Alcohol and drug rehab in Earby, Lancashire

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How are Rehab Centres in Earby, Lancashire Helping People?

It is time to take action if your dependency on alcohol and drugs has been causing concerns in your personal, professional, and social life. There is some encouraging information for those who live in Earby, Lancashire. You are fortunate to have access to several local and private rehabilitation centres in your neighbourhood. These facilities provide a supportive environment free from danger and conducive to good health. They assist you in breaking through the barrier of drug or behaviour misuse.

UKAT’s rehabilitation centres in Earby, Lancashire, provide world-class inpatient rehabilitation facilities and effective drug and alcohol treatment programmes. Keep reading to get more information on the UKAT treatment centres located closest to Earby, Lancashire.

What are the Options for Rehab Centres in Earby Lancashire?

Earby, Lancashire is home to several different rehabilitation facilities, even though it is a very tiny town. To get the most effective addiction therapy available in Earby, Lancashire, you need to have a proper understanding of the several treatment options.

There is value in attending support groups that do not cost anything. Their network extends to many places. However, despite their many benefits, they also have several drawbacks. One of them is a lengthy wait to get admitted, and another could be a lack of individualised medical attention and care.

Private rehabilitation centres in Earby, Lancashire, come with a higher monthly cost of care for patients. This is in contrast to free treatment clinics in the area. The most significant aspect is that admission to these facilities is almost immediate. Moreover, your therapy and care will be individualised to meet your specific requirements during your recovery.

UKAT Rehab Facilities Near Earby, Lancashire

Below we have listed the closest UKAT facilities to the Earby area:

Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford is only 26 miles from Earby, Lancashire, which is about a 50-minute drive via A629. They provide a variety of drug dependence treatments, all under the supervision of professionals.

The toughest medical rehabilitation are supported here. At Oasis Bradford, the detoxification and rehabilitation programmes emphasise the client’s inner, physical, and emotional fortitude.

The Oasis Bradford is the place to go if you need medically supervised addiction treatment with round-the-clock nursing care before starting a recovery programme.

Oasis Runcorn

Oasis Runcorn is about 67 miles from Earby, Lancashire, and it would take about 1 hour and a half hour to reach the clinic. Oasis Runcorn offers individualised counselling and assistance for those with dual addictions.

Some therapy regimens include the 12-step programme and strength models. In addition, counselling services for families are offered here. Nothing provides them with a greater sense of professional fulfilment than witnessing patients recover and their families reunited.

Aftercare has a significant role in the continuation of the healing process and the avoidance of recurrence. All patients who complete treatment are granted access to the UKAT Alumni, the nation’s first-ever lifelong support network, in addition to one year’s worth of follow-up counselling sessions that are provided at no cost.

Linwood House

Linwood House is about 53 miles and an hour and a half’s drive from Earby, Lancashire. Linwood House was established by some of the most experienced addiction therapists in the United Kingdom.

They provide first-class customer service, all-encompassing assistance, and tried-and-true treatment strategies.

Individuals sober for an extended period administer and operate this centre. You can get safe and effective medical detoxification at the Linwood House centre, accredited by the CQC, and having en-suite rooms, inviting sitting areas, a fitness centre, and a large communal area for socialising.

What do we offer at our UKAT rehabs in Earby, Lancashire?

Finding a treatment that is right for you or a dear one won’t seem like such a daunting chore. In Earby, Lancashire, private residential treatment facilities provide comprehensive detox and de-addiction therapies that target your unique dependent issues. A reputable inpatient recovery centre in Earby, Lancashire, also offers free one-year aftercare.

Here are some benefits of picking a private UKAT rehabilitation centre in Earby, Lancashire:

  • Treatment for addiction tailored to your unique requirements
  • A variety of therapeutic alternatives
  • Facilities that are far from potential triggers
  • 24/7 assistance and care
  • Treatments based on research
  • Relapse avoidance
  • Plans for treating drug addiction to various substances, including ecstasy (MDMA), cocaine, crack cocaine, cannabis, heroin, amphetamine, and prescription medications.
  • Behavioural abuse treatment choices include pornography, gambling, food, eating, gaming, and shopping, to mention a few.

Free addiction support groups in Earby, Lancashire

If private facilities are not your go, you can always get help from the free support groups from AA, NA and CA.


Address: Majestic Church, Albert Rd BB18 5AA
Time: Sunday, 19.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Phone: Helpline: 01253792632 ( 8.00-23.00)


Address: Open Door Project, 1 Great George St BB8 0SY
Time: Monday and Tuesday, 19.30
Phone: 01253792632 ( 8.00-23.00)


Address: Holmfield House, Gisburn Road BB9 8ND
Time: Thursday, 19.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Phone: : 01618392881 (11.00-23.00)


Address: Darwen Heritage Centre Railway Road Darwen BB3 2RG
Time: Saturday 7:30 pm


Address: Blackburn Fire Station Byrom Street Blackburn BB2 2LE
Time: Thursday 7:00 pm


Address: Central Methodist Church Hargreaves Street Burnley BB11 1DU
Time: Thursday 7:30 pm

The Gateway

Address: Friday St, Chorley PR6 0AA
Time: Monday 19:30


Address: St Alban’s Rd, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 1XD
Time: Tuesday 20:00

CGL Widnes

Address: Waterloo Rd, Widnes WA8 0QR
Time: Wednesday 18:00

What are the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Numbers in and around Earby, Lancashire?

There are hundreds of drug-related offences in and around the Earby, Lancashire area. It is no surprise that Lancashire has a significant share of drug traffickers. An article published in 2020 lists5 1 drug traffickers in alcohol and drug-related issues are prevalent in the community. People who routinely use drugs conduct around 20% of the crimes that are recorded in the county. According to reports, Lancashire has a notably higher prevalence of hospitalisations for young people due to drug or alcohol use. In addition, Lancashire has a higher incidence of fatalities caused by drugs and alcohol compared to the rest of the UK.

Why should you choose an alcohol and drug rehab centre near Earby, Lancashire?

Earby, Lancashire has many attractions for leisure activities – from stunning sceneries on the East Lancashire Railway to several parks, including Stockeld Park, Barrowford Park, Weets Hill for hiking and many more.

Big cities including Preston, Liverpool, and Manchester are all nearby. Earby, Lancashire, is a great spot to unwind and relax since it is surrounded by nature and tranquilly. Patients of UKAT rehab centres in Earby, Lancashire, enjoy a lovely, cosy, and therapeutic environment.

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