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Welcome to UKAT, where you’ll find understanding from those who have walked in your shoes.

With over 200 detox and rehab beds across the UK, we specialise in comprehensive care for alcoholism, drug addictions, behavioural addictions such as eating disorders, and mental health disorders. Spanning from luxurious rehabs with en-suite rooms, gyms and on-site medical nursing units to affordable clinics.

Led by individuals who have triumphed over addiction, our affordable residential care is designed to support your recovery journey. As the leading rehab provider in the UK, we offer various options, from luxurious en-suite rooms with 24/7 on-site medical care to cost-effective clinics and bespoke treatment programmes 

Our approach focuses on holistic care, customising treatment to address everyone’s addiction and long-term recovery. UKAT always addresses the individual as a whole and will tailor treatment to the addiction and long-term recovery of the patient.  Our centres also have dedicated family programs, offering support and assistance to loved ones.  Find out more about UKAT

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    Addiction Treatment and Recovery

    Addiction treatment has three crucial steps: addiction, detox, and rehab. The addiction phase involves acknowledging and addressing the harmful habits and dependencies that have taken hold. Detox follows, where the body is cleansed from the toxic substance, and withdrawal symptoms are managed. Finally, the rehab stage focuses on comprehensive therapy, providing individuals with the necessary tools to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives.

    Connection, compassion, responsibility and processing all link together to enable successful addiction recovery, and you can explore a range of rehab options and insights below.

    With addiction being a significant concern throughout the UK, delve deeper into understanding the signs and effects of various substances to gain comprehensive knowledge.
    Learn more about Addiction
    Discover the essential role of detox in addiction treatment and learn how our rehab centres prioritise safe and effective detoxification methods
    Learn more about Detox
    Explore the different (or various) luxury (or private) rehab treatment options we provide across all of our centres in the UK.
    Learn more about Rehab
    Our Promise

    At UKAT, we recommend our 90-day treatment option for individuals seeking comprehensive and lasting results. Our most extended programme offers an extensive three-month journey towards recovery, providing essential elements such as medical detox, holistic group therapies like Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), meditation, recovery workshops, and one-on-one sessions with a therapist. Furthermore, you will receive guidance through the 12-step literature, with sufficient time to complete three to four steps in the supportive environment of our rehab.

    We understand that transitioning back to everyday life can present challenges even with these tools. That’s why, if you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment programme but encounter a relapse within 30 days of leaving, we promise to welcome you back for a complimentary 28-day treatment to help you get back on track towards lasting recovery.

    Rehab Success Stories

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    Our Expertise
    With a high level of care at all times
    • Firsthand experience of addiction recovery
    • A range of holistic treatments
    • Highly-qualified and experienced staff
    • Medical detox unit
    • 24/7 support
    • 1 year’s free aftercare and post-rehab support packages
    • Support for Family & Friends
    • One-on-one support included
    • Introduction to long-term support
    • Family Groups Every Week
    Help Guides

    Addiction may manifest differently in each person’s life, but its detrimental effects on relationships, physical well-being, mental health, and perception are universal.  

    Drawing from our own first-hand experiences with substance abuse and the valuable insights of our medical experts, our comprehensive Help Guides shed light on the common challenges triggered by addiction.  

    Our ‘how to’ guides provide practical and effective strategies to navigate these difficult situations, offering guidance based on real-life experiences and expert advice. 

    Watching a parent struggle with alcohol addiction can be heart-breaking and can have profound consequences…… More
    Watching your husband, wife, or partner struggling with alcoholism is one of the most difficult experiences you can go t… More
    Watching your son or daughter struggle with alcohol addiction can be heartbreaking. There may be times when you feel tot… More
    Alcoholism is an ever-growing problem that can affect not only the person with the addiction but those closest to them a… More
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    If you have an alcoholic friend, then you know how difficult it can be to help them. You may be worried about their heal… More
    Our Treatment Centres

    UKAT is renowned for its exceptional addiction treatment centres, offering luxury private rehab facilities in tranquil settings by the seaside, rural countryside, or peaceful villages. Each location is meticulously selected to create an ideal environment supporting recovery. Our commitment to delivering outstanding care and rehabilitation is unwavering, with a strong focus on achieving long-term recovery. 

