Alcohol and drug rehab near Exeter

The need for rehab in Exeter

Exeter is a non-metropolitan city in Devon, the southwest county of England. As per the census of 2011, the population of this city is more than 1, 00,000. A significant part of this urban population tends to develop a dependency on different drugs and alcohol. If you or your near one or friend is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, the rehab centres in Exeter can greatly help to eliminate the problem.

UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) runs multiple rehab centres in and around Devon, where patients can receive the best medical treatment and psychological help for revival. The doctors and medical staff of these centres take the best care of their patients and ensure a quick and lasting recovery. Depending on each patient’s health condition, the treatment may be categorised as in-patient, out-patient or critical care.

Notable helpful features available in the UKAT rehab centres in Exeter

UKAT rehab centres in Exeter, Devon, offer a homely environment to those admitted here for treatment. People find the expense of paying fees here worthwhile as they are completely cured of their addictions by the time they are discharged.

  • Medical detoxification to get rid of the ill effects of drugs or alcohol
  • Counselling for the psychological analysis of patients and to know the main cause of addiction
  • A 12-step program for recovery
  • Different therapies for improving the physical and mental state of patients
  • 24×7 medical care available for patients recovering from withdrawal symptoms.

List of UKAT rehab centres in Exeter, Devon

Listed below are the closest UKAT centres to the Exeter area:

Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge is located in Halstead, Essex, which is 244 miles from Exeter. It takes approximately 4 hours to cover this distance by car. There are also buses and trains to travel between these two towns.

Patients are provided with a gym facility, a private chef to cook special meals, and en suite rooms. Each patient receives personalised therapy to free him/her physically, mentally, and spiritually from the grip of the substance abuse habit. Moreover, lifetime aftercare is also offered to prevent relapse.

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge offers all the facilities available in a 5-star resort. It is located at Banbury, Oxfordshire, which is 133 miles from Exeter.

There are 23 trains running between Banbury and Exeter, taking four and a half hours to reach the destination. Ensuite rooms, a gym, personalised therapies, free aftercare, and group family sessions are the main features of this rehab centre.

Linwood House is located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. There are 22 trains running between Exeter and Barnsley, taking more than 4 hours.

The two towns are 214 miles apart, with buses and trains to cover this distance. Linwood House has spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms, as well as other modern amenities like 5-star hotels. There are several staff members attending to each patient, offering individual and group therapies as per the needs of patients.

List of free drug and alcohol addiction support services around Exeter

Since private rehab centres can be expensive for some people, various organisations offer free services to people addicted to drugs and alcohol. Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are prominent committees holding regular meetings to help addicted people:


United Reformed Church, Chard St
EX13 5EB


Exmouth Community Church, 7-9 Market St


Salvation Army Hall, Oakleigh Road
EX32 8JT


Citizens Advice Bureau
11 Castle Road


House of Prayer Ministries
Manor Street


The Old School Rooms
Bridge Street
EX39 2BU

A Way Out

Methodist Church
Sidwell St
Exeter EX4 6PL

Out Of The Dark

St Peters Church
Wyndham Square
Plymouth PL1 5EG

CAstle Rocketeers

The Castle Centre
25 Castle St
Barnstaple EX31 1DR

Statistics regarding drug and alcohol addiction in Exeter, Devon

The number of deaths caused by drug addiction is the highest in Exeter in the entire country. In 2019, 64 people died due to drug poisoning in Devon, which is a much higher figure than for other parts of England. Thirty-three people died in Devon due to the overuse of drugs in 2019. Devon’s drug-related deaths have increased considerably in the last decade.

Most of the deaths here are found to be caused due to cocaine addiction. Many people have also died from the overdose of drugs prescribed for depression, anxiety, and physical pain. Loss of jobs, homelessness and the financial problems caused by COVID-19 have triggered the rapid use of these drugs, leading to severe addictions.

Reasons for choosing drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Exeter

Exeter has a rich historical background, which is reflected in the culture of this city. The main religious sites that attract tourists are the nearly 1000-year-old Exeter c_Cathedral, St. Nicholas Priory, St. Mary Steps, St. Thomas Church, and the Exeter Synagogue. People also like to visit Rougemont Castle, the Guildhall, the Custom House, the Butts Ferry, Wyvern Barracks, Higher Barracks, and the Devon County War Memorial to get an idea of the local heritage. These fascinating places in Exeter offer you a sanctuary where you can become immersed in history and culture and forget the allure of harmful substances. This, along with the services of the centres here, helps you be free of your addictions smoothly.

You are welcome to call us at any of the UKAT rehab centres in Exeter. We offer the best treatment for the permanent elimination of your drug or alcohol addiction. You can obtain immediate help from our rehab centres so that you or your loved one can return to normal life.

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