Alcohol and drug rehab near Rochester, Kent

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Importance of alcohol and drug recovery rehab centres in Rochester, Kent

Getting addicted to drugs and developing alcohol dependency takes a short time, but these habits have a lasting effect on the individual, their life, and their families. With a growing number of youngsters and adults struggling with substance abuse in Rochester, Kent, it has become essential to establish rehab centres in the town and areas around it.

Drug and alcohol addiction impacts an individual’s physical and mental health, often prompting them to commit crimes. The number of alcohol-related and drug-related crimes has increased in the county of Kent in the past few years, becoming high during the pandemic. To curb the menace of substance abuse, rehab centres in Rochester are required.

Private luxurious rehab centres to choose in Rochester

There are different types of rehab facilities in Rochester and towns around it. However, the care and support you receive at private rehab centres can make a world of difference to your recovery journey. When struggling with drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, a rehab centre with professionally-trained staff is also essential.
For those of you looking for private luxurious rehab centres in Rochester, here are some amenities to ensure before you enrol:

  • 24×7 medical and nursing staff at-hand
  • Private and spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Ample open space to connect with nature
  • Physical fitness amenities like gym, yoga and meditation rooms
  • Communal areas for socialising with others

UKAT alcohol and drug recovery rehab facilities near Rochester, Kent

It has become vital for people in Rochester and the surrounding areas to curb the growing incidences of substance abuse. Several rehab centres in Rochester offer the best quality personalised treatments to help in your recovery journey.

Here are a few highly-recommended UKAT residential rehab facilities in Rochester, Kent:

Primrose Lodge

Situated in Guildford, in the heart of Surrey, Primrose Lodge is conveniently located about 62 miles from Rochester. For those of you who wish to have a city life while being disconnected from it simultaneously, Primrose Lodge offers the best environment for drug and alcohol recovery.

This UKAT residential rehab centre near Rochester offers nineteen en-suite bedrooms, an on-site gym for you to maintain physical fitness, experienced in-house chefs who prepare nutritious customised meals, and spacious common areas for socialising.

If you have been looking for private rehab facilities in Rochester, Primrose Lodge is just an hour’s drive away!

Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge is a highly rated and popular residential rehab near Rochester, just 65 miles and a one-and-a-half-hour journey from the town.

This rehab centre has a supportive environment, well-trained staff available 24×7, nineteen spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms, scenic gardens to reconnect with nature, an in-house gym for maintaining physical fitness, and professional chefs trained to prepare customised meals based on individual preferences.
If you are looking for a private rehab clinic in Rochester, Sanctuary Lodge is an ideal choice.

Recovery Lighthouse

If living by the sea instils instant calm in your mind, The Recovery Lighthouse rehab centre, approximately 78 miles from Rochester, is ideal for you.

Located in the coastal town of Worthing, West Sussex, this rehab facility is less than a two-hour drive from Rochester, It offers the perfect seaside setting to unwind, breathe, and revitalise while you focus on your recovery.
This residential rehab near Rochester has thirteen bedrooms, meditation and yoga spaces, bespoke fitness guidance based on individual needs, spacious tranquil gardens, and the opportunity for peaceful beach walks.

Free de-addiction support groups in/around Rochester, Kent

Here are some AA, NA, and CA sessions available in and around Rochester:

Rochester Lunchtime Big Book Study Hybrid

Address: Quakers Meeting House, Northgate
Postcode: ME1 1LS
Time: Wednesday, Start time: 12.00 – duration 1hr

Strood There is a Solution

Address: St Nicholas Church, 126 High St
Postcode: ME2 4UB
Time: Thursday, Start time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins


Address: United Reform Church, Clover St
Postcode: ME4 4DT
Time: Tuesday, Start time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins


Address: The Salvation Army 50 Green Street Gillingham
Time: Sunday 7:30 pm
Postcode: ME7 1XA


Address: Open Road Building 95-97 High Street Chatham
Time: Tuesday 7:45 pm
Postcode: ME4 4DL


Address: 1st Floor Turning Point 423 High Street Chatham
Time: Thursday 7:30 pm
Postcode: ME4 4NU

Strood Big Book Study

Address: St Nicholas Church, 126 High St, Rochester
Postcode: ME2 4UB
Time: Sunday 7:30 pm

Chatham CA

Address: Open Road, 95-97 High St, Chatham
Postcode: ME4 4DL
Time: Monday 7:30 pm

A New Life

Address: St Augustine’s Church, St Augustines Vicarage, 192 Rock Ave, Gillingham
Postcode: ME7 5PW
Time: Wednesday 7:30 pm

Alcohol and drug abuse statistics in and around Rochester, Kent

According to a 2019 report, there were around 1,30,000 severely dependent drinkers in Kent. Though Kent reports lower than the national average of alcohol-related hospital admissions, the number of people admitted has remained consistent each year.

A 2021 report by the Kent police revealed a 38% rise in drug offences in the county between April and June 2021. The pandemic allowed repeat offenders to go undetected while others were pushed into the dark end of substance abuse due to a lack of jobs and increased financial stress.

Why should you opt for a private rehab facility in Rochester?

Called one of the four Medway towns, Rochester in Kent is an ancient town steeped in history. The city of Rochester offers a beautiful skyline adorned with imposing ruins of castles and the Normal Cathedral with a bustling city life around it. The natural beauty of the town, coupled with its relaxing lifestyle, makes it ideal for people who wish to recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

The de-addiction journey is often difficult, but it is very much possible with the proper rehab support and professional help. If you have decided to work towards sobriety, Get Help Now at a UKAT rehab clinic in Rochester today!

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