Highly Addictive Fixed Odds Betting Terminals Under Review

01 November 2016

A gambling addiction is one that can totally consume the affected individual. The most concerning part of it is that ver...

Former Drug Addict Speaks Out About Her Addiction

27 October 2016

Drug addiction is, unfortunately, an issue that affects countless individuals across the world. Absolutely anyone can be...

How a Prescription Drug Addiction Can Consume Your Life

26 October 2016

Many people will automatically assume that a drug addiction means that the abuser is addicted to illegal substances such...

Government to Consider New Measures to Tackle Gambling Addiction

24 October 2016

With addiction to substances causing so many health and social problems, it is easy to forget that other types of addict...

How Alcohol Addiction Destroys Lives

18 October 2016

Alcohol abuse can cause negative problems for those affected, and it can affect their home and work life. For those ...

Is Your Child Having Problems with a Gaming Addiction?

14 October 2016

In recent years, gaming addictions have been on the rise among people of all ages, but especially teens and pre-teens. O...

Man Who Lost Over £100,000 Calls for Watershed on Gambling Ads

11 October 2016

The anticipation and the buzz that surround gambling make it all too easy for a gambling addiction to develop. The sever...

Concerns Over Youth Addicted to the Internet

10 October 2016

For many, the idea that an individual could be addicted to the internet is an absurd notion. However, an internet addict...

Popular YouTuber Speaks out about Eating Disorder

06 October 2016

Many people around the world have suffered from an eating disorder at some point in their life. An eating disorder can b...

The Effects of a Cocaine Addiction

04 October 2016

Cocaine is an extremely powerful and highly addictive drug that increases the release of dopamine from the brain; this i...

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