BBC’s Politics Live: UKAT Counsellor Nicki Hari Talks about Opioid Addiction

The UK Opioid Epidemic from UK Addiction Treatment Centres on Vimeo.

Nicki spoke about the harm of opioid painkillers on society and how everyone is affected by the increase of prescription pills addiction diagnoses in the UK.

‘We have seen a 30% increase in people who are actually coming into treatment. It is spreading across the country. It’s affecting people of all ages.’

The guests discussed options for improving the communication between GPs and patients before a prescription is written, the harm that prescription pills present for people suffering from PSTD, as well as the lack of general information about this type of addiction that the general public is exposed to.

‘We’re housewives, we’re moms, we’re working people that just want a solution and we’re reaching out. I’m desperate for people to come and offer us a solution rather than just be on opioid painkillers.’

Watch the full episode (44 min) on BBC iPlayer via this link.