Digital Detox or Internet Addiction Treatment?

25 January 2019

With the explosion of opportunities to spend time online, the digital detox has become a popular antidote to the tem...

Millions Take on Dry January – 600,000 Still Need Alcohol Treatment in 2019

29 December 2018

It’s a nationwide campaign organised by Alcohol Change UK with popular appeal. Dry January has grown from 4000 par...

How to Beat Addiction This New Year

26 December 2018

If you’re sick of addiction, then this blog is for you. We’ve got 5 simple suggestions and insights from recover...

Hope for Addicts – UKAT Client Reviews to Inspire your Recovery

23 December 2018

The flip side to the destructive and painful story of addiction is a story of great hope for addicts in recovery. It’s...

Cocaine and Mental Illness – Why Have Hospital Admissions Trebled in 10 Years?

15 December 2018

Cocaine and mental illness – increasingly people are being admitted to hospitals in England with cocaine-induced m...

Men and Drugs – the Facts

13 December 2018

Men use drugs more than women. Men get addicted more than women. Drug-related hospital admissions are disproportionate...

Empathy in Addiction Treatment: Better Results

07 December 2018

“The more therapists empathically communicate their understanding of and compassion for clients, the better the ou...

Christmas in Rehab – What to Expect?

01 December 2018

It’s December. You know you need addiction treatment. Or you’re urgently seeking help for someone you love. You...

Get the Help You Need Regardless of the Season

30 November 2018

Most people consider Christmas to be a time for festive fun and family gatherings, but for an addict, it's a per...

Prescription Drugs: 7 Rewards in Nicki’s 7-year Recovery

28 November 2018

Nicki Hari is 50 years old, and a working mum of two teenage boys. Seven years ago, life started over for Nicki, when he...

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