Alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities near Kirkintilloch, Scotland

The need for rehab in Kirkintilloch

Even today many people in Kirkintilloch suffer from drug & alcohol addiction, and behavioural problems like eating disorders. However, with several treatment options and plans, many people are getting the right help and recovering back to health. So, if you or a loved one is suffering from addiction problems or behavioural disorders, remember that getting help is crucial. You are not alone in this fight; only with the right kind of help can you get better.

There are many addiction and Rehab facilities available near Kirkintilloch. One of the best rehab facilities available throughout England is the UKAT rehab centres. UKAT has 8 functioning Inpatient Rehab centres with addiction programmes to help you recover in a safe and protected space.

The UKAT Rehab centres have all modern amenities and drug treatment facilities. Our qualified therapists and medical professionals will guide you through your recovery journey with medication and support. One of the nearest UKAT facilities near Kirkintilloch is the Oasis Recovery Runcorn, located in the seaside town of Runcorn.

Read on to find out about the addiction resources and rehab options near Kirkintilloch!

Different rehab options to consider

While selecting a rehab there are several things that you must consider, such as in-patient/out-patient treatment, Private/NHS treatment, and Close/far from home.

Out-patient and In-patient treatment. Which one is better?

In Outpatient treatment programmes, one has to book prior appointments and commute to and fro from the rehab centres. This makes outpatient treatment programs hectic and burdening. Opposed that, Inpatient programs have several added advantages. UKAT only offers in-patient treatment programs and plans. Benefits you can expect at a UKAT rehab:

  • Quick Admission process
  • Therapists who are Addiction specialists
  • Clients are taught to develop healthy bonds throughout the recovery process
  • Round-the-clock medical support
  • Medical specialists available always to provide emotional support
  • Group sessions are held to increase bonding and sharing
  • Premium aftercare packages included with treatment plans

Private or NHS treatment?

NHS treatment plans are free of cost and can be availed by all citizens of the UK. The Addiction Recovery Centre in Kirkintilloch provides Rehabilitation and Drug treatment programs and plans. The centre is open from Monday to Friday and Meetings are held throughout the week.

Location: 29 Townhead, Kirkintilloch, G66 1NG
Phone no. – 01417763887
Mail id:

Private Rehab facilities provide paid personalized rehab treatment plans and care facilities. UKAT has 8 clinics with one hundred ninety rehab beds dedicated to Addiction treatments for Drug and Alcohol abuse and behavioural disorders. Some premium facilities that you can expect to get at UKAT:

  • Low-cost Luxurious rehabs with gyms and en-suite rooms
  • Round-the-clock medical units.
  • Trained specialists and Therapists with special addiction treatment training
  • Long-term recovery plan
  • Support programs for the client’s family and friends

Close or Far?

Rehab facilities close to the home make it easy to commute and adjust. However, there have been many types of research that point towards the fact that sometimes during the process of recovery, a change of air or place helps people overcome addiction.

UKAT facilities near Kirkintilloch

There are various rehab options available in and near Kirkintilloch. At UKAT, we realise how difficult it is for you to leave your family and friends behind to start your recovery process. Therefore, we try to create a comfortable environment for you to feel at home. All UKAT centres have premium living facilities with spacious rooms, gyms, and trained chefs. Listed below are the closest UKAT centres to Kirkintilloch:

Oasis Runcorn

Situated in the picturesque seaside town of Runcorn, the Oasis Recovery Runcorn is an ideal place to start your recovery program.

The Rehab centre is 226 miles from Kirkintilloch and takes around three hours and forty-one minutes to reach.

Oasis Bradford

Located amid Yorkshire, the recovery centre of Oasis Bradford has recently been awarded for its high standard in the UKAT CQC report.

The rehab centre has various detox facilities and modernised treatment plans such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Yoga, and Medication. This Rehab facility is a three hour and fifty minutes drive from Kirkintilloch.

Linwood House

The Linwood House is a newly refurbished UKAT rehab facility, located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. It is a beautiful and spacious rehab centre surrounded by nature.

Among the top treatment plans are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family Recovery Programs, Yoga, Meditation, Group Therapy, Relapse prevention, and individual counselling sessions. The centre is located at a distance of 4 hours and 6 minutes from Kirkintilloch.

Free support groups in Kirkintilloch

Listed below are some, AA, NA and CA meetings available in and around Kirkintilloch:

Address: Addiction Recovery Centre, 29 Townhead G66 1NG
Distance: 0.1 miles from Kirkintilloch
Timing: Monday, 7:30 pm

Address: A.R. Centre, 29 Townhead. G66 1NG
Distance: 0.1 miles from Kirkintilloch
Timing: Tuesday, 8 pm

Address: Community Centre, Meiklehill Rd.
Distance: 1 mile from Kirkintilloch
Timing: Monday, 7:30 pm

Address: 29 Town Head, Kirkintilloch, Main Street, SCO G66 1NG, United Kingdom
Distance: 0.13 miles from Kirkintilloch
Timing: Saturday, 6 pm

Address: Saint Patricks Primary School, Backbrae Street, Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire, SCO G65 0NA, United Kingdom
Distance: 4.52 miles from Kirkintilloch
Timing: Friday, 8 pm

Address: Saint Benedict’s Church
755 Westerhouse Road, Glasgow, Glasgow City, SCO G34 9RP, United Kingdom
Distance: 12 miles from Kirkintilloch
Timing: Tuesday, 8 pm.

Address: 29 Townhead, Kirkintilloch, G66 1NG
Timing: Wednesday 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm

Address: 29 Roman Road Bearsden G61 2SN
Timing: Thursday 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Address: Free Church of Scotland, 13 Auchinairn Road, Bishopbriggs, G641RX
Timing: Friday 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Drug crimes in and Around Kirkintilloch

Kirkintilloch is situated in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland., where there have been several reports of drug and alcohol abuse due to the easy availability of drugs. According to the SALSUS 2018 report, there was a 12% increase in alcohol abuse and a 21% hike in drug abuse among thirteen-year-old. 52% of fifteen-year-olds reported that it was “very” easy to get hold of illegal drugs and almost 53% of fifteen-year-olds had been offered illegal drugs.

These statistics show that drug and alcohol abuse is becoming an increasing threat in and around Kirkintilloch and Drug Rehab centres are a necessity to effectively combat Drug and Alcohol abuse. UKAT has several drug treatment programmes that are personalized to suit client needs.

A little about Kirkintilloch

Situated 8 miles from Glasgow, Kirkintilloch has many tourist attractions, the best of which are the Antonine Wall, the canal, and the Campsie Fells. The beautiful little town is well-connected with the rest of the UK and has picturesque scenic views making it an ideal place for recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

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