Alcohol and drug rehab in Chatham, Kent

How are Rehab Centres in Chatham Helping People?

With its coastal serenity and lively atmosphere, Chatham, Kent, is an apt location to enjoy a tranquil, relaxing environment. But despite these natural landscapes, some people seek solace in drugs and alcohol. The local police and government have been actively trying to tackle drug and alcohol-related crimes effectively. Several rehab centres have come up in the Medway and Kent area to help the locals from nearby towns. However, it is essential to set up more rehabilitation centres in Chatham to take additional steps in preventing the young population from falling into the addiction trap.

The Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres Available Near Chatham

If you strongly desire to start your rehab journey, it would be comforting to know that there are several well-equipped rehabs near Chatham. Deciding on a rehab best suited to your needs can be daunting. Still, a good rehab should have amenities such as:

  • 24×7 medical care
  • Clean accommodations
  • Open spaces to relax
  • Recreational activities
  • Free aftercare

Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities Near Chatham

Many people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction can also develop psychological and mental health disorders. An experienced rehab provider like UKAT can help treat addiction and provide lifelong support toward healthy living. UKAT is a premium rehab provider in the UK with nine well-designed facilities accessible from any part of the country. The UKAT centres also offer excellent aftercare programmes.

The below-listed UKAT centres are close to Chatham and are easily accessible to anyone living in and around the town:

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge in Guildford is only an hour’s drive from Chatham. Located 61 miles from Chatham, this premium rehab is cut off from busy city life to help you keep calm and relaxed during your de-addiction treatment. Primrose Lodge has a three out of four rating from the CQC and aims to provide top-quality care and support to help people get their lives back. Other on-site amenities include 19 tastefully done en-suite rooms, a gymnasium, spacious outdoors for fitness-related activities, holistic therapies and several recreational therapy programs.

Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge in Halstead is 66 miles from Chatham. You can drive to this rehab within an hour and a half. Sanctuary Lodge has received a high rating by the CQC, and serene landscapes and nature surround it for optimal recovery. This exquisitely designed rehab centre offers 19 beautiful en-suite rooms, five refurbished shared rooms, well-manicured gardens, meals prepared keeping in mind everyone’s individual needs, an in-house gym and treatments for behavioural addictions like gambling, sex addiction and eating disorders.

Recovery Lghthouse

This UKAT facility is located 78 miles from Chatham in the coastal town of Worthing, West Sussex. It may take approximately an hour and a half to drive from Chatham to Recovery Lighthouse. This premium rehabilitation centre is CQC rated and provides a safe medical detox for drug and alcohol addiction and several holistic therapies. This well-equipped rehab offers all you may need for a relaxed and healthy recovery from addiction, like 13 well-furnished rooms, meditation and yoga spaces. It also provides fitness training, open gardens, film and game nights, dialectical behaviour therapy, and cognitive and family therapy.

Free Addiction Support Groups in and Around Chatham

Listed below are a range of free AA, NA and CA meetings you could attend in and around Chatham to aid your alcohol rehab/drug rehab.

Chatham Big Book Study

Emmaus Church Centre (Red door) Clover St
Sunday, Time: 11.00
Postcode: ME4 4DT


United Reform Church, Clover St
Friday, Time: 20.00
Postcode: ME4 4DT


United Reform Church, Clover St
Tuesday, Time: 20.00
Postcode: ME4 4DT

Chatham CA

Open Road, 95-97 High St
Monday, 19:30
Chatham ME4 4DL

A New Life

St Augustine’s Church, St Augustines Vicarage, 192 Rock Ave
Wednesday, 19:30
Gillingham ME7 5PW

Strood Big Book Study

St Nicholas Church, 126 High St
Sunday, 19:30
Rochester ME2 4TH

There Is Another Way

Sunday, 18:30 ~ 19:45
Postcode ME7 1XA

Monday Maidstone Group

Monday, 19:30 ~ 21:00
Postcode ME14 5DX

Saturday Maidstone Group

Saturday, 11:00 ~ 12:30
Postcode ME14 5DX

What are the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Numbers in and Around Chatham?

Shutting down the Naval barracks in 1984 caused a lot of people to go jobless, and drug and alcohol addiction started picking up in this small town.

National studies show that the number of children at risk of drug and alcohol addiction in Kent county is 9,034. Out of all the young people getting de-addiction treatment in Kent, 89% used more than one drug, and 92% had started using substances under 15. It is also observed that those aged between 16-24 years are at a higher risk of using drugs/substances in Kent county.

Why Should You Choose an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre Near Chatham?

Chatham is a beautiful coastal town in Kent county and is part of the Medway Borough. The town has a rich naval history, the remnants of which can be seen in many Naval barracks and gilded forts. The town’s social life is abuzz with theatres, pubs, museums, and several art convention centres.
If detoxing in a picturesque coastal town can help you relax and heal, Chatham is an excellent place to start. Do not wait; get help now!