocaine in the town of Telford.

As of 2019-2020, 16% of parents living with children in the Telford and Wrekin area are dependent on a substance. It was also calculated that seventy-nine per cent of parents have been untreated for their dependency.

The importance of rehabilitation help centres and support programmes becomes clearer with these statistics. The involvement of children is also a factor that increases the urgency for us to take action. Rehab is not only helpful to one person; it also supports family and allows for healthier relationships and connections to develop between one another.

Why get drug and alcohol treatment near Telford?

Telford and Wrekin borough is a small, quiet land filled with history and natural life that encourages empathy and self-reflection. Among the most important locations in Telford are the historical sites such as the Bedlam Furnaces, Tar Tunnel, St Mary the Virgin Church, and Buildwas Abbey. These pieces of history that remain standing are excellent locations to learn about, and possibly from, the past. Learning about the past is an excellent way to understand the world and grasp concepts that you may not have personally experienced before. It is also an educational avenue of entertainment that can take the place of unhealthy coping mechanisms. The same applies to Telford museums. Blists Hill Victorian Town, Ironbridge Gorge Museums, and the Jackfield Tile Museum are just a few of the museums available in Telford.

Finally, there are plenty of parks in Telford to support the rehabilitation process, such as Weston Park, Apley Woods, The Wrekin, Granville Country Park. The parks are filled with greenery and natural life that reinforce the notion of self-reflection and contemplation. Filled with paths to walk and trails to hike, the parks are open to everybody in the Telford area.

Telford is not the most exciting town in the United Kingdom or even in Great Britain. However, it does provide a safe place to reside, heal, and maintain healthy habits that were learned in rehab therapy centres. Parks, historical sites, and wildlife are only supporting complements that round off the town as a safe and convenient space to practice preserving lifestyle habits that push away unhealthy coping mechanisms and encourage betterment and strength for yourself and your loved ones.

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