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We have been inundated with your recovery related questions and each month our new recovery contributor Spinksy will answer 3. Send your questions to alumni@ukat.co.uk and have them answered in the next edition, if it matters to you it matters to us so make sure to send them in! (we will never publish names)

Spinksy's Solutions
I am worried I will be feeling disconnected as the only sober one this Christmas what can i do?

To be feeling disconnected can be quite common around this time of year. Spend time connecting with your friends and family if you can but also remember it is OK to take time out if you need a break, be honest about how you feel, you do not need to wait until there is an issue to put a plan in place to prevent it. Remember your recovery has to come first.

Have an exit plan if you feel uncomfortable, it is ok to leave. Try some of the delicious alcohol free drink recipes included in this month’s newsletter for a fun option to serve to family and friends, everyone at Alumni HQ has been loving them and we are sure you guys will too.

I can’t get to many meetings over the festive season what are some other ways to stay connected with my recovery?

Recovery is what we do outside of the meetings, to stay connected work the program as outlined. Keep close to your fellows on the phone. You can reach out as much as needed. Remember how you feel good when someone calls you to connect so never feel like you are putting people out, they will be happy to help. A lot of people in the rooms can be lonely at this time of year so do not be shy to suggest meet ups like going for dinner or coffee as lots of people are just waiting for an invite!

What are some good ways to avoid temptation at parties?

Please, please keep yourselves away from triggering situations, if you are at all worried about an environment then just say no. It’s hard to avoid temptation at parties generally there is a lot of alcohol (and other things). I used to tell people I am driving so l cannot drink, or l am taking antibiotics. I’m far more open now everyone that knows me is aware I’m in recovery. Taking a friend from the rooms with can help and also be a great way to bond and I highly recommend throwing or attending a recovery party with fellowship friends!

What things are you grateful for this year and in what ways have you grown?

This year has been amazing, l turned 5 years clean. l am involved with service in the rooms. l have had the pleasure of helping quite a few men achieve freedom in recovery through sponsorship. l have married the love of my life and am truly happy and settled. l am looking forward to spending christmas with my beautiful kids and wife. l feel as though I have grown consistently in my recovery for the last 12 months and I am proud of my progress. l am far more settled with my personal relationships at work and home and I am incredibly grateful for all that I have. Bring on 2020!

Spinksy’s final thought…

Recovery has to come first in front of everything, remember to stay safe over the festive period. It may upset loved ones if you cannot attend all festivities but it would devastate them if you relapse. You have meetings, the fellowship, your Alumni family and all the team here at HQ, reach out to one another, get connected and have a great time!

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