5 Big Lies that Drive Addiction Cravings

09 June 2019

Addiction, a physical and psychological illness, is characterised by the inability to control the repeated and harmful...

‘Don’t Be That Idiot’ – Football, Alcohol and Hangover Regrets

07 June 2019

The Football Association has released a video calling on football fans to think about alcohol, anti-social behaviour a...

80 Years of the 12 Steps – Facts and Myths about 12 Step Addiction Treatment Today

03 June 2019

This year is the 80th anniversary of the publication of the 12 steps – an approach to addiction recovery that wa...

Nitrous Oxide Abuse – Laughing Gas Is No Joke, Nurses Say

30 May 2019

Laughing gas, "hippy crack", noz, balloons, chargers – nitrous oxide goes by many names, but how well do recreational ...

It’s Not Your Fault – Sexual Assault, Alcohol and Drugs

24 May 2019

If you have become the victim of sexual assault while under the influence, then you are not alone. The 2019 Global Drug ...

Britons Drunk Once a Week – Global Drugs Survey Findings on Binge Drinking

21 May 2019

British people are binge drinking more than any other nationality, the 2019 Global Drugs Survey has found. Britons...

Cocaethylene – A First-Person Story of Addiction

17 May 2019

Alcohol + cocaine = cocaethylene. If you drink alcohol and take cocaine at the same time, this is one of many ch...

#BeBodyKind in Addiction Recovery – How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

13 May 2019

Can you remember a time when you felt comfortable in your own skin? The Mental Health Foundation is asking this simple q...

Middle Class Mums Using Cocaine – But in Addiction, Class is Irrelevant

11 May 2019

In Britain, there are increasing numbers of people using cocaine. Around 875,000 people used cocaine in 2017-18, accordi...

MDMA in Ecstasy Tablets – Gambling with Unpredictable Pills

09 May 2019

With festival season around the corner, MDMA, the psychoactive ingredient in ecstasy tablets, has come under the...

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