Secrets of Long-Term Addiction Recovery: 10 Ideas to Keep Getting Better

28 September 2018

To stay free from drugs, alcohol or addictive processes, your life in recovery has to be better than it was in addiction...

NHS Chief Highlights Gambling Addiction as a “New Threat”

24 September 2018

Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, has named gambling addiction as a “new threat” facing the Nationa...

Family and Friends of Addicts – There’s Support for You Too at Recovery Lighthouse

21 September 2018

Lewes Jillett, Lead Support Worker, explains the family programme at Recovery Lighthouse. It’s about welcoming, involv...

Secrets of Long-Term Addiction Recovery: The Right Help for Addiction at the Right Time

06 September 2018

With many treatment options available, it can be difficult to decide where to get help for addiction. At such a vulnerab...

BBC Victoria Derbyshire reports on monkey dust – “a public health crisis” in Stoke

03 September 2018

It’s being reported as an epidemic in Stoke – a synthetic drug called monkey dust is causing significant health,...

Secrets of Long-Term Addiction Recovery: Dealing with Significant Life Events

21 August 2018

Our relationships and health, our environment, work and finances – these are key areas in most people’s life, wh...

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