Drunk or High on the Job – Attitudes to Alcohol and Drug Use at Work

15 April 2019

If you’re one of the 40,000 pass holders to the Lloyd’s of London building, then you’ll no longer be allowed i...

Do You Need Help with an Alcoholic Parent?

11 April 2019

According to a BBC report, the number of adults seeking help with an alcoholic parent has tripled in the past five years...

Social Media Addiction – Getting Up to Speed with Addictive Technology

08 April 2019

Is social media addiction a disease? It’s a question being debated across the internet-using world – from politici...

World Health Day 2019 – Universal Health Coverage for Addiction

07 April 2019

April 7th is World Health Day 2019 and this year the World Health Organisation are focusing on universal health coverage...

Paul Merson on Gambling Addiction – 10 Things Every Gambling Addict Knows

02 April 2019

Speaking out on ITV’s 'Harry Heroes' and Good Morning Britain, Paul Merson has opened up publicly about his recent...

To All Mothers Affected by Addiction, Sending Love on Mother’s Day

31 March 2019

To mothers in recovery from addiction, young and old, we wish you a happy Mother's Day. Whether you're a day, a year o...

Victoria Derbyshire Investigates Video Game Addiction

22 March 2019

Admissions to UKAT rehabs for video game addiction are up 214% (from 2015 to 2018). The BBC current affairs programm...

Cocaine Use and Football – Match Day Highs Linked to Rising Disorder

20 March 2019

Cocaine use inside football stadiums is on the rise, says Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts, the UK’s lead on footba...

Are You an Impulsive Addict? Take Our Impulsivity Test

17 March 2019

Is addiction an illness or a choice? This question has been fiercely debated over the years. Proponents for the disease ...

Pica – More Understanding and Less Judgment

15 March 2019

What is pica and who is most likely to develop the disorder? Are you aware of the signs and health risks of pica? If...

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