Middle Class Mums Using Cocaine – But in Addiction, Class is Irrelevant

11 May 2019

In Britain, there are increasing numbers of people using cocaine. Around 875,000 people used cocaine in 2017-18, accordi...

MDMA in Ecstasy Tablets – Gambling with Unpredictable Pills

09 May 2019

With festival season around the corner, MDMA, the psychoactive ingredient in ecstasy tablets, has come under the...

Painkiller Addiction – Prescription Opioids to Carry Addiction Warnings

03 May 2019

“We must act now to protect people from the darker side of painkillers.” So says Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, aft...

Educate and Treat Drug Users to Prevent Drug Deaths, Say Police

29 April 2019

A number of police forces in the UK are now choosing to educate and treat drugs users, rather than caution or charge the...

Teenage Porn Addiction on the Rise – Will New Age Restrictions to Online Porn Help?

25 April 2019

Speaking to the BBC in March 2019, UKAT have shared data about admissions to our treatment centres for teenage porn addi...

Millions of Older People (55 and over) Are Drinking and Driving

22 April 2019

Research by Direct Line Motor Insurance has revealed that 1.6 million older people, aged 55 and over, admit to d...

Love Addiction – Identify the Signs

18 April 2019

Love addiction may not seem dangerous to some – but for people who develop this process addiction, it can caus...

Drunk or High on the Job – Attitudes to Alcohol and Drug Use at Work

15 April 2019

If you’re one of the 40,000 pass holders to the Lloyd’s of London building, then you’ll no longer be allowed i...

Do You Need Help with an Alcoholic Parent?

11 April 2019

According to a BBC report, the number of adults seeking help with an alcoholic parent has tripled in the past five years...

Social Media Addiction – Getting Up to Speed with Addictive Technology

08 April 2019

Is social media addiction a disease? It’s a question being debated across the internet-using world – from politici...

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