Woman Beats Food Addiction and Sheds Half Her Body Weight

21 July 2016

Most people have an idea of what an eating disorder is and, as such, have an image in their head of what someone wit...

Macaulay Culkin Speaks Out to Deny Drug Addiction

19 July 2016

Most people have an own idea of the type of person who is affected by drug addiction. Addiction stereotyping is very com...

Sisters Resort to Prostitution to Fund Cocaine Addiction

14 July 2016

Cocaine is one of the most powerful and addictive drugs on the market. Crack cocaine is smoked, which means it can r...

An Effective Alternative to Alcohol Rehab for Lifelong Addicts?

07 July 2016

Treatment for alcoholism usually involves a programme of detoxification followed by alcohol rehab. Detoxification is the...

Shocking Figures Highlight the Need to Tackle Gambling Addiction

05 July 2016

While most people in the UK can enjoy a quick flutter on the horses occasionally or have no problems playing the lot...

Glasgow City Chiefs Plan to Tackle Heroin Addiction with Supervised Injection Site

05 July 2016

Heroin addiction is a huge problem in the UK, especially in Glasgow, where shock figures have been revealed that show ...

Mother Terrified of Losing Her Child to Food Addiction

29 June 2016

Watching a child suffer is devastating no matter what age he or she is. As a parent, there is always the worry that ...

Risk of Cancer  for All Drinkers, Not Just for Those with Alcohol Addiction

29 June 2016

Alcohol addiction is a major problem here in the UK. To tackle the issue, the government took the decision in Jan...

The Benefits of Doing Your Own Alcohol Detox

29 June 2016

Those who suffer from alcohol addiction and who have made the decision to get help face a long road to recovery from...

Alcohol Addiction and the Risk of Liver Disease

29 June 2016

Alcohol addiction affects around nine per cent of men and three per cent of women in the UK, according to the NHS. B...

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