Voices of hope: inspiring success stories from UKAT clients

One of the most eye-opening truths people discover in addiction recovery is that rehab is not your enemy; it is, in fact, a lifeline. There are many reasons people stop themselves from entering rehab. Whether it’s denial, fear of detox, a lack of hope or a worry of losing themselves, it’s easy to convince ourselves that there is no escape from the cycle of addiction.

We asked members of our Alumni Network to let us know why they have rated us so highly. In their raw and unfiltered responses, they discuss their transformation throughout their recovery journeys, sharing with us the healing benefits that rehab has had on their lives. As you will see, the recovery process is not easy, and takes work and dedication. However, working through the tears and the pain with other people on similar journeys, and relying on experts to guide you to the right path, can provide the lifeline you’ve been looking for.

We hope that these success stories give you a better understanding of the rehab process and the inspiration to reach out for support.

Success stories - UKAT Alumni

SMF, Banbury Lodge

For years before Banbury Lodge, I was a ghost: soulless and heartless, cold and dark and drowning in misery – on a crazy downward spiral plummeting to an early grave. Full of resentment and unresolved trauma and self-pity, with no faith in a higher power, with no gratitude. My vision of life nightmarish and horrifying, my days and nights all one blurry mess of jail cells and hysterical crying in the streets, of drunken car wrecks and clinical courtrooms, of judges and lawyers and police officers and crisis support teams and scared family members, of suicide attempts and self-harm, of humiliation and degradation, waking up in hospital beds with broken ribs, wandering the icy streets of London in a blackout getting beaten up and kicked out of bars and yelling like a maniac in the road and walking deliberately into oncoming traffic, of unbelievable self-abuse – be it physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. This is no exaggeration. This is the life I left behind when I walked through the doors of Banbury Lodge.

If it weren’t for the wonderful staff who welcomed me with such warmth and love and imparted on me such wisdom and knowledge, I would have returned immediately to that life after leaving the lodge. For this gift of sobriety, I am eternally grateful. I pray it may continue, one day at a time. My special thanks to Susan, Dimitra, Sascha and Conor.

IG, Oasis Bradford

I went into Bradford Oasis a drunk (an alcoholic as a posher word). I hated to wake up in the morning because I knew what was going to happen as soon as I opened my eyes. I drank beer before, during and after work.

Now, thanks to some incredible people who gave me inspiration and hope of a future without drink, I wake up every day looking forward to what the day ahead brings. It’s just fantastic being my old self, and sober. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

MS, Recovery Lighthouse

My life was going very fast into darkness and pain – not to mention the lies and hurt I caused my family. I could see no way out. Always tomorrow. I told myself I would stop; it was false promises! I then went to Recovery Lighthouse for help. Straight away I felt safe and wanted by people who knew what I was going through and importantly they understood my pain. I could go on saying about all the treatment I received, but I am an active member of society now with a purpose and an inner peace I did not have for years. The 12-step programme at Recovery Lighthouse saved me and my marriage.

It does take strength and soul searching, but with the help and follow-on support I received my life is sober and beautiful.

KW, Primrose Lodge

As awful as relapse is, I am hugely grateful for my relapse – even the painful and unbearable detox. Something changed and I had the epiphany I doubted would ever happen. It took seven rehabs and years of relapse!

I surrender to the fact that I am just a dry drunk/addict with exactly the same internal misery, lack of self-esteem and inability to live life on life’s terms, unless I do what has always been suggested by other sober addicts and rehabs. That is to engage fully in the fellowship, put recovery first and do the work.

Since returning home I have thrown myself into meetings; I have a sponsor (I could never imagine actually doing this before), have begun step work with her, speak on the phone to fellow women addicts daily, reach out for suggestions, and I continuously make connections.

The inner peace I feel, the relief from the obsession and grief (another addiction to my abusive ex-husband) has been nothing short of a miracle. My newfound ability to let go, accept that I cannot control people, places and things, to not live in the past, not feel frightened of the future and no longer feel alone, has been insanely surreal!

Although it took seven rehabs over the course of fifteen years, the evening before I left Primrose Lodge I finally surrendered (breaking down in front of staff) feeling exhausted with myself and desperate for something different and surrendering to the fact that I can no longer do life my way, with no programme and alone.
I’m grateful to Primrose Lodge for being the place I went to for this final ever detox and being a safe place I could reflect upon myself.

MH, Linwood House

The service I received whilst being in treatment at Linwood House was excellent and it has continued from the Alumni team and also with the ongoing support through the aftercare. I would definitely recommend UKAT to anyone who feels the need to place themselves into treatment provided they are at the point in their lives where drinking and using is no longer a viable option, sick and tired of being sick and tired and willing to accept help and willing to put in the action required on their own part. This stuff works but only if you’re ready to be honest, open-minded and willing. Thank you UKAT and especially Maggie at Linwood House.

BB, Primrose Lodge

I’m two years clean and sober thanks to this treatment centre. The staff were amazing and I got introduced to a programme that through putting a lot of hard work into daily and doing the suggested things, I no longer need a drink or drug to deal with life. I know that as long as I continue to do the suggested things daily, to the best of my ability, I will not ever need to use again! One day at a time, with my God’s guidance, I am free and can help others with an illness like mine.

We thank our Alumni for sharing their stories. If any of the behaviours on this page have resonated with you, we urge you to speak to our admissions team who can help you find a suitable treatment programme.