UKAT shortlisted for a COVID-19 response award

This Page was last reviewed and changed on June 1st, 2021

After a year of hard work aligning our addiction support with government safety guidelines, UKAT’s efforts have been shortlisted for the This Can Happen awards for the Best Covid-19 Company Response category.

Sobriety thrives within support and community, so our response to the social distancing rules was to immediately set up safe spaces for people to detox within our centres and access specialist support. We prepared for the prospect of lockdown announcements in March 2020 by monitoring the virus and adapting our regulations as the pandemic evolved.

The following strategy allowed us to keep our centres open and assist those who needed help battling a dependency:

  • Increased pre-admission protocols and screening
  • Medical staff evaluating each new client on a case-by-case basis
  • Screening of all new client admissions for COVID-19 symptoms travel history and exposure
  • Daily health checks to all staff and clients for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Checking and updating the strict guidelines set daily by the Care Quality Commission and Public Health England
  • Increased level of infection prevention and control, sanitation and hygiene
  • Remote working for employees not in direct care roles
  • Cancelling all staff travel to decrease exposure on planes and trains

We succeeded in implementing shielding and PCR (antigen) Coronavirus tests for new clients at the end of March. Before beginning their main addiction programme, all clients were able to take tests and isolate in a comfortable shielding room with access to entertainment and medical attention. In addition to remaining safe, this allowed clients to detox in peace and adjust to the recovery process with the support of professionals.

We also created smaller groups within rehabs, so peer support remained a central part of recovery. This also allowed us to introduce clients to a range of healthy coping mechanisms without isolating them.

Furthermore, family groups continued to address any emotional stress felt by close friends and family impacted by their loved one’s addiction, by being moved online. Family groups ensure a healthy and understanding living environment for those in recovery, so this is something we were determined to continue safely throughout.

Our Covid response permitted us to keep our rehabs open throughout the Covid crisis, helping over 3,000 people with drug, alcohol and process addictions and those battling eating disorders.

Our work has been recognised by This Can Happen and the results of the awards will be announced on 24 June.

We are incredibly proud of every employee that worked tirelessly to keep our doors open over the past 14 months. We will continue to adapt to the pandemic and ensure guidance and support is available at any time for those wanting to beat their addiction.

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