Why Family Therapy is an Important Part of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Here at UKAT, we offer programmes designed to help those affected by alcoholism to overcome their problems. As part of our alcohol rehab programmes, we provide family therapy, which is intended to help the entire family heal.

We understand the effect that addiction can have on everyone close to the addict, and we know that for the family unit to recover, particular counselling and therapy techniques are needed. It is important that all family members understand what normal family life should be like because it is likely that their own experience has been quite dysfunctional.

Normal Life

It is difficult for those who have been brought up with an alcoholic parent to understand what normal family life entails. A healthy and loving home is not something that children of alcoholics are all too familiar with and without therapy or counselling, they are unlikely to know how to act when they have kids of their own.

In a home where an alcoholic or addict resides, decision-making can be affected. It is often the case that the person who shouts loudest is the one who wins the war. Children of addicts may find that the only way to meet their own needs is to become manipulative or look beyond the family unit entirely. Without treatment, the child of an addicted parent may take these patterns and behaviours with them into adult life, which will affect how they bring up their own kids.

They are unaware that in a normal family unit, decision-making is something that affects everyone. In a functional home, decisions are discussed and compromises made.

Letting Go of Control

Children of addicted parents will often find that they have an issue with control. They have lived under the control of the addicted parent for so long that they find it hard to break the habit. In a family where everyone is trying to control each other, chaos tends to reign. Normal family life consists of all members working together to live a harmonious life. Each family member will respect the other and allow everyone to have control over their own lives.

In drug and alcohol rehab programmes, recovering addicts and their children are taught how to relinquish control over each other.


Another issue in a dysfunctional family unit is that of emotions or feelings. In the family where addiction is present, feelings tend to be buried and not discussed. Emotions are suppressed and never discussed, either within the family unit or with anyone outside. This can lead children feeling upset, angry, insecure, and ashamed.

With alcohol rehab programmes, the family is encouraged to be open about how they are feeling. After all, this is part of normal everyday life. It is important that individuals understand that it is okay to talk about how they are feeling. It is a healthy part of normal life, and family members should be encouraged to do so.

What is Family Therapy Like?

Here at UKAT, we know that addiction is a family illness and as such, we encourage family members to avail of our family therapy. We offer family recovery programmes that are designed to help all members overcome their issues.

Our family recovery programmes provide open days for family members and loved ones once per month. Open days allow relatives to speak to counsellors about any issues they may be facing. It is our aim to help addicts and their families to rebuild their damaged relationships so that they can move forward to a better life. As part of this programme, we will educate family members on how to support their loved one once he or she has completed their drug or alcohol rehab programme.

Family members can also avail of individual therapy sessions with fully qualified addiction counsellors if it would be beneficial as part of the recovery process.

Accessing Help for Addiction

If you would like information on our drug and alcohol rehab programmes, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our clinics have been designed with your comfort and safety in mind, and our success rates speak for themselves.

We treat all types of addiction, and with our fully qualified and dedicated staff, you can be sure that you or your loved one will get the help and support needed to overcome addiction. For helpful advice and information about our service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.