Health Charities Call for Drug Rehab for Addicts Instead of Criminalisation

16 June 2016

Those in the drug rehab business know the importance of treatment when it comes to those who are affected by drug ad...

Binge Drinking and How It Can Lead to Alcohol Addiction

15 June 2016

When people think about alcohol addiction, they often have an image of someone sitting on a park bench swigging from a c...

Is Gambling Industry Doing Enough to Prevent Gambling Addiction?

13 June 2016

The gambling industry has repeatedly said it takes the issue of gambling addiction very seriously and that it promotes r...

Scientists Discover What Causes Cannabis Addiction

10 June 2016

With cannabis being a naturally occurring drug that derives from the cannabis plant, many people feel that this drug...

Former Drug Dealer Hopes for Drug Detox in Prison after Surrender

09 June 2016

Drug addiction is an illness that generally requires treatment in order for the affected person to overcome it. Drug...

How Alcohol and Drug Addiction Affect So Many People

09 June 2016

Alcohol and drug addiction are illnesses that affect people from all backgrounds, regardless of their gender, age and ra...

One Man’s Story on How Drug Addiction Destroyed His Son’s Life

02 June 2016

Drug addiction is an illness that most parents fear their children will be affected by. While many parents do everythi...

Bloggers Blamed for Eating Disorder Cases with Unqualified Advice

31 May 2016

Eating disorders continue to affect many people around the UK. And with the prevalence of bloggers promoting so-call...

Drug Addiction to Legal Highs Could Result in Violence on the Streets

31 May 2016

Although drug addiction is commonly associated with illegal substances such as heroin and cocaine, legal highs continue ...

Zac Efron Talks About Overcoming Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction

27 May 2016

While some people dream of being rich and famous and believe that celebrities live the perfect life, those in the spotli...

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