Secrets of Long-term Addiction Recovery: Accountability to Recovery Mentors and Peers

23 July 2018

It’s an idea that is completely accepted in the world of business, sport and education – to achieve a very challengi...

Addiction in the News: Crack Cocaine Addiction – Is It on the Rise?

19 July 2018

According to a report in the June edition of Drink and Drugs News, crack cocaine use could be increasing. This sugge...

Addiction in the news: cannabis addiction rising amongst women over 40

09 July 2018

Who is seeking treatment for cannabis addiction? According to a study conducted by the University of York, cannabis add...

What is Internet Gambling Addiction?

03 July 2018

A question we are frequently asked is ‘what is internet gambling addiction?’. To answer this, we need to quickly sum...

Are Drug Treatment Programmes Effective?

20 June 2018

There are many reasons people with drug addictions choose not to access the treatment that could help them get their liv...

Where Sex Meets Addiction

07 June 2018

Most people find it hard to comprehend the fact that others can become addicted to sex. The very idea is laughable to so...

How to Pay for Alcohol Treatment

21 May 2018

Alcohol is regularly consumed by the majority of adults in the UK, but most do so in moderation. They stick to the Gover...

What Happens When Bulimia Takes Over

03 May 2018

Appearance and body shape are important issues for many people today. Some like to take good care of how they look and w...

How to Drug Detox at Home

23 April 2018

It is never easy to overcome a drug addiction, and many of those affected often wonder how they are going to manage to g...

How Internet Addiction Affects Daily Life

06 April 2018

Most people do not associate the internet with the word addiction, but the reality is that many individuals have develop...

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