A New Way to Deal with Heroin Addiction?

08 September 2016

Across the streets of the UK, different drugs are being sold to those struggling with various types of addiction. On...

Man Parked on Methadone for More Than Two Decades Despite Not Having a Heroin Addiction

06 September 2016

Methadone is typically used in the treatment of heroin addiction. It is a synthetic opioid medication, and it was cr...

Mother of a Drug Addict Believes He Deserves a Second Chance

05 September 2016

Many think that those who take drugs are criminals, or are in some way connected to the criminal underworld. This is...

Former Chelsea Footballer Kerry Dixon on the Gambling Addiction That Destroyed His Life

01 September 2016

A gambling addiction can tear families apart, leaving them in financial ruin. This is not a new problem but it appears t...

Gambling Addiction Sees Man Jailed after Breach of Trust

31 August 2016

There are many types of addiction, and they all affect people in different ways. However, one thing that a gambling ...

Man with Gambling Addiction Lost Temper and Smashed Betting Machine

30 August 2016

While the word ‘addiction’ conjures up an image of someone drinking too much alcohol or injecting illegal drugs ...

Mother Sees Car Crash as an Unusual Addiction Intervention

25 August 2016

When it comes to addiction, the family members of those affected often suffer terribly. They will be under immense p...

Man Admits Seeing Gambling Addiction as Solution and Not the Cause

24 August 2016

A gambling addiction is not a new type of illness, but the problem does seem to be getting worse. Many are blaming this...

Does Prescription Drug Abuse Lead to Heroin Addiction?

22 August 2016

Many people assume that those affected by illnesses such as heroin addiction chose to take these drugs recreationally. N...

How an Eating Disorder Coupled with Anorexia Athletica Can Be Fatal

16 August 2016

Most people have heard of anorexia and how those affected will restrict their food intake in order to achieve as low...

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