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Addiction Awareness Programme for Businesses

Work placed support for addiction

Your employees come first

Sometimes tasks at work can be so demanding that they steal focus away from employees, so the fact you are reading this page means you are someone that cares about your staff, their mental wellbeing and how this impacts the company. If left untreated, mental health can lead to members of staff suffering a breakdown or resorting to substance abuse to deal with emotions.

If you are concerned that an employee may have a substance or behavioural dependency, such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction or gambling addiction, get in touch with us to help support them through the process.

The cost of addiction

Looking after your staff’s mental wellbeing is not just beneficial for them – it has a positive effect on your workforce. Employees who feel supported by their management will always find it easier to stay in work or return after a period of absence, which reduces absenteeism, sick days and staff turnover, ultimately saving you costs. They’re also more likely to work productively, integrate into teams and adapt to change.

Those that feel uncomfortable opening up about addiction are likely to keep quiet when they are not well enough to carry out their duties, increasing the possibility of a health and safety risk.

Workplace born dependencies

Our admissions team have seen a steady rise in the number of people calling for help for themselves or a loved one – many of whom are in employment and whose dependencies are a derivative of stressful working lives.

Internet and social media fixation, alcoholism, eating disorders and gambling addiction admissions have risen in concerning numbers over the years.

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The UKAT Addiction Awareness Programme for businesses

We are on a mission to reduce addiction in the UK. We want to partner with you, for free, to help you help any employees that need support.
Our addiction awareness seminars are:

  • Free!
  • Delivered by a Certified Addiction Therapist (Enhanced DBS Checked)
  • Tailored to meet any particular concerns or objectives your business has
  • Hosted on-site (we will ensure to maintain social distancing at all times)
  • Informative, interactive and engaging; your employees will listen and participate from start to finish

It’s time to be proactive in tackling substance misuse and mental health disorders.

Our free programme will help your business engage with its employees openly and honestly, demonstrating your active efforts in preventing any issues with drugs and alcohol developing.

If your business already believes there are staff experiencing substance misuse or mental health disorders, we can work together to provide the necessary support to tackle this head-on.

Our priority is your priority – to support your employees.
Enter your contact details below and a member of our addiction programme will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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