Drug and alcohol rehab in Scunthorpe

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There are many drug and alcohol rehab options in and around Scunthorpe for those that have reached a point in which addiction has spiralled out of control. The effects on your health might have forced you to acknowledge your addiction, or a person you love might have helped you face facts. Read on to find out about the different rehabilitation options in Scunthorpe and the surrounding areas.

What is offered at rehab in Scunthorpe?

For anyone considering rehabilitation treatment in Scunthorpe, it’s important to know what your options are. From the type of service to the treatments available, there are a few things to be aware of. The first thing to consider is whether to attend rehabilitation care centres in Scunthorpe that offers inpatient or outpatient services. NHS rehab centres usually offer outpatient treatment, which means you live at home, but go to the centre for group sessions or perhaps a one-to-one. Inpatient rehab, such as UKAT’s centres, means living at the rehab facility so you can focus fully on getting better.

It’s also really useful to consider the location of the rehab therapy centre you go to. Some of our clients opt to stay local to Scunthorpe. Others choose to put some distance between themselves and their usual triggers and attend a clinic around the Scunthorpe area to remove themselves from their usual surroundings and focus on recovery.

Nearest UKAT rehab clinics to Scunthorpe

If you live in Scunthorpe, then you may be interested in the inpatient UKAT facilities close to the area:

Linwood House

Linwood House, located in Barnsley, is just a 57-minute drive from Scunthorpe along the M180.

Our clinic provides an immersive experience involving holistic therapies, workshops and offering family support.

Oasis Recovery Bradford

Just over an hour’s drive from the centre of Scunthorpe is Oasis recovery in Bradford.

This is our cheapest centre, making it a great option for those that would prefer inpatient treatment alongside free support groups around Scunthorpe.

Oasis Recovery Runcorn

Slightly further from Scunthorpe is our Runcorn centre, which offers an escape away from any reminders of Scunthorpe that may trigger addiction.

This is a fully-furnished and calming rehab run by those who understand addiction first-hand. It is a two-hour car journey directly along the M26.

Free addiction support groups in Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe Multi-Mtg Friday

Connect Church, Ashby Rd, DN16 1NR
Time: 19.30
Duration 1hr 30mins


Gunness Village Hall, Old Village St, Gunness, DN15 8TH
Time: Tuesday at 19.30

Scunthorpe Tuesday

Brumby Community Centre, East Common Ln, DN16 1HL
Time: 19.30
Duration: 1hr 30mins

We Do Recover

Mind Centre, Fenton Street, Scunthorpe, DN15 6QX
Mondays at 19:30

Drug and alcohol abuse in Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe, located in Lincolnshire, has one of the lowest rates of alcohol-specific admissions in England. In 2018, there were 2,510 hospital admissions linked to alcohol use.

When you look at crime rates, Scunthorpe specifically has the highest rate in Lincolnshire, which included 252 counts of drug-related crimes in 2021. The local news also reported that police confiscated more than 10kg of cocaine off the streets in areas which included Lincolnshire. It’s likely much of this cocaine might have been linked to Scunthorpe.

With the gravity of drug and alcohol use in Scunthorpe, it’s beneficial to know what local rehabilitation treatments there are and how to access them.

Why get drug and alcohol treatment near Scunthorpe?

There are many benefits to choosing a rehabilitation solution near your Scunthorpe home:

  • Easy travel options, including public transport.
  • More options for family group support.
  • In-person outpatient services as part of aftercare.

If you decide to enter a recovery programme in or around the Scunthorpe area, we will be ready to answer your call and help you through the next steps.

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