Ricky Gervais Beats Food Addiction

03 October 2016

For many people, the idea that someone could have a food addiction is an absurd notion. Some can just not comprehend tha...

Mother-of-Four Struggles with Prescription Drug Addiction After Serious Accident

30 September 2016

When people think of a drug addiction, they often associate this with illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, or ecs...

Could Ketamine Be Effective at Treating a Cocaine Addiction?

27 September 2016

Treating cocaine addiction can be complicated due to the fact that the drug is so addictive and those affected often...

Gambling Addict Squandered £80,000 of His Parents’ Money

26 September 2016

A gambling addiction is one that can be very difficult to spot, making it challenging for the family and friends of add...

Addressing the Problem of Gambling Addiction Among the Young

22 September 2016

The rise of gambling adverts cannot be underestimated, especially when you consider that the NHS thinks that there are a...

Justice for Girl with Drug Addiction

20 September 2016

The decision to take drugs is almost always a choice in the first instance, but nobody makes a conscious decision to bec...

Mel C, Eating Disorders, and No Spice Girls Reunion

19 September 2016

Although most people assume that everyone with eating disorders is painfully thin and fragile, the truth can often be ve...

Blackpool Mental Health Issues and the Need its Drug Addiction

15 September 2016

No matter where you live in the UK, drug addiction is an ever-present problem, but residents of Blackpool were horrified...

MPs Call for Cannabis on Prescription Despite Risks of Cannabis Addiction

13 September 2016

When it comes to drug addiction, most people think about substances such as heroin or cocaine. Some even consider strong...

X-Factor Singers Reveal Parents Struggled with Heroin Addiction

12 September 2016

Addiction can have a devastating impact on the family unit. Whether it is alcohol or heroin addiction, it is not jus...

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