How Consuming Alcohol from a Young Age Can be Dangerous

22 November 2016

Despite the fact that the legal age for alcohol consumption in the UK is eighteen, there are more youngsters than ev...

The Devastating Impacts of Alcohol Addiction

21 November 2016

Dealing with an alcohol addiction is never going to be easy; it can be strenuous, frustrating and an overall unpleas...

Concerns Over Internet Addiction Among Youngsters

17 November 2016

With the constant rise and current prevalence of technology comes an increase in internet addiction. As the internet was...

How Gambling Addiction Can Ruin Lives

15 November 2016

Gambling addictions are becoming an increasing problem in many countries around the world, including, or especially, s...

How a Food Addiction Can Destroy Your Life

14 November 2016

Many people underestimate the dangers of a food addiction while many others do not even realise that they are suffering ...

Experts Are Concerned about Youngsters Addicted to Gaming

10 November 2016

Gaming addiction can totally consume the life of the affected individual without this person even realising there is an ...

Desperate Actions of Man with Gambling Addiction Threatened to Destroy Amir Khan’s Reputation

08 November 2016

There are many types of addiction that can affect people, and all have the potential to cause devastating consequences f...

How Alcohol Addiction Can Affect Your Loved Ones

07 November 2016

Most people know how an alcohol addiction can cause negative implications for the person concerned; what many people fai...

Heroin Addict Attempts to Steal Charity Wishing Well to Fund Addiction

03 November 2016

It is often the case that a drug addict will become so desperate to fund his or her addiction that he/she will turn to c...

How a Toothache Led to a Crippling Codeine Addiction

02 November 2016

When asked to think of a drug addiction, many people will automatically link this with illegal substances such as heroin...

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