Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Sandwich, Kent

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  • How are rehab centres in Sandwich helping?
  • Why choose rehab centres near Sandwich?
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  • What do we offer at our UKAT rehabs in Sandwich, Kent?
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  • Why choose rehab near Sandwich?

How are rehab centres in Sandwich, Kent helping people?

Addiction impacts family members psychologically, monetarily, socially, and legally. Alcohol and substance dependence may disrupt peaceful, happy homes. Many people struggling with drug and alcohol dependencies in the Sandwich, Kent region regard substance abuse as a personal problem and do not wish to involve others in their experience.

You can immediately begin your recovery journey by contacting a nearby UKAT treatment centre. The highly specialised facilities and the availability of cutting-edge treatment choices at their clinics provide the most fantastic atmosphere for addiction recovery.

Why choose rehab centres near Sandwich, Kent?

There are several advantages to choosing a treatment facility nearby. Comfort, flexibility, and convenient commuting to and from the facility are a few examples. Some people could be more motivated to isolate themselves from their dear ones yet stay in close proximity.

Sandwich has several drug and alcohol rehab centres. We help you find the top private alcohol recovery centres. Our mission is to provide excellent medical treatment and enhance your life.

UKAT rehab facilities near Sandwich, Kent

Listed below are the closest UKAT centres to the Sandwich area:

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is located around 110 miles and about a 2-hours drive from Sandwich, Kent. Primrose Lodge provides state-of-the-art recovery treatments to anybody experiencing alcohol and drug dependencies.

This facility takes a unique perspective on sober living by providing individualised treatment regimens tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Their highly trained personnel has a wealth of addiction treatment experience and uses the most novel and effective methods. If you choose to become a member of our community, we can guarantee you will get all the assistance necessary to improve the standard of life you now enjoy.

Recovery Lighthouse

If you want to start your recovery programme on a serene southern beach, Sandwich, Kent is about 120 miles, two hours and fifteen minutes journey from Recovery Lighthouse in West Sussex.

All UKAT locations provide medical detoxification for people with alcohol or drug dependencies, together with holistic treatments to treat addiction’s physical and hidden emotional components. As part of our commitment to ensuring that all our customers have access to free aftercare for a whole year, we provide group therapy sessions so that you may continue to get assistance from the therapist and the other clients in the group.

Liberty House

It would take a little more than two hours to travel 120 miles to the Liberty House from Sandwich. Liberty House is a privately run recovery facility in Bedfordshire that treats a variety of addictions.

Only five rehab facilities in England, including Liberty House, received the highest rating of “Outstanding” in the CQC inspection report.
Even the CQC observed that the staff goes above and beyond what the patients expect while delivering treatment. Residents at the institution participate in a pre-planned programme and timetable that may include group therapy, holistic therapies, one-on-one mentoring programs, and physical therapy. As part of their treatment, clients feel empowered.

What do we offer at our UKAT rehabs in Sandwich, Kent?

With a comprehensive approach to recovery, UKAT rehab centres are world-class alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities. UKAT treatment centres provide the best environment for overcoming dependency since each offers a calm and friendly atmosphere, loving and caring staff, and a tight-knit community of clients.
At UKAT rehab centres, we provide:

  • CQC-registered establishments provide high-quality treatment
  • 24-hour support
  • Gardens for your recreation
  • Long-term assistance
  • Free aftercare services
  • Supported by reliable health insurance
  • Possibility of selecting between lavish private rooms and affordable shared rooms
  • Recreation activities

Free addiction support groups in Sandwich, Kent

If private facilities are not your go, you can always get help from the free support groups. See a list of AA, NA and CA support groups in and near the Sandwich area:

Dover New Beginnings

Address: St Peter & St Pauls Church Hall, St Alphege Road
Postcode: CT16 2PU
Time: Friday 19.00 – duration 1hr 15mins
Phone: 01227455557 (24 hours)

Dover Into Action

Address: St Mary’s Parish Centre, Cannon St
Postcode: CT16 1BY
Time: Wednesday 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Phone: 01227455557 (24 hours)

Folkstone Lunchtime

Address: St Radigund Church, 16 Albany Rd, Capel-le-Ferne
Postcode: CT18 7JT
Time: Tuesday 12.00 – duration 1hr
Phone: 01227455557 (24 hours)


Address: Bottom Room St Augustine’s Centre 39-41 Dover Road Folkestone
Postcode: CT20 1JZ
Time: Friday 7:30 pm


Address: St Henry and St Elizabeth Church 53 Broadway Sheerness
Postcode: ME12 1TS
Time: Friday 6:30 pm


Address: Backroom Christ Church Hall 48 Old Road East Gravesend
Postcode: DA12 1NR
Time: Friday 7:30 pm

Canterbury Baptist Church

Address: St George’s Pl, Canterbury
Postcode: CT1 1UT
Time: Wednesday 19:30

The Golf Road Centre

Address: 28 Golf Rd, Deal
Postcode: CT14 6PY
Time: Monday 19:00

St John’s Church Community Centre

Address: Victoria Rd, Margate
Postcode: CT9 1LN
Time: Tuesday 19:30

What are the drug and alcohol abuse numbers in and around Sandwich, Kent?

In Sandwich, Kent, numerous people lost their lives to addiction to heroin and cocaine.

The condition is so grave that a University of Kent professor said drug treatment facilities should be established when fatalities approach record levels.

The Office of National Statistics data states that drug poisoning-related mortality increased by 3.8 per cent in England and Wales in 2020 to 4,561 total deaths, the highest amount since records started in 1993.

Last year, statistics for Kent reported 705 fatalities from drug-related mental and behavioural illnesses and 861 deaths from unintentional poisoning, or about a fifth of all deaths. Cocaine usage was a factor in around 777 fatalities, a 9.7% increase from the previous year and the ninth yearly increase in deaths related to cocaine use. Between 2010 and 2020, the overall drug-related mortality rate increased by 60.9%.

Why should you choose an alcohol and drug rehab centre near Sandwich, Kent?

Sandwich, Kent, has a warm and inviting vibe. The people in Sandwich are charming and welcoming, and life there is considerably quiet. Sandwich, a hidden treasure in Kent, is home to a fantastic nature reserve and Sandwich Bay, which also has two top-notch golf courses – the Royal St. George’s and Prince’s.

To enhance your quality of living and boost your level of health, enrol in the local UKAT centre and kick your drug and alcohol addiction. Get Help Now!

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