Young Mother Found Dead After Years of Battling a Heroin Addiction

11 August 2016

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs available, and even one dose can be enough to send some people hurtling toward...

Scientists Confirm Binge Eating Disorders Are Illnesses of the Brain

09 August 2016

While addictions such as alcohol and drug addiction have long been recognised as illnesses of the brain, many expert...

Internet Addiction – A Growing Problem in the UK

08 August 2016

The word addiction is typically used to describe an illness whereby people are compelled to drink alcohol or take drugs....

Why Some with a Food Addiction Are Being Refused Outpatient Care

04 August 2016

Addiction comes in many forms; there are the typical substance addictions that most people think of when they hear t...

Nurse with Prescription Drug Addiction Stole Drugs to Feed Her Addiction

02 August 2016

There are many reasons people abuse substances such as illegal drugs, alcohol or prescription medication. Many take ...

How Summer Holidays Can Trigger Eating Disorders in Children

29 July 2016

Parents constantly worry about their children and whether they are happy or not. Bullying, experimentation with alco...

US Researchers: Non-Drug Addiction Treatment for Chronic Pain

29 July 2016

When it comes to treating chronic pain, strong painkillers are usually prescribed by doctors. Ideally, these are int...

Experts Fear for Safety of Those with Prescription Drug Addiction

25 July 2016

Drug addiction is a major problem on both sides of the Atlantic, but opioid addiction seems to be a growing concern ...

Woman Beats Food Addiction and Sheds Half Her Body Weight

21 July 2016

Most people have an idea of what an eating disorder is and, as such, have an image in their head of what someone wit...

Macaulay Culkin Speaks Out to Deny Drug Addiction

19 July 2016

Most people have an own idea of the type of person who is affected by drug addiction. Addiction stereotyping is very com...

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