    Find a Treatment Centre
    Sanctuary Lodge, Essex
    Sanctuary Lodge-Essex
    Features & Benefits
    • Holistic Therapies
    • High staff ratio
    • Holistic therapies

    Recovery Lighthouse, West Sussex
    Recovery Lighthouse-West Sussex
    Features & Benefits
    • Free aftercare
    • Family groups
    • En-suite rooms available

    Primrose Lodge, Surrey
    Primrose Lodge-Surrey
    Features & Benefits
    • Bespoke Treatment
    • En-suite rooms available
    • Free aftercare

    Liberty House, Bedfordshire
    Liberty House-Bedfordshire
    Features & Benefits
    • En-suite rooms available
    • Family groups
    • Free aftercare

    Oasis Recovery, Bradford
    Oasis Recovery-Bradford
    Features & Benefits
    • Medical detox
    • Family groups
    • Free aftercare

    Oasis Recovery, Runcorn
    Oasis Recovery-Runcorn
    Features & Benefits
    • Two programmes available
    • Family groups
    • Free aftercare

    Banbury Lodge, Oxfordshire
    Banbury Lodge-Oxfordshire
    Features & Benefits
    • Extended care treatment
    • Bespoke treatment
    • Free aftercare

    Linwood House, Barnsley
    Linwood House-Barnsley
    Features & Benefits
    • Extended care treatment
    • Bespoke treatment
    • Free aftercare

    UKAT is Private Rehab Where Luxury Meets Compassionate Care.

    Your Road to Recovery Starts Now

    We understand that seeking help for addiction can be a challenging and deeply personal journey, which is why we offer tailored addiction programmes and personalised support that meet your needs. Our private rehab facility offers a comprehensive range of evidence-based therapies and treatments, such as individual counselling to group therapy sessions, designed to address the root causes of addiction and encourage lasting recovery.

    If you feel like you are ready to take your first step towards recovery, get in touch with us at UKAT today. You can book your addiction treatment at one of the high-quality rehab centres we have across the UK.
    UKAT Patient Reviews
    Struggled a little at first but soon found my feet and settled in well
    Adrian23 May 2024
    Oasis Bradford
    Sharon d21 May 2024
    Sanctuary Lodge
    Beautiful . Staff was amazing, met all my needs and more, very caring.
    MN21 May 2024
    Recovery Lighthouse
    All I need to say I that I was a heavy alcohol addiction and Primrose lodge restored me to the man I was before I ever touched alcohol. They got me through my severe withdrawal symptoms with minimum discomfort, my sleeping pattern and eating pattern is back to normal and now I feel the best I have felt in years!
    Private Client20 May 2024
    Primrose Lodge
    Brilliant team from therapists to support staff. Would recommend Primrose Lodge to anyone looking for support with addiction.
    Charley18 May 2024
    Primrose Lodge
    Crazy experience but decent
    Emma18 May 2024
    Liberty House
    I cannot recommend Linwood house enough. Having treatment here has changed my life. I have not felt as well in years mentally and physically. The staff are kind, compassionate, empathetic and caring. The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to ensure you are receiving the treatment you require. I have felt safe , secure and at ease since the moment I entered the facility.
    Kate18 May 2024
    Linwood House
    Oasis has been my Oasis. I’ve learned so much about addiction and am extremely confident that I will never drink again. What are the benefits of alcohol? NONE!
    Clare18 May 2024
    Oasis Runcorn
    Groups and 1 to 1’s very helpful. Staff friendly and helpful. More downtime than I expected.
    JG17 May 2024
    Oasis Bradford
    Great detox and recovery facility. Great sessions, therapists, staff and facilities. Amazing food and lovely atmosphere. Feeling so much better after just a 10 days stay.
    RD17 May 2024
    Sanctuary Lodge