UKAT among seven top rehabs recommended in Video Wiki

This Wiki video pulls research together for people working to overcome self-destructive behaviour by breaking down the benefits of seven rehabilitation resources and comparing their attributes. On the list is UK Addiction Treatment, which Wiki defines as the company that offers the most extensive range of treatments, varying from short-term detox units to extended care residences. It explains that “their recovery plans include options as diverse as dialectical behavioural treatment, drumming therapy, and 12-step programmes.” Wiki continues to describe UKAT as the only centre associated with external teaching: “UKAT awareness programme partners with schools of all levels, providing seminars for students to understand the hazards of addiction and behavioural addiction.”

The video also refers to the company’s Alumni network, which supports former patients through their recovery, by organising social events and projects. This keeps UKAT in touch with their patients and allows those with similar experiences to support one another towards maintaining sobriety.

Find out more by watching below